Governor candidate wants to abolish CPS, start over

April 9, 2014
Tom Donnelly

Tim Donnelly

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly said Tuesday that he would abolish California’s Child Protective Services system because social workers often remove children from families without sufficient reason. He would then start over from the “ground up.” [SacramentoBee]

“If I were in charge of the entire state, I can tell you right now I would abolish CPS,” Donnelly said at a news conference,” because CPS has become the greatest threat to the very kids it was designed to protect.”

Donnelly has proposed legislation that would require social workers to conduct video or audio recordings of their interactions with children and parents. He said the recordings would protect both families and social workers in disputes.

The California Welfare Directors Association opposes Assembly Bill 1828 because “time is of the essence” in child abuse investigations and that “it is imperative that our CPS social workers be able to conduct interviews with children and their parents with unfettered access,” according to a letter included in a legislative analysis.

Nevertheless, a state auditor report released Tuesday says that social workers frequently include inaccurate information in their assessments and fail to do proper follow ups on cases.

Donnelly said CPS workers get involved too often in cases where their intervention isn’t warranted, while not becoming involved in incidents of serious child abuse and neglect.

“They are literally becoming the dust bunny and dirty dish police,” Donnelly said.



Will say Donnelly’s proposed bill, AB 1828, didn’t go over too well with the HHS committee since it was unanimously rejected.

Plus in the late 90’s one in the High Food chain of the agency made this reform suggestion. Ban Mandatory Reports.

Both of these issues are in this recent blog>>


For those who question how children would be protected without a child welfare agency, even in the interim of restructure, simple. People would go back to calling the police on child abuse, which is a crime! There would be fewer frivolous calls and proper evidence would be gathered to determine whether abuse exists or the family simply needs assistance with basic needs.


Thank You Tim Donnelly,

After what I saw happen here in SLO County, I couldn’t agree with you more. If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I never would have believed how serious the problem with CWS is. They are literal child kidnappers for money in my opinion. They do serious damage to children who were never in danger or neglected to begin with and who don’t meet the criteria that CWS was installed for. The way the system is currently set up, the family and children are anything but protected, they have no say, no way to prove their cases and it’s all up to the incompetent and often uneducated opinions of self absorbed power mongers called CWS workers in my opinion. As for the courts, they take anything the social workers say as fact and the social workers (in the case I witnessed) misrepresented 95% of the facts.

Like I said, I saw it happen first hand. CWS needs an overhaul, yesterday.


I don’t doubt one single word of your story and I saw similar behavior from CPS workers directed at Karen and her daughter. There was NO REASON to keep these children as long as they did and it was done based on the incompetent social workers personal opinions rather than any laws or rules. In Karens case, the social workers outright lied and made up stories back and forth between the judge and the family. What they did was criminal and CPS should be prosecuted in my opinion for kidnapping, neglect and inflicting severe emotional distress on otherwise healthy, well loved and cared for innocent children . Oh how I would love it if this had all been recorded, the reality behind what really happened would shine a light that would shut down local CPS overnight.

If I were allowed to be more specific, I would tell you exactly what sort of DAMAGE these CPS psycho’s can do to otherwise healthy, well loved and well cared for happy children. I saw it first hand with a family that I know well. I could still spit bullets every time I watch these children cry when they talk about what happened to them. I knew these children years before and up to the day that they were abducted and there was never anything wrong, there was nothing but love and they were NEVER, NOT EVER NEGLECTED.

The house was dirty for a week that they were away and their mother wasn’t there to clean up the important areas, that’s all that happened. They were kept away from their family for 6 months over it and but for Donnelly and Karen’s media savvy, they probably would never have been returned. CPS workers as named in previous articles, YOU’RE EVIL and so is the judge you lied to.


The idea is good but what will be the alternative. Progressive judges are a big problem and if they are still part of the equation, I’m not sure you can fix this. Plus, whenever you give authority to a social worker, the power of control is toxic. Don’t know the answer but it’s a bad situation all-around.


CWS has a few people in live in realville and many more who live in fantasyland, where children are perfect little creatures created by Mother Earth who never do anything wrong, never tell a lie and have a right to express themselves however they want. To the fantasyland crowd a scolding, let alone a spanking, is child abuse. Yet these same folks are often reluctant to come out at 2:00 AM to take custody of a child who has been taken into custody by police because the parents are irresponsible dopers whose lifestyle poses a real threat to the child’s safety.

The handful of good people at CWS unfortunately get worn out or beat down by the others to the point that they move on to another job with the county, quit or get something safe where they don’t have to make decisions that expose them to criticism from the folks in fantasyland.

Unfortunately, while Donnelly makes some good points the more he speaks the more people begin to hear Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train as his backgrpund music.

Like it or not the only hope of meaningful reform is through the democrat controlled legislature or through civil action directed at abuses in specific cases.


Tom Donnelly is an ultra right wing nutburger and gadfly. He latches on to these extraneous ‘hot-button’ issues merely to promote himself.


Apparently you’ve never been the target of a CPS investigation or case.


Is this Tom fellow any relation to Tim Donnelly?

You probably got some drool on the keyboard and mis-typed.



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