San Luis Obispo seeking Styrofoam container ban

August 30, 2014

styrofoamBy KAREN VELIE

The San Luis Obispo City Council is scheduled to discuss the banning of Styrofoam products on Tuesday evening.

In March, the city council asked staff to look into banning Styrofoam products. In California, 80 cities and counties have regulations against Styrofoam products, the staff report says.

Styrofoam is not recyclable or biodegradable. Because of its foam structure, it breaks down easily, is expensive to remove from the environment and can be harmful to fish and wildlife if mistaken as food and ingested.

City staff has come up with four possible bans. The first would ban only Styrofoam food and drink containers while the fourth and most restrictive would ban much more including foam ice coolers and pool toys.

Some restaurants have voiced reluctance to switch from Styrofoam to another type of container because of the increased cost, lack of insulation, and issues with durability.


By the way, that photo accompanying this article is very disingenuous. That looks like huge chunks from a sunken cargo ship or something, NOT little containers we conveniently use for our food.


If our elected people have nothing better to do than ban plastic bags and now try to ban styrofoam containers then there is noting else in the city or county they are worried about, then we don’t need these people we could get rid of some of these nits and life would be better.

I’m really tired of some little nit wit group of do gooders trying to run my life.


No more clam chowder to go! Oh the humanity,

I can see the day that we are bringing our own Tupperware to restaurants. Meanwhile al gores disappearing ice caps have just doubled in size.

While we are whining about 10c paper bags, Isis is chopping off people’s heads. Unbelievable. Have fun converting to Moooslim and learning Arabic!


When ISIS is in charge there may be Styrofoam containers but there sure as heck won’t be any CLAM chowder. Maybe LAMB chowder.


Tupperware will also be banned, just give them time.


Good grief, what did we ever do before styrofoam containers?????


Dan, PLEASE don’t support this. The restrictive and regulatory avalanche HAS to be stopped at some point or there will be a revolt.

Dan Carp

I always try to do the right thing.


I know you do Dan. I have never met you but we have a mutual friend that speaks very highly of you.


Damn, nobody has mutual friends who speak highly of me :)


Anytime you want to crawl out from your hole and debate the legal system. I am at the courthouse daily!


Like the last time? You couldn’t even get the CHP/Sheriff jurisdiction correct and wouldn’t admit it when you were proven wrong. No, I won’t waste my time debating you..


Courthouse daily you say? Let’s have it out on the lawn by the clock where the homeless hang out waiting for the bus. Go ahead, throw the first punch….like I thought, you chicken!