Lompoc cop charged with DUI

March 10, 2014

DUIA Lompoc policeman put the cuffs on a fellow officer Friday after a veteran of the department allegedly crashed his vehicle while driving under the influence. [KSBY]

Officer David Garcia crashed his personal car into a tree on a median in Lompoc around 12:45 a.m. Friday. The crash occurred on the 200 block of North H Street.

Garcia was off duty at the time.

The Lompoc Police Department turned the investigation over to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office in order to avoid a conflict of interest. The Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office will determine what charges to file.


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Prolly were some meddlesome witnesses present or he would have got a pass as well.

…And No mention of this that I can find in the Lompoc Record.

Wow, nice to hear LEO’s doing it the right way.

This officer has some really bad luck, not for his arrest for DUI but that this didn’t happen in SLO county. If it had, he would have been given no field sobriety tests, had no blood drawn, been given a ride home by a fellow officer, have any record of this disappear and be as if it never happen.

Possibly so but then sometimes the situation is so glaringly obvious that the investigating officers can’t see a way to successfully cover it up. Much as they hate to nail a fellow LEO, they also don’t want to deal with accusations of a cover-up that they can’t easily dismiss.

Read the article:



crashed his vehicle while driving under the influence. [KSBY]

Allegedly: Not proven…

Most likely he’ll walk and keep his job…after all no one was killed.

And that’s the way it usually goes in Law Enforcement Circles now days.