Rowdy crowd impedes attempted murder investigation

March 10, 2014

arrest45After a Lompoc man allegedly stabbing a man in Isla Vista Saturday night, a crowd of over a 1,000 people gathered in a near riot.

Kuriyan Summers-Dickinson, 18, of Lompoc allegedly stabbed a 20-year-old Rhode Island man in the stomach outside a residence. Dickerson then fled the scene and the victim was transported to a hospital in critical condition.

Shortly after officers arrested Dickinson and began investigating the stabbing, a crowd began to gather with several UC Santa Barbara students jumping on cars and chanting. Officers arrested Otis Dezjuan Washington, 20, for resisting arrest and vandalizing cars.

During Washington’s arrest, several hundred people began chanting and throwing bottles. The crowd grew to more than 1,000 people and was deemed an illegal gathering.

Another UCSB student, Tomas Delaveau, 21, was arrested for battery on an officer, after he allegedly spit on an officer. It took law enforcement about two hours to disperse the crowd.


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Almost precisely how the 1991 Poly Royal Riots began. Police had responded to a bicycle vs. car accident with the cyclist injured at Kentucky and Bond when our best and brightest started pelting the police cars with bottles.

Wow! Sounds a lot like Cal Coast News

I remember years ago in my Psych. class at Cuesta talking about this. Mob mentality. One on one usually law abiding but put into a group, the individual becomes emboldened. Hence why we see this a lot after championship sports games.

emboldened and anonymous

The classic analysis was written in 1962 by Elias Canetti


Oh, those poor underprivileged, uneducated silver spoon babies. They’ll find anything to riot about.

the secret bombing of Cambodia 1970 comes to mind

What probably should have happened on Wall Street in 2008, according to the extinguished paradigm. Instead, we got a dedicated assembly of transformative peaceful crystal children called “Occupy”