SLO to issue back-to-school fines to rowdy students

September 12, 2014

policeAs Cal Poly students return to campus, San Luis Obispo police will be patrolling neighborhoods looking for candidates for hefty fines.

Beginning Sunday at midnight and continuing over a two-week span, fines will double for violations of the San Luis Obispo Municipal Code that occur commonly around the start of the Cal Poly fall quarter. The particular code violations include carrying open containers, noise violations, unruly gatherings, public urination and hosting gathering that involve underage drinking.

Fines also double for carrying a deadly and dangerous weapon during the two-week stretch.

Fall classes begin at Cal Poly on Sept. 22. Class is preceded by Week of Welcome, which begins Monday.

In August 2013, the San Luis Obispo City Council adopted the Safety Enhancement Zone Ordinance, which allows fines to double during times of year that traditionally generate the most partying. In addition to the beginning of the fall quarter, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day and Mardi Gras are also safety enhancement times.


This is just an easy way to make more money for the city and justify higher salaries and goodies for the SLO Police Dept. ANYONE coming out of a bar at closing time can be arrested for “drunk in public” so it’s pretty easy pickings. The fine is $500; it costs more to fight it, so it’s easy money for the city.

Want more college students here? Then vote yes on the Cuesta bond by all means.

Let’s thank our best and brightest city planners who made the decision to consolidate all the bars in the downtown area. We can’t turn back the clock but government planners created this mess.


Oh PG, what are you saying?


i wonder how fast a gathering could become unruly after the ticker-writing starts




They should wait outside the Calpoly football teams lockerroom and pat down for weapons. Could be a cash cow for SLO and we might be able to reduce Measure G to 1/4 penny sales tax.


How about tripling jail sentences for dishonest politicians? Or are the jails too full?


More government regulation….less citizen freedom. Too bad we couldn’t find a way to deal with the problem without the government creating more regulation that affects all of us.


Catdude, re read the article.”looking for candidates for hefty fines.” “The particular code

violation include carrying open container, noise violations, unruly gatherings, public

urination and hosting gatherings that involve underage drinking.” What the SLO City

Council is telling the SLO police is, easy picking for easy tickets that generate revenue

with the double fines. Then passed out extra pens and ticket books. So, to the non partying

bunch, put away your deadly and dangerous weapon and don’t carry them for the next two

weeks and save yourself some money.


Okay, let me rephrase that; “cops are patrolling neighborhoods for candidates for hefty fines” is bullshit. Downtown, yes, my neighborhood, no. Just a scary sounding opening statement.


Will these “rowdy students” be subject to Double Secret Probation?

Jorge Estrada

We may as well double fines on, gang activities, statiscally higher crime racial groups, fat people and out of towners too.


While student partying is becoming more and more a problem, and the SLO council has adopted some enhanced fines, the statement that cops are patrolling neighborhoods for noise is bullshit. Cops patrol downtown for obnoxious behavior, but not neighborhoods. The appearance of cops or student patrol is complaint driven; I live in a neighborhood that is slowly turning into a student ghetto, and one simply does not see cops patrolling for noise. C’mon, CCN, I find your credibility usually quite high but an inflammatory statement like the first one in this article is bullshit and does nothing to promote respect for this site.


I moved downtown to a new condo, and accepted there would be some college partying-but did not expect McCarthy’s to have carte blanche with their music after 2am, nor that they would allow trash trucks and street sweepers to operate outside the noise ordinances-around the clock. When my neighbor contacted the police–she was accused of being a “vigilante”. The police only want to “police” things that result in increased revenue. Plus, we found out one of the trash truck companies was owned by a friend of the late Alex Madonna. Not a good idea….the elite operate outside the law with impunity.


The Rizollis and Cattaneos, both good families who have contributed more than most people ever will to the city, have not owned the garbage company since 2002. Alex Madonna may have made a lot of money off of building city infrastructure, but he did a good job at it for a low cost. Clint Pearce is a whole different ball of wax from Alex Madonna, who probably would have urged a No vote on G.


Do you honestly think we are going to believe you know ALL of the trash truck owners in this city? This company has been in business since 1978. I ran a Dunn & Bradstreet on them.


You must have done this in your sleep. There is only one garbage truck company in San Luis Obispo.. Waste Connections owns San Luis Garbage company. They purchased it from the people I mentioned. Waste Connections is a public company traded on the New York Stock Exchange worth $1.3 billion and I assure you, the owner does not live in town.

Yes, it’s a town of 38,500 people. Why would it be hard to believe that a large number of locals know ALL the trash truck owners in the city? What is your problem?


And Waste Connections was formed in 1997. So you’re just making stuff up. Not cool.


Not her first time. Not even close.


mkaney is right. I have lived in the area since about 1980 and know enough about the history of the local trash industry to say so.


I thought tony soprano handled our waste management needs.


I beg to differ. The Rizzolis and Cattaneos got the city council to approve ludicrous rate structures that ripped of residents of multi-family housing who paid their trash bills through their rent. I debated Charles Cattaneo in front of the city council and got this stopped. Madonna was completely dishonest and got his work through illicit connections and then performed it shoddily. He fought CalTrans inspectors when he was repeated caught cheating the state on the work on the section of 101 that is now named for him. I can show you curb, gutter and sidewalk work downtown that the city would require a homeowner to rip out and replace along with an advisement to hire a concrete professional this time.


Your interesting experience with dispatch! I have been hearing from many people that dispatch is rude when they call about noise and the like. I wonder how many others are experiencing this, and if the city council even cares this is going on? Is it one rude dispatcher, or many?