Cal Poly football players rob frat house

August 11, 2014
Cameron Akins

Cameron Akins


San Luis Obispo police arrested five Cal Poly football players, including the star of the team, early Sunday morning for robbing a fraternity house near campus.

One of the players, 19-year-old Cameron Akins, a wide receiver, is accused of bringing a handgun into the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity house, then fighting and biting an officer when police arrived. Officers managed to subdue Akins with the help of others at the home and arrested him for robbery with a firearm, assault on a police officer and resisting arrest.

Police arrested the other players later Sunday morning. Investigators charged Dominique Love, 19, and Cortland Fort, 20, with robbery and Jake Brito, 18, and Kristaan Ivory, 20, with conspiracy to commit robbery.

The university has suspended each of the five players from the football team

Ivory, a senior running back, is the star of the team. Last year, Ivory rushed for 1,156 yards and six touchdowns.

Kristaan Ivory

Kristaan Ivory

Akins, a sophomore, was a probable starter at wide receiver this year, Cal Poly football spokesperson Eric Burdick said. Burdick said the arrests would significantly impact the team.

“Obviously it’s going to affect them a lot because there are several potential starters in that group of five,” Burdick

Two of the suspects, Cortland Fort and Dominique Love, are defensive backs who recently transferred into Cal Poly. The fifth suspect, Jake Brito, is a redshirt freshman running back.

On Monday morning, the university released a statement, saying it recognizes the seriousness of the charges and will move swiftly to respond.

“The university will do all it can to work with San Luis Obispo police in helping to determine what occurred. The five football student-athletes alleged to have taken part in this incident have been suspended from all team activities effective immediately, and the university will conduct internal investigations into possible student conduct violations,” the university release stated.

San Luis Obispo police say the robbery took place around 2:30 a.m. Sunday at the Delta Sigma Phi house, which is located at 244 California Boulevard.

The first officer on scene spotted Akins in the courtyard of the residence as he was confronting one of the victims. Akins then tried to flee before violently resisting multiple officers and civilians.

Akins bit one of the officers during the skirmish, but no one suffered any serious injuries. The officers recovered Akins’s weapon when they took him into custody.

Officers located Fort fleeing the scene in a vehicle as they were arriving. Police later located the other suspects and arrested each of them on the Cal Poly campus.

The motive of the robbery remains unclear, but an investigation is ongoing.

Police did release two names of victims: Forrest Baker and Nicholas Rimicci, both of whom appear to be members of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity.

The Cal Poly football team began practice on Aug. 1 and is scheduled to begin its season on Aug. 28 at New Mexico State. Cal Poly is ranked in the top 25 of two preseason Football Championship Subdivision polls.

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Long before this incident I began to feel dismayed about the Stampede Club crap at my undergrad alma mater where I once was a “stampeder.”

It’s not just the sleazy, phony and plastic aura that surrounds and permeates the stampede experience. It’s watching my beloved Poly getting sucked deeper and deeper into the cesspool that is higher NCAA sports. It’s about the low grade “student-athletes” like these five clowns that Poly needs to recruit in order to wallow around in that fetid NCAA pigsty.

What’s the upside of higher NCAA sports? Attracting more potential students to Poly? The school already attracts quite enough. Healthy competition? Not when it takes loser thugs to compete. Building school prestige? Yeah, right!

Does anyone else here feel the same way?


have you ever really looked into the NFL ?



I pretty much only follow golf anymore, used to love the three major sports, but, they are overrun with tattooed thugs.


Oh yeah, and how could “Kristaan Ivory” be 20 years old and a SENIOR in college? Something tells me he’s not the sort to pile-on the units each quarter and I rather doubt he’s a summer session regular. He must have APed several classes in high school, right?


he could easily be 20 and about to enter his senior year. what are you judging him on? I wonder how many cal poly students entering there senior year are 20…



Freshman (18-19), Sophomore (19-20), Junior (20-21), Senior (21-22).

In reality a lot of Poly seniors are 23+


His bio showed he was born April 28, 1993. Making him 21. Just because the article got it wrong doesn’t mean he does not go to class.

Plus how is any of that relevant?


Maybe football needs to be cut at Poly? It’s not as if cutting football will decrease the demand of people wanting to get into Poly. It’s not as if cutting football will harm Poly’s reputation. Caltech has no intercollegiate sports programs at all and it’s doing just fine.

What cutting football might do is help keep Poly’s reputation intact by not having to recruit thugs to be competitive. I would love to see the transcripts of these five POSs…


were you rejected from poly?


unkown says: 08/12/2014 at 8:01 pm were you rejected from poly?



You are falsely assuming that Cal Poly and the people who run it are about education and not about enriching themselves and their little fiefdom.

School is all about money. Period. Especially in colleges and universities. Though Common Core is beginning to show people that even K-12 is going to be even more profitable for those who run it.


I personally know one of these young men. And he has an excellent bio, raised with a private education and a great family. He has never ever been in any amount of trouble. He made a horrible mistake and is far from being a thug. If you do not know then, you can not make a judgement call on any of them. People make bad judgement calls and this will follow him for many years. All the people here calling them thugs have no idea what really happened. Not condoning any of it. It was all a bad judgement and stupidity on their part.


Maybe if you want to go down this road, we should also cut (remove) the Greek system from SLO?

For all we know, the fraternity may have played a role in this little drama. And we know for a fact that in 2011, at least one rape (or reported rape) occurred at a campus fraternity.

How many frats would survive if they had a zero tolerance policy applied to them?


Imagine what all the qualified applicants who weren’t accepted to Cal Poly must be thinking, having been turned down while losers like this make it in and then behave like this…all in the name of the sports program.

Utterly shameful when you think about all the kids who would love to come to Cal Poly to get a higher education…shameful indeed.

Keep It Real

I would be curious to know their majors at Cal Poly. The kinesiology major is impacted at Cal Poly, my daughter applied and was placed on standby status, then finally denied. She has a 4.3 gpa. Can’t imagine these young men have/had a grade average like that. Oh well, she is off to UC Davis, I guess they appreciate a hard working student. smh…


Nice…I just wrote a check for over $12,000 to send my only child to a University that houses and mollycoddles criminals. Surely, these entitled thugs won’t be retuning to Cal Poly to further their educations? Cal Poly…Clean this mess up! And while you’re at it ,TAKE THAT RIDICULOUS AL MORIARTY FOOTBALL BOARD DOWN.


Does anyone else wonder how these people got out on bail the very next day? Are they all still in town to do another robbery?


Maybe pay up and put your kids in private school!


Immediate expulsion!!!


Obvious racism by the police and the alleged victims and calpoly. All those arrested were black! Calling al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. If they were being paid to play football the they wouldn’t need to rob people. Institutional racism.


ya, except that one of the guys arrested was….white.


He won’t be prosecuted


“Burdick said the arrests would significantly impact the team.”


More importantly, a crime like this involving a firearm could have ended in tragedy and has “impacted” the university’s character and reputation…something far more important than winning a football game.



Delta Sigma Phi-Cal Poly has no business selling Schedule IV drugs.