King City Police Department closed because of corruption

February 25, 2014

King City PoliceKing City’s longtime former police chief, Nick Baldiviez, and current acting police chief, Bruce Miller, were arrested early Tuesday morning along with four other officers under charges of bribery, embezzlement and making threats. [KSBW]

Monterey County Sheriff’s deputies arrested officers Mario Mottu Sr., Jaime Andrade, Sgt. Bobby Carrillo, and Sgt. Mark Baker. One civilian was also arrested. They were booked into the Monterey County Jail.

King City, which lies north of San Luis Obispo County on Highway 101, had 17 sworn police officers.

The Police Department is currently closed because so many officers have been arrested. There is a closed sign on the front door.


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More on the Mexican drug cartel utopia of King City.

California Police Arrested for Illegally Selling Impounded Cars of Poor Latino Immigrants

Locals say police misconduct and corruption has been rife in the small farming town for years.

Many residents of North SLO County suspect that Pete Johnston Towing and local police agencies are running a similar racket.

The Paso Robles PD and its Chief, Burton the Bastard, is just as corrupt.

Too bad they only arrested a few of the “Bad Apples” when the entire force’s duplicity by not bringing this to the DA’s office sooner. It’s called the Blue Wall, nothing but nothing is reported by fellow officers on fellow officers.

For $64,000.00, which county is the most corrupt?This is what they are trying to get away with here.. This is why Chief Copsey is manager. mayor and Adam Hill has him in his back pocket with gold medallions..

“The Marina del Rey Visioning Statement was created from a fraudulent “public process” that County agents used to circumvent public outcry on what is happening with our public lands. Yes, that’s 3 P words and is the underlying issue with what has gone wrong in the harbor. There is a lot of money to be made by vendors on these public parcels on THE most premium waterfront property in the entire United States. “Pay To Play” is abundantly clear as these vendors (lessees) dole out large sums of money (in campaign contributions and other financial benefits) to Supervisor Knabe, his staff, and his son, Matt, who is a lobbyist for many of the lessees. 3 Politicians have already been convicted for public corruption for deals in Marina del Rey and yet the fleecing of the taxpayers continues. The recreational lands for the residents of Los Angeles County purchased with public money continue to be altered due to political tactics.”

Lesson to be learned by Marina del Rey as thier citizens tried to stop them.. Why is Carmel crime free? Because they go after bad people like King city..The riff raff comes to Carmel. Only time there is crime. Is from bad people taking the wrong turn into Carmel.. Think I’m moving before this place becomes worse.. As Adam Hill and this county’s supervisors will not quit.

They pulled the same unwarranted towing scam in the City of Bell which also targeted the poor Latino population.

I hope the State comes down on King City as hard as they did on the City of Bell.

King City’s “major small town corruption scandal” mentioned on Good Morning America: