Bruce Gibson’s record of failures

May 21, 2014
Tom Salmon

Tom Salmon


When San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson’s radio ad came across the airwaves it was all I could do not to lose my lunch. He breaks his arm patting himself on the back, taking credit for expanding libraries (that were paid for by donations from the community).

He speaks to weathering the economic storm, while Los Osos, a disadvantaged community, is heading into gale force financial winds and he’s gone over budget only one year and half into construction and managed to get sued for nearly 10 percent the price of the project. His personally appointed public works director has resigned to transfer to a mismanaged Oceano CSD.

Gibson suggests he is a champion to protect our pristine coasts, yet was standing alone at the Coastal Commission hearing in Santa Monica in November 2012 supporting seismic testing which would blow up that very pristine coastline he claims to protect.

My biggest beef with Gibson is his disregard for water. Approximately 250 million gallons of construction water was pumped from the ground in Los Osos and more than half of it was dumped into the bay. Rather than treat it and return it to the aquifer, he called it “trash water” and threw it away.

Bruce has shown his complete lack of moral qualifications, both in his destroyed personal life and in his professional life with his mistress.

We shouldn’t have to stoop to his disgusting moral character; he has to look in the mirror each day and one day will have to pay for his narcissistic machinations.

Now the tribune endorses Gibson, for his major accomplishments of new chip seal on Highway 1, and his misunderstanding of North. County water. These are significant reasons for 4 more years, really?

Tom Salmon, is a longtime Los Osos resident with 35 years of expertise in statewide public infrastructure.

fishing village

Bruce Gibson is the best man for the job!! he has my vote!


fishingvillage, I am new to the city of Morro Bay. I have a problem with someone that is running for mayor as well as a council member making a decision not to show up for a debate/forum in which I took time off of work to attend.I understand that their schedules might be a bit busy, but when I am told I can “get with him at the local bar or coffee shop instead this is quite bothersome to me. I am interested in seeing all that are running for election together so I may hear all points of view. Being a nurse I work many different shifts.Just dismayed to be told to show up for coffee or at a local bar in town.


My apologizes, I already did my homework on Mr. Gibson and Mr. Clift. Am just so out of sorts with the local folks running (Morro Bay) I erroneously posted my frustration on this forum.


People Please Wake Up!





And DO NOT not vote for the people that support him, Jamie Irons who is running for mayor of Morro Bay and Matt Makowetski who is running for city council in Morro Bay.


I am new to this county and have been everywhere for information so I may make an informed decision before voting. Therefore I am new to this site. What really bothers me is that the only paper in the county, The Telegram Tribune publicly supports candidates of their choice. This seems a bit slanted to me. I am all over the board as far as my research on candidates. I like to make my own decision based on facts. I have read The Telegram Tribune, I read the stories on this site, I read The Bay News which I am guessing is the newspaper of Morro Bay (my new home), I have read The New Times (when I have time to find actual information while skipping through the ads) ….If there is anything I am missing please let me know. Thank you.


His actions as a supervisor suck,he now wants to wizz money away to build a pipeline to hook up non excisting water to Morro Bay,he fights desal all he can,for his no growth faction, Cambria should have had a plant of their own going years ago,he is an arrogant ass, him and all the rest just voted to wizz away a mill and change to buy dirt in Pismo so the no growthers can play with them selves,the list goes on with this fool, he hasn’t done all that much to benifit the working class citizens of this district.


Like most others commenting here, I don’t care for Gibson’s personality. In fact, his arrogant attitudes — along with the even worse personal attitudes of Adam Hill — may be the deciding factor in my vote for a District 4 supervisor. Although I find myself in the middle politically, I have trouble voting an ally of Hill and Gibson into office even if she is personally acceptable and politically tolerable.

That said, I am getting tired of some of the excessive emphasis put on Gibson’s failings in his personal life. To the extent that they do not impinge upon his actions as a supervisor, they are none of my business. His affair is only a concern to me in that it involved an employee and that he used his influence and public funds to support his mistress.

The emphasis put on the affair itself by his more strident opponents would tempt me to vote in a reactionary way if I were in his district. A District 2 resident who had stronger political agreement with him (and there are many such) would be hard-pressed to switch their vote for that reason alone. Opponents can “preach to the choir” all they want and get no positive results. Save your breath and focus criticisms on the hypocritical actions that belie his stated views and on the ethical breaches that are directly related to his actions as Supervisor.


You/We ARE paying for the affair. Gibson recused himself from a vote on her benefit package, for the first time this past winter.

His opponent graciously will not touch the subject.

Muril and Vicky Clift have been happily married for 50 years.