Lois Capps accused of deception

October 30, 2014
Rep. Lois Capps

Rep. Lois Capps

The heated race between Rep. Lois Capps and her challenger Chris Mitchum for the 24 District seat just got hotter with Mitchum accusing Capps of running a deceptive attack ad.

In the Capps’ commercial currently playing on several local stations, a 2012 statement by Mitchum is edited distorting what the Republican challenger said. In the non-edited statement, Mitchum said he will not go to Washington to fight for pork while Capps’ ad makes it appear that he said he will not go to Washington to represent the people of the 24th District.

“I do not intend to go to Washington to represent the 24th District,” Mitchum says in the Capps’ commercial.

In the un-edited version, Mitchum said, “I do not intend to go to Washington to represent the 24th District, to bring back baseball fields. That’s not why I’m going.”

Capps’ commercial and a clip of Mitchum’s 2012 statement:

In response to the ad, Mitchum sent a letter to Capps asking her to cease and desist running the commercial.

“Here at the Mitchum campaign, we know it’s up to us to keep the campaign clean, spot on the issues that affect every voter, and run our race on the merits,” Mitchum’s campaign staff says on his website. “The incumbent obviously does not think that way.”

Capps campaign spokesperson Chris Meagher told KEYT he does not see anything wrong with the ad.

Capps past year has been marred with controversy. The parents of the woman fatally injured when a legislative aide for Capps struck her and then drove away filed a lawsuit against the driver Raymond Morua, Capps and the federal government.

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This obvious distortion ad by Capps is very disturbing, such a blatant lie. It is arrogant and insinuates people will believe anything they are told. Common career politician trick and really shows her character, say anything to get elected, she needs to go.


Sort of like a democrat version of Compton, but with a brain.


Very unfortunate that only severe backlash brought about the reversal of this pathetic commercial.

Why, why, why do we have to raise such a stink to get these people to do the right thing?

Same question to you Mayor Ferrara!


The Update at the top of this article states that “Lois Capps pulled the commercial after receiving the cease and desist letter.”

Well, I saw that very same commercial again on TV this morning- Fri. Oct. 31 at about 8:30 a.m. or around that time.

So, as of this morning, that misleading commercial is still running.


Wait- scratch that. That was a DVR’d program on the TV, so it was probably from a previous day. Sorry for that error.


So …your first comment really was a flash in the pan.


Thanks for correcting yourself. Commendable on these pages!


I was not going to vote for Mitchum, but when I heard (in Capps’ ad) that he wanted to abolish the NEA, I decided that would be who I vote for. Now I have to go figure out what else he stands for/against, etc. But taking down the corrupt system that passes itself off as education is PARAMOUNT in my book (at this time).

…that and just listening to the ad sounds like a bad SNL skit where it was so over-the-top edited, that it was done for humor. I cannot believe that Capps thinks so little of her potential voters.


A lot of people on this site who support Lois Capps do not realize she gets substantial financial backing from CAIR and the Saudi-funded Muslim Brotherhood. She is also one of the TOP receivers of money in congress. Google it. This is another way for foreign funds to enter our local politics. She is also one of the 53 House Democrats who sent a letter to President Obama urging him to pressure Israel to unilaterally open its borders with Gaza.

Let me see what else has she done, well she is also one of the 7 signers of a letter in 2009 to Attorney Eric Holder invoking a list of grievances from radical Islamist groups and asking

Holder to meet with representatives from these radical groups to hear their concerns, and exactly who are these groups? The groups are the most radical Islamist groups who we are fighting today. ISIS,ISIL, is the same group just a new name. They have an agenda of destroying America as we know it. If you think she is for ALL the people you are crazy. These 7 signers where concerned about the use of informants in mosques(preaching hatred of Americans), accusing religious profiling of Somali Muslims, (that’s the problem in Minnesota I was there) and allegations of FBI working with foreign governments, (Boston bombings), the 7 signers Lois Capps being one of them is the problem going on today. Beheadings, to change the cause of terrorism to work place violence her blood is on it. That’s why her office is able to cover-up so much, they are all corrupt. We cannot let her continue to hide behind the little ‘ol grandma persona anymore.


What hate filled nonsense.

You make accusations like this, you’d better back it up with better authentication than “google it” !


I despise Lois Capps. However, what you describe is not a good reason to not vote for her. Do you understand that CAUSE of terrorism? Do you honestly think it’s just some religious fanatics who have no other justification? Don’t you think that if someone is willing to kill Americans that they MIGHT have a reason, and it might be worth at least hearing them out before you kill them all?

You might find out that your government is lying to you and has been the aggressor in this situation as well as being responsible for the growth of some of these groups, and you might find that your government has some people in it that are a bigger threat.


Well said once again. I won’t say that she has been right in all her actions on foreign policy and certainly not on domestic surveillance, but americangrannie seems to have a very warped understanding of the complexities of Middle Eastern politics and of the very broad and far-from-unified religion that is Islam. It sounds like she gets her info from people who specialize in scapegoating and making unjustifiably broad generalizations.


Let me guess…Faux News? Rush Limbaugh? WorldNetDaily? Heritage? Redstate?


By placing a ‘period’ in the middle of Mitchum’s statement in her “I approve this message” ad, Capps has distorted the truth. Say anything to get elected; do nothing when elected seems to be Capps’ mantra.


Lois Capps is the only thing keeping women from losing all of their reproductive rights (including free birth control) and african americans from being cast into slavery.

Everyone must vote for her!!!!


Holy Kool-Aid-swilling rhetoric, batman, I sure hope that was in jest!


Is that the best you can do? Shoot the messenger?

John Tieber


“the freshest news in Santa Barbara”

30 October

‘Lois Capps — Empowering War and Domestic Tyranny Since 1998’


“…Perhaps, like so many who enter the “representative” branch of the U.S. government, now among the most corrupt of any nation, with good intentions, Capps succumbed to the personal benefits of looting her own constituents, either via insider trading or via seemingly endless creation of debt-based currency transferred to criminal transnational banks, who then gift billions of dollars to the .01%, who then regift millions of those billions back to the politicians of both major parties…”


John Tieber is an out of work actor known for ( get this ) “Face Eater”..

Probably a personal friend of Mitchum’s.

The ‘article’ is an online opinion piece, like a letter to the editor. He’s not a journalist.

Pretty ballsy and pretentious to offer it this way.

fishing village

What are you talking about!!