Gibson, Dow, Irons win in SLO County; Compton and Ray head for runoff

June 4, 2014

dan dow 1Correction: The Morro Bay City Council race results originally reported reflected the percentages of votes cast, as opposed to percentages of ballots cast. Also, candidates in the Morro Bay council race must receive votes from more than 50 percent of voters in order to avoid a runoff election. It is currently unclear whether or not the race for one council seat will go to a runoff.


Board of Supervisors chairman Bruce Gibson, Deputy District Attorney Dan Dow and Morro Bay Mayor Jamie Irons were San Luis Obispo County’s big winners Tuesday night in the 2014 primary election.

Gibson cruised to reelection in the county’s second district, receiving more than twice as many votes as his challenger, Cambria CSD Director Muril Clift. Next year, Gibson will begin his third term on the board of supervisors.

Dow won handily in what amounted to the testiest countywide race in the primary. He received 53.30 percent of the votes for district attorney, while Covello tallied 44.53 percent.

In Morro Bay, 56.73 percent of voters chose Irons, while 42.84 percent voted for former councilwoman Carla Borchard. Irons won reelection just months after fighting off a recall push during his first term in office.

Two county races are heading for November run offs. Sitting fourth district county supervisor Caren Ray will face challenger Lynn Compton again in November.

On Tuesday, Compton finished with the most votes in the three-way race for the fourth district seat but did not receive a majority needed to win the race outright. Compton received 46.43 percent of the vote, followed by Ray who tallied 42.60 percent.

Mike Byrd, the third candidate, garnered just 10.80 percent of the district four vote.
The other race that will require a November runoff is the county clerk-recorder election. Tommy Gong, who collected 45.37 percent of the vote, will face Amanda King, who received 43.82 percent.

Challenger Ann Danko received 10.62 percent of the vote.

In the Morro Bay City Council race, newcomers Matt Makowetski and John Headding both had strong showings. Makowetski has won a seat on the council because 60.76 percent of Morro Bay voters selected him.

Headding’s name appeared on 49.86 percent of ballots counted. Some ballots remain uncounted, and Headding’s tally must surpass 50 percent in order for him to secure a seat on the council.

Incumbent Nancy Johnson, the only other candidate, currently sits at 35.99 percent. Johnson could enter a runoff with Headding, though, if he remains below 50 percent.

So far, San Luis Obispo County elections officials have counted 46,821 ballots. They have yet to count vote by mail ballots submitted Tuesday. Excluding those returns, there was a voter turnout rate of 31.15 percent in the county.

In the 24th U.S. Congressional District, Congresswoman Lois Capps will likely face former actor Chris Mitchum in November. However, that race is not finalized, as Mitchum leads former congressional staffer Justin Fareed by just 914 votes.

Mitchum totaled 15.6 percent of the vote, while Fareed received 14.7 percent in the race for second. Santa Barbara Councilman Dale Francisco closely trailed Mitchum and Fareed at 12.0 percent.

Late last night, Assemblyman Tim Donnelly conceded to former TARP program administrator Neel Kashkari in the bid to square off with Governor Jerry Brown in November.

Donnelly, who led Kashkari in polls until the final week of the campaign, received 14.8 percent of the vote for governor. Kashkari tallied 19.0 percent.

Proposition 42, backed by media and government transparency advocates, passed with 61.5 percent of the vote. The law will force local agencies to comply with the California Public Records Act and Ralph M. Brown Act, regardless of cost. It will also forbid local agencies from passing the cost of doing so onto the state.

fishing village

The best candidates win!!


fishing village I agree! Dan Dow is by the best choice for DA! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is democracy at it’s finest – not. Thanks to the absolute apathy of the voters

(less than 1/3 of them made the small effort to participate) – look what we have!!

A philanderer “re-elected” as District 2 County Supervisor. He made sure his supporters voted and now the entire county will continue to suffer. A very pathetic example that

teaches our children that it is perfectly OK to do what he did – and still be in a position of

power in this county. May a ‘pox’ afflict all who voted for him.

The one race that I was most pleased about was the DA contest. Thank God, and again, the small # of voters – that Dan Dow won. We will not have to be subjected to 5 more

months of mindless, un-provable, accusations from Mr. Covello. Now the only unknown

is how long will it take for Tim to find some ‘easy way’ to leave the DA’s office – and likely

leave the county. But don’t feel too sorrow for him, he will ‘retire’ with a package that will be higher than many of us make in a lifetime. Maybe, just maybe, he will look back on

this campaign and learn a valuable lesson on how not to run a campaign – including

getting someone to run as a ‘write-in’ in order to prevent Dow from getting the 50%+1 –

didn’t work.

And I also congratulate the small number of voters in Morro Bay, who had the common

sense to re-elect Mr. Irons as Mayor. Many cities in this county need more people like



Our children are taught that “philandering” is perfectly fine in just about everything they read, hear and watch in movies and on the TV, so why should politics be any different? Why should we hold Bruce Gibson to a different, let alone higher, standard than what we expect from our society. He truly represents the “will(ful)” of the people”, doesn’t he? Sure he does, and it looks that the majority embrace him for it. Don’t bitch about something not expected of the general population when we don’t like it in our representatives, as they are just truly representing the majority as they should be….


Look at it this way. If someone will lie to their own family, why would they care if they lie to the public.


They wouldn’t. And where should the value of truth be taught in the first place? And where is it lacking in the first place? At home… Most of those who would tell the truth couldn’t, wouldn’t, be elected in the first place! Why? They usually don’t “tickle” the ears of the voter.

miles archer

A “pox”? Honestly? How sad that you wish illness on others just because you don’t agree with their political views.

And if you’re upset over voter apathy, you should take a look at those who (failed to) vote from the right. Where were THEY? Home sick with the “pox”?!

The left didn’t seem to have a problem getting their voters to the polls.


re: pox , A scratch on the screen of your device !

fishing village

I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER. aLL OF MY CHOSEN CANDIDATES WON!! Special men who will lead our City and County into the future! Yippy


Yes, Morro Bay may actually have a chance to get up and out of the muck created by the past. Good luck Mayor


I agree fishing village Dan Dow for DA!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jorge Estrada

Hopefully the sleeping giant will awake and vote their consience in November. I will not advocate harsh words for any candidate, I only ask everyone to remember why we love this country and to cast their vote for the one who will best preserve our freedoms.


The citizens of District have decided they enjoy being fracked!


Oops….District 2

JB Bronson

And how shall we make sense out of the low voter turn out?

Could it be that 68.85% of the voters understand that elected officials in SLO County, not all, but too many, end up representing themselves, and not the voters?


The saddest number from yesterday’s election…..”voter turnout rate of 31.15 percent in the county”. One third of the possible voters are electing people to represent everyone….


“One third of the possible voters are electing people to represent everyone….”

It’s less than that. The 31.15% turnout rate is of registered voters.

Many that could vote don’t even bother to register, so it’s less than 20% eligible voters.


What is sadder yet is that those figures are about 50% higher than those of the state as a whole from what I heard.


kayaknut,, I agree. Seems as though people are just disgusted and have given up. So SAD.


Makowetski was definitely elected in Morro Bay, but I don’t believe it is yet known if Headding and Johnson will be in a runoff. As I understand it, that cannot be determined until the provisional and the dropped off mail-in ballots are counted next week.

Makowetski ‘s vote count was 60.76% of total ballots cast, and Headding’s was 49.86. To be elected, Headding must get over 50% of total ballots cast. He’s close, but not over the top at this point.$!2c+2014+Primary+Election/ElectionNightResultsMorroBay.pdf


Makowetski….lol….my dad was a fisherman but I can not remember the name of his boat. Although I fished every summer on it with him.


I guess the 2nd District spoke loud and clear that it doesn’t give one sh** about this county! And to think, we were once thought to be the most progressive and educated counties in the state. Now? Not so much… And CCN? I’m sorry, but this just goes to show you the irrelevance it holds against a corporate owned media outlet, the Tribune (The McClatchy Company).


When, in God’s name, was SLO County thought to be the most progressive and educated county in the state???????