Lois Capps accused of deception

October 30, 2014
Rep. Lois Capps

Rep. Lois Capps

The heated race between Rep. Lois Capps and her challenger Chris Mitchum for the 24 District seat just got hotter with Mitchum accusing Capps of running a deceptive attack ad.

In the Capps’ commercial currently playing on several local stations, a 2012 statement by Mitchum is edited distorting what the Republican challenger said. In the non-edited statement, Mitchum said he will not go to Washington to fight for pork while Capps’ ad makes it appear that he said he will not go to Washington to represent the people of the 24th District.

“I do not intend to go to Washington to represent the 24th District,” Mitchum says in the Capps’ commercial.

In the un-edited version, Mitchum said, “I do not intend to go to Washington to represent the 24th District, to bring back baseball fields. That’s not why I’m going.”

Capps’ commercial and a clip of Mitchum’s 2012 statement:

In response to the ad, Mitchum sent a letter to Capps asking her to cease and desist running the commercial.

“Here at the Mitchum campaign, we know it’s up to us to keep the campaign clean, spot on the issues that affect every voter, and run our race on the merits,” Mitchum’s campaign staff says on his website. “The incumbent obviously does not think that way.”

Capps campaign spokesperson Chris Meagher told KEYT he does not see anything wrong with the ad.

Capps past year has been marred with controversy. The parents of the woman fatally injured when a legislative aide for Capps struck her and then drove away filed a lawsuit against the driver Raymond Morua, Capps and the federal government.

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The TV ad has not been pulled it just aired on KSBY at 5:40am Nov. 3 Monday along with the other TV political campaign ads. The Lois Capps campaign lies as usual, the stations could care less they have their money, and its just another lie to the public to make Capps look like she did something when in reality she did nothing.


The Capps campaign may have pulled the TV ad, but they have not pulled the Radio Spot with the same edited clip. hmmmmm a little deceptive saying they have pulled the Ad.


I heard it on the radio on last night in the car


” google it”, all a person has to do is get out walk on campuses and get involved in businesses or read with common sense but then again, commonsense is lost in California. when you work with regulatory California government and have to deal with environmental wackos, and see the corruption and see how the tax payer just keeps supporting the likes of Lois Capps who stepped in to that position due to her deceased husband. The dems knew she could be bought and paid for, to follow and push their agenda without using commonsense. When you have UCSB, the SB County Board of Supervisors, SBCC, admitting these college kids are taking over the City and County and causing tax payers to pay for a few, then something is wrong. When you have groups ( radical islamist groups) and organizations on college campuses spewing hatred of our American heritage and our rights because of propaganda from radical professors and yet you sit behind a computer screen relying on government to “give” you Obama money for, solar panels, farm subsidies, Obamacare subsidies, and thousands of dollars in illegal immigration subsidies, or just plain and simple live off mommy and daddy, then of course a person such as this will always vote for Lois Capps. She could and will be found guilty in one way or another for the killing of a young girl by her assistant and people like you would still think she was the greatest thing since chocolate. Look in the mirror you are what is wrong with this state,

this used to be a great country and still can be with common sense and voting with your

moral compass and not with what she or “it” gives you.


The real problem with your perception of the world around you, is that is based almost entirely on myth. Everything from college kids taking over to radical islamist hating our American “heritage” to “illegal immigration subsidies” is simply total and utter nonsense. Do not mistake me for an Obama supporting liberal Democrat, because I am most definitely none of those thigns. There are serious problems in this country but everything you mentioned is total misinformation perpetuated by uninformed Republicans, who are no better than the Democrats, for the sole purpose of hyping you up for your vote.

That being said, your last sentence is very wise.


It’s real easy to figure out what type of a Congressman Mitchum would be. Check out his website. Of course, you may just find it easier to vote for Capps who feeds you platitudes about “she cares” and simply lies, as in this ad. How anyone can vote for such a liar as Capps has proven herself to be with this ad is beyond me. But a democracy gets the government it deserves. So perhaps it says something about the liberals on the Central Coast who would rather vote for a liar who says sweet nothings rather than for an honest conservative.


See here’s the funny thing chrisinpaso. I am conservative. But that doesn’t mean I will perpetuate B.S. I am not criticizing granny for her conclusion, I’m criticizing her because she is basing it on nonsense. Because I stated these things are nonsense, you immediately think I vote liberal… see how much they have your mind in a vice?


I was ready to give you a ‘thumbs up’ until your last statement. SO…NO vote.

The ‘uninformed Republicans’ are willful idiots; and marginal Democrats are better informed…more intelligent ,and just way better human beings than most Republicans.


True.. but they want to perpetuate big government which no matter how well intentioned someone is, always turns out to be a force for evil.


What the voters of the 24th district need to understand is that Mitchum’s response to this Capps ad is OUT OF CONTEXT.

Mitchum had not been asked about ‘baseball fields’, or earmarks, or what he would do to bring federal funding to the district.

The question asked was a plain and simple, ” What kind of representative will you be ? “.

Mitchum first went off on some anecdotal, made-up story about a Revolutionary War soldier that grabs a musket and rushes off to Valley Forge.

The clear indication is that Mitchum sees himself as some kind of revolutionary, an outlier, a headstrong heroic figure to save us all.

From what ?

Then, he said the remark about NOT representing the 24th district to bring back baseball fields.

The whole statement doesn’t make any sense, unless it is Mitchum’s mission to protect us from baseball fields.

What Mitchum has said repeatedly is that the narrow Tea-party agenda is his agenda: that government is BAD, BAD, BAD; that he would eliminate or roll back Obamacare, Medicare, Social Security, education, virtually every advancement in domestic policy since the New Deal; and lower or eliminate taxes on the ultra-wealthy.

Mitchum won’t say…specifically, what kind of representative he would be. So it is up to us voters to guess, based upon what he does say.


After she pays to have my tats removed, of course,


I hate it when liberals stoop to conservative tactics…


I wish that liberals would not be so liberal when they are polite towards lunatics and anarchists masquerading behind a Republican label.


I am an anarchist, an anarchocapitalist to be specific, but I don’t hide behind a Republican label. The only masquerade is the idea that Republicans support a free market. Keep in mind we USED to form much of the core of the party before the pseudocapitalist Christian right moved in.

Mike Byrd

The commercial that was supposedly pulled just aired on KSBY at 5:59p.


At this point, it is pure entertainment to watch a right wing teabagging nutcase.


So Mike… Who are you voting for ?

The ultraconservative Mitchum that hides behind campaign slogans ?

Or the reasonable moderate Lois Capps ?

C’mon….I know you can do it !


“Does the Central Coast need a representative this obstreperous and argumentative ?”

Yes….. in order to deal with the likes of you. (; )


On the internet, nobody knows that you’re a dog.


It is quite unlikely that any mention of this deceptive ad nor the subsequent cease and desist letter will ever find its way into the local (Tribune) newspaper – “Where seldom is heard a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day.”


If you want a discouraging word, then just listen to Mitchum.

Quote, “We’re on the brink of a thousand years of darkness. ”

Mitchum bellyaches that he was blacklisted in Hollywood for being a conservative.

Meanwhile, conservatives such as Charlton Heston, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Bruce Willis, Tom Selleck et al seem to have had no problems scoring parts in movies.

Could it be that Mitchum was just a BAD ACTOR ? …and a grumpy one at that ?

Mitchum boasts that he has no intention of bipartisanship…of working with others that disagree with him and his doctrinaire extremism.

Does the Central Coast need a representative this obstreperous and argumentative ?


For all the mud that Lois slings, it’s amazing that little-to-none ends up on her polyester pant suit.


She is just stating the facts and exposing the elephant in the room.


She is just stating the facts and exposing.