Cal Poly football players rob frat house

August 11, 2014
Cameron Akins

Cameron Akins


San Luis Obispo police arrested five Cal Poly football players, including the star of the team, early Sunday morning for robbing a fraternity house near campus.

One of the players, 19-year-old Cameron Akins, a wide receiver, is accused of bringing a handgun into the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity house, then fighting and biting an officer when police arrived. Officers managed to subdue Akins with the help of others at the home and arrested him for robbery with a firearm, assault on a police officer and resisting arrest.

Police arrested the other players later Sunday morning. Investigators charged Dominique Love, 19, and Cortland Fort, 20, with robbery and Jake Brito, 18, and Kristaan Ivory, 20, with conspiracy to commit robbery.

The university has suspended each of the five players from the football team

Ivory, a senior running back, is the star of the team. Last year, Ivory rushed for 1,156 yards and six touchdowns.

Kristaan Ivory

Kristaan Ivory

Akins, a sophomore, was a probable starter at wide receiver this year, Cal Poly football spokesperson Eric Burdick said. Burdick said the arrests would significantly impact the team.

“Obviously it’s going to affect them a lot because there are several potential starters in that group of five,” Burdick

Two of the suspects, Cortland Fort and Dominique Love, are defensive backs who recently transferred into Cal Poly. The fifth suspect, Jake Brito, is a redshirt freshman running back.

On Monday morning, the university released a statement, saying it recognizes the seriousness of the charges and will move swiftly to respond.

“The university will do all it can to work with San Luis Obispo police in helping to determine what occurred. The five football student-athletes alleged to have taken part in this incident have been suspended from all team activities effective immediately, and the university will conduct internal investigations into possible student conduct violations,” the university release stated.

San Luis Obispo police say the robbery took place around 2:30 a.m. Sunday at the Delta Sigma Phi house, which is located at 244 California Boulevard.

The first officer on scene spotted Akins in the courtyard of the residence as he was confronting one of the victims. Akins then tried to flee before violently resisting multiple officers and civilians.

Akins bit one of the officers during the skirmish, but no one suffered any serious injuries. The officers recovered Akins’s weapon when they took him into custody.

Officers located Fort fleeing the scene in a vehicle as they were arriving. Police later located the other suspects and arrested each of them on the Cal Poly campus.

The motive of the robbery remains unclear, but an investigation is ongoing.

Police did release two names of victims: Forrest Baker and Nicholas Rimicci, both of whom appear to be members of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity.

The Cal Poly football team began practice on Aug. 1 and is scheduled to begin its season on Aug. 28 at New Mexico State. Cal Poly is ranked in the top 25 of two preseason Football Championship Subdivision polls.

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Now, aren’t their scholarships paid for with our taxpayers’ money? If they are allowed to playI want money back. But I guess in the NFL you can get away with anything, including

beating the crap out of your wife, and still play for a big fat paycheck. Throw these

assholes out.


Xanax? Wasn’t even sure what it was but it sounds like I could just go ask my Dr. for some if I wanted.


20 years ago I attended a seminar presented by the County of San Luis Obispo and the state of California. During the seminar there was a presentation on methods to increase the racial diversity of San Luis Obispo County. One method that was described to us was an increase in the number of scholarships for minority youth from the inner cities. Clearly some of these youths are the type of thugs that we are reading about in this article. I wish I could say I was surprised by what I read but I am NOT as I frequently walk downtown San Luis and see other people who can only be characterized as street thugs wearing their Cal Poly clothing, suggesting that they are students at that University. I will also be cancelling my alumni membership when it is due later this year as the University is creating an unsafe environment with these types off recruitments.


If the frat was dealing Xanax, are they thugs? I think you could tone down your language.

If you’re so worried about serious crime, I think the Cal Poly SLO PD should focus more on the Mexican drug cartels they busted last year with heroin, drugs, and over 50 weapons. I think they arrested 15 “individuals”. Police at the time were quoted as saying that HEROIN was an increasing problem in our community!!


I think Poly changed for the worse when they decided to go division I. Another Warren Baker legacy.


Go big or stay home. Poly’s problem is that football is not viable without bending the rules, a lot. Cal Poly can be a UC Santa Barbara or Gonzaga in basketball. They can’t be a Montana in football, without, well, being Montana in all ways. DII or give it up altogether. This is the ghost of Al Moriarty.


Well if it plays out in court and they are found guilty, then they obviously got into Poly on their athletic skills and not their cranium skills.


This is where your wrong

They’re advance skills are:

getting into where and what they want


getting out of trouble!!!


“This is where YOU’RE wrong.

THEIR advanceD skills are:…”


Now these boys will really learn how to play ball with the big boys in the pen


Where did they recruit these guys from…..a juvenile/adult court?


Al Moriarity, Kelly Gearheart, Scott Peterson, Officer Corey Pearce, Officer McDow, Officer Limon what a proud tradition.

Here is to learn by doing. This clowns will be doing favors and learning how to satisfy their husband in prison.


As a member of the Cal Poly class of ’71, I am not renewing my Alumni Association membership. Enough is enough.