Man robbed at SLO bus stop

March 10, 2014
Ryan Kenlon

Ryan Kenlon

San Luis Obispo police arrested a 25-year-old transient Sunday for robbing a man at the county bus stop.

Officers responded around 12:45 p.m. Sunday to a reported fight at the bus stop on Osos Street between Palm and Monterey streets. When the officers arrived, the victim reported that transient Ryan Kenlon had robbed him.

San Luis Obispo resident George Durst, 42, told police Kenlon asked him for a few dollars. Durst then attempted to give Kenlon some money, but Kenlon robbed him.

Police found the suspect in the downtown area within an hour. Officers arrested Kenlon for robbery and booked him San Luis Obispo County Jail.

Kenlon did not use a weapon in the robbery. He remains in jail on $60,000 bail.



Anytime you give these guys a buck, remember it isn’t food or shelter they are using your Money for. Hopefully the hit of heroin or meth the kind hearted soul helps them purchase isn’t the one that proves to be fatal.

If you don’t believe me, come sit in Mitchell park every day for lunch like I do and observe.


That’s what you get for making SLO a haven for these losers. Time to clean up the trash!


OK but how do you tell “the trash” from those who are normal people going through hard times? It isn’t always easy to tell until AFTER they do things like this.


Normal people going through hard times don’t live on the streets, they rely on temporary help from family and other loved ones. No need to make the distinction.


That’s what happened when Oprah promoted SLO the happiest town to live in January 2011, that’s where all these transients came in. We never had these problems before and Jan Marx promoted with Oprah as well.


Robbed in broad daylight, right outside the courthouse, as the victim was trying to give him money.

Another reason to never give these people money.

fishing village

this is so bad and sad in so many ways. I’m glad the robber was caught. sorry the good guy had to experience this.