Super panga beaches near Cayucos

January 16, 2014

pangaA boat deemed a “super panga” landed on a beach near Cayucos Wednesday, along with a load of marijuana valued at around $10 million. [KSBY]

Bird watcher and photographer Marlin Harms spotted the boat on the beach, as well as a pile of bales lying beside it. The bales contained 4,000 pounds of marijuana.

“The first thing I saw as I looked down the bluffs was a huge pile of big sacks,” Harms said. “But, I was actually kind of anxious to not stick around because I didn’t know if there were any people around.”

The boat was the second super panga to arrive in San Luis Obispo County. Super pangas range in length from 45 to 55 feet, while typical pangas are about 30 feet, according to the County Sheriff’s Office.

Two $80,000 motors were attached to the super panga, providing it nearly 700 horsepower.

No arrests occurred following the arrival of the boat Wednesday, and sheriff’s deputies are still searching for suspects.



People are smoking Mexican weed? With all of the mj growing in california you would of thought that the dirt weed business would have long dried up by now.


the boat came down from Oregon

oa anon

The Tribune assesses the entire boat (including the two motors) at about $40,000.

Jorge Estrada

I hear there is a Panga shortage in Colorado, maybe they can be transported there to fun our local law enforcement.


Oh and more thing. PERFECT timing after my comment yesterday on the article about Parkinson changing the details of the drug raid story.


“info” has it right…. This should be a shining example of what total @#$holes our law enforcement community has become. With a completely straight face they will tell you the boat had 2 $80,000 350hp motors. High end 350hp racing motors run about $16k-$23k.

Please, look it up for yourself, and perhaps some people will finally get the revelation “Gosh, if they are willing to lie to me about something like this and think I’m so stupid I just can’t look it up, what else are they willing to lie about?”


Tsk, Tsk, Tsk mkaney. Are you saying that the citizenry is being lied to? I guess it all depends on what the meaning of the word “is” is.


The panga boats are so dangerous for us. We don’t know have any way of knowing when they will appear, how many people are involved and around, or what kinds of weapons are on board. This is very unsettling to all residents and business owners on land. What more can be done to assure our safety?


Write to Governor Brown, and try to get as much publicity as possible about this problem.


“This is very unsettling to all residents and business owners on land.”

What? Unsettling to all on land, Just like the Bolsheviks, dear.

Just wait until “they” start driving cars.

FUD in a nutshell.


10 mill? Lol. OK. That panga must be getting worn out from being drug around to all these photo shoots.


You really don’t have to worry about your safety.

Based upon recent information, it appears the U.S. government knows exactly when the boats will appear, who is involved, and generally the smugglers are not allowed to carry weapons. The cartel has a deal with the government that allows shipments through in return for following certain rules and preventing other cartels from moving into the region to do battle.


Legalize, not just in a few states but everywhere for pot. Crash the market costs and Panga’s WILL go away.


If we legalize it, the Panga Boat Industry would tank. It is well known that the Panga Boat Industry has a strong lobby contingent in Washington. Then we would be on the hook to bail out the Panga Boat Industry. The law of unintended consequences…..


I would love to know if the people that disagree with legalizing pot, drink. If they do they are walking a fine line on hypocrisy.


Meanwhile in Colorado they aren’t dealing with Panga’s and extra enforcement against pot.


$80,000 for (1) 350 HP Outboard? Somebody is using the Panga’s product. Where was this individual when I needed my house appraised?


Thats government pricing! the actually sell for about 26.000$ each

I am sure the weed isn’t worth ten mill ?

Info I sure the county tax man would love to appraise you house at a higher rate!