Cal Poly football players rob frat house

August 11, 2014
Cameron Akins

Cameron Akins


San Luis Obispo police arrested five Cal Poly football players, including the star of the team, early Sunday morning for robbing a fraternity house near campus.

One of the players, 19-year-old Cameron Akins, a wide receiver, is accused of bringing a handgun into the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity house, then fighting and biting an officer when police arrived. Officers managed to subdue Akins with the help of others at the home and arrested him for robbery with a firearm, assault on a police officer and resisting arrest.

Police arrested the other players later Sunday morning. Investigators charged Dominique Love, 19, and Cortland Fort, 20, with robbery and Jake Brito, 18, and Kristaan Ivory, 20, with conspiracy to commit robbery.

The university has suspended each of the five players from the football team

Ivory, a senior running back, is the star of the team. Last year, Ivory rushed for 1,156 yards and six touchdowns.

Kristaan Ivory

Kristaan Ivory

Akins, a sophomore, was a probable starter at wide receiver this year, Cal Poly football spokesperson Eric Burdick said. Burdick said the arrests would significantly impact the team.

“Obviously it’s going to affect them a lot because there are several potential starters in that group of five,” Burdick

Two of the suspects, Cortland Fort and Dominique Love, are defensive backs who recently transferred into Cal Poly. The fifth suspect, Jake Brito, is a redshirt freshman running back.

On Monday morning, the university released a statement, saying it recognizes the seriousness of the charges and will move swiftly to respond.

“The university will do all it can to work with San Luis Obispo police in helping to determine what occurred. The five football student-athletes alleged to have taken part in this incident have been suspended from all team activities effective immediately, and the university will conduct internal investigations into possible student conduct violations,” the university release stated.

San Luis Obispo police say the robbery took place around 2:30 a.m. Sunday at the Delta Sigma Phi house, which is located at 244 California Boulevard.

The first officer on scene spotted Akins in the courtyard of the residence as he was confronting one of the victims. Akins then tried to flee before violently resisting multiple officers and civilians.

Akins bit one of the officers during the skirmish, but no one suffered any serious injuries. The officers recovered Akins’s weapon when they took him into custody.

Officers located Fort fleeing the scene in a vehicle as they were arriving. Police later located the other suspects and arrested each of them on the Cal Poly campus.

The motive of the robbery remains unclear, but an investigation is ongoing.

Police did release two names of victims: Forrest Baker and Nicholas Rimicci, both of whom appear to be members of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity.

The Cal Poly football team began practice on Aug. 1 and is scheduled to begin its season on Aug. 28 at New Mexico State. Cal Poly is ranked in the top 25 of two preseason Football Championship Subdivision polls.

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Simply put, the Boyz in the Hood have brought everyday life in the ghetto to Cal Poly.

Culture shock indeed….all in the name of sports and raising money for the school. Like with most things university…follow the money.


If you import thugs, you’re going to get thuggish behavior. Societal decay comes to Happy Town. We can only wonder how many unreported rapes have been conducted by members of this esteemed group of football stars. Jail ’em, Danno.


From the Trib: Chief Gesell (getting it all wrong and trying to minimize things, said:)

“This is not the crime of the century. These are not street thugs with long criminal histories,” Gesell said.

So, Chief, let me get this straight, an entire BAND of thugs pulls a conspiracy robbery, deadly firearm force is brandished, then some perps ASSAULT your officers during arrest, and you don’t think you’ve got street thugs.

You need to better assess the threats that are coming to town riding on sports, Chief.


What the Chief, ahem, is saying is that these boys didn’t make a wrong turn at Western and Normandie and decide to do a home invasion robbery on, off all things, a frat house. Sounds like a disagreement between parties that could not be resolved peacefully. A business deal perhaps? Wouldn’t be surprised if the frats boys and their parents decide it’s not that big a deal after all and try to convince the PD of the same.


Western and Normandie don’t intersect in the hood, Obispan. Like many Central Coast softies, when it comes to the real urban world, many often display having NO IDEA what you’re talking about, and in this case, of the element you are importing into your town.

Let those of us who lived on 94th and Western help you understand the risks to the fine, vulnerable and unhardened people of San Luis Obispo County. These guys ARE thugs, just in case you can’t figure it out, and you try to dismiss this as the victims being part of a drug deal gone bad. Sheesh.

You’d last a half hour where I came from. And drove by less than a month ago. Ride with me on my property errands down south, Obispan. I’ll show you things that will make you change your shorts.


Yup and I’m rather concerned that SLO Chief of Police are not aware they’re thugs…

Someone else mentioned seeing thug trash like this wandering around Downtown SLO wearing Poly gear. Come to think of it I have noticed that as well. Individuals that talk using a vocabulary and inflection that suggest they’re anything but serious students.


Unreported. It has been the unwritten policy in SLOTown USA to make the victims feel like they did something wrong. Many LEO’s objected to this tactic and paid for not participating in this tactic. All in the name to protect the image of the school.

Another poster noted that now he is not going to renew his membership as an alum. What about the horrendous acts of A Moriarity, Officer Pearce, Scott Peterson and the half dozen kids busted for manufacturing meth in SLOTOWN USA while attending Cal Poly just in the past two years. These were kids of wealth and privilege.


Probably not as many as the frats who illegally booze up young coeds, get amped up on their own “liquid courage”, and then take advantage of intoxicated or comatose victims.


Perhaps rather than spending $155 million on a hotel and arena, it should be spent on recruiting decent, moral, intelligent students rather than these losers.

Cal Poly’s priorities are all out of whack.

Dirk Anderson

I agree. It is not just the Students, I’ve encountered Staff/Employees with some serious attitudinal issues (do I look like a Freshmen to you?) Evidently they are union. I have commented on this elsewhere on this site, no need to repeat myself until I’m blue In the face.

Frankly, I don’t care for Cal Poly. The kind of revenue stream that is involved, nothing is going to change anytime soon. I do what it takes to pursue my interests and goals which I have achieved, in spite of everything else. I do use the Library, have not noticed a fence around it, and am a Graduate of the State System etc.

Apparently a handgun was involved, imagine the uproar if someone had got shot. Also I wonder what the deal was with the two “innocent” victims, this was just some sort of random criminal act? amongst perfect strangers.

Cal Poly is in it’s own way a good school, but it does not have the kind of content I have an appetite for, and it never will.


Seems these dudes are trying to start their nfl career off pretty typically, w a rap sheet. Also side note: little over a year ago a CalPoly baseball star broke into a girls appt in the middle of the night, scared the shit out of her, turns out he was drunk, used to live there, and climbed thru the window. There was an effort to squash it when they found out who he was. Hope these guys get it together.


What about the lowlife star baseball player a few years back who got drunk in Hawaii and killed a girl. He served some time in the Pen in Hawaii and came out reformed. Then there was the local news reporter on KSBY that ran over some lady in Grover Beach. A proud Cal Poly grad. His daddy being a local mucky muck tried to squash it all by saying that the girl who was walking across the street was a lowlife drugy. As if that justified his drunken state and murder.


What’s wrong, you didn’t call him a thug? Congratulations on your maturity, something many posters here lack.

Jorge Estrada

Done, gone, next applicant! Now it’s time for someone else to have their first chance, a second chance will have to be somewhere else.


Now they can all play on the prison league as the center, or simply playing ball so to speak.

fishing village

So sad in so many ways!! Get rid of them! We need better controls over who gets into CalPoly and plays on our foot ball team!!


It will be interesting to see if and how many of these thugs have a 100% free ride at Poly.


It will be interesting to see how much drug dealing was being done at that house by the “innocent victimized frat boys”


I dunno, did you describe Geoffrey Hyde as a thug last year?


Robbery with a firearm, assault on a police officer: 15 to 21 years in prison possible, and Cal Poly “will conduct internal investigations into possible student conduct violations,” How high above earth are those toiling in the groves of academe?


Dude, are you on whatever it was they were trying to steal from the frat boys? Maybe 15 to 21 total between the five of them.


How are we served by knowing the victims’ names? Why include that info?


Why not? Is it somehow embarrassing to be a victim of thugs? This will all be public knowledge in court in any event.


Less about being embarassed, more about being further victimized by mis-applied school pride and sore losers when Cal Poly’s football team implodes due to the arrest of the first string.

Does CCN have a policy of naming victims, or is there some reason these ones were singled out?


Because these men are adults and should be held accountable for their actions, specifically when it includes holding fellow students up at gun point


Pay attention, he was talking about the VICTIMS, not the perps.


As the football team grows in popularity and therefore attracting better athletes, these are some of the problems that can arise because of that growth.


Yup, Have to wonder if these clowns got in to CP on athletic scholarships and without consideration to academia.


Hey, Cinderella just woke up! Along with 53 other people as of this post. Heads up; success in big-time college athletics is inversely proportional to the level of enforcement of equal academic standards for admission and performance. This is easily done. GPA and admissions test scores are only two of the factors that can, and are, considered. Extracurricular activities and coming from a disadvantaged family or community background are two others. Both fair enough in my book, but how these are used is not subject my, or your, review.


a four-year scholar-athlete, Honor Roll member, earned academic honors in mathematics, history and English and was a four-year varsity starter and three-time team MVP in football … visited Cornell before choosing Cal Poly because of its good academics and athletics program.

taken right off one of their bio pages.

But ya know, Cornell invites whoever to their campus too, right?


Did the clowns on the wrestling, baseball, and gold team get in purely on grades? The frat boys?


Check out Ivory’s facebook page and the photo throwing down the gang signs. That’s nice. Cal Poly really keeping up with their players.


That’s funny because all I saw were tons and tons of football pictures.

But let me guess, a black kid with tattoos must be in a gang right? Troll


Look at the picture from November of 2012. Those are gang signs.

Theo P. Neustic

Ditto, unless somebody got on his page and scrubbed it.


I didn’t see that photo but I’ll take your word for it. However, sometimes immature young men think it is cool to posture like a gang-banger. That doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what they are. I don’t know the culture that well myself but it is open enough to observe from a distance. I do remember that I did some immature stupid things at that age to be “cool” like smoking pot, DUI and minor vandalism. I grew out of it by the time I was 23 without getting caught and in trouble but it is a phase that many young males (& some young females) go through.

Robbery, especially armed robbery, is another matter though and, if guilty, they should face harsher consequences for it. This article doesn’t give enough details to make an informed judgment about the roles of each person charged except for Mr. Akins. It doesn’t look good and CPSU has responded appropriately so far. However, lets wait for the details before passing full judgment on any of the accused.


Thank you for a reasonable reply. I’ve seen plenty of high school girls twitter accounts loaded with pictures where they flash “the bird”, flash what they think are gang signs, etc. Thank music videos and the Internet, and being young and dumb.

Science tells us that frontal brain development – which aids us in higher-level decision making – doesn’t finish until we are 25.

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