Sign wars heat up in supervisor election campaigns

October 6, 2014

compton fraudBy KAREN VELIE

Update: John Brunsfield, a retired attorney, said he purchased and put out signs that say “Lynn Compton is a fraud.” Brunsfield said he is not affiliated with any campaign and put the signs out after receiving slate mailers from Compton that make it appear she is a Democrat.

“Compton is trying to fool the voters into thinking she is a Democrat,” Brunsfield said. “One said, attention AG Democrats, and said to take the flyer to the polls. It recommended all Democrats except for Compton.”

Original: It is less than a month to the November election and sign wars, mudslinging and character assassinations are in full swing in the battle for the San Luis Obispo County District 4 supervisor seat.

In Nipomo, Oceano and Arroyo Grande, hundreds of signs ask voters to select either Caren Ray, a sitting supervisor, or Nipomo businesswoman Lynn Compton. And now, dozens of signs are being placed next to elect Compton signs that say “Compton is a fraud.”

Compton supporter Cameron Smith confronted a man placing a sign on the property of a Compton supporter. Smith said the man claimed Compton, a Republican, had said she was a Democrat and that is why they are calling her a fraud.

During the primary, Compton’s campaign paid to include her in a slate mailer. Slate mailers often recommend a candidate of one party alongside prominent candidates from the opposing party. While legal in California, the mailers deceive some voters.

Smith said he removed the anti-Compton signs because it was illegally placed.

Typically, candidates get permission from supporters to place signs on private property. Campaign signs are not permitted on publicly owned lands such as parks or public right of ways like highway on-ramps.

sign man 2

Cameron Smith took a picture of the man placing “Compton is a Fraud” signs in Nipomo.


Ray’s campaign has placed dozens of signs in public right-of-ways that have been taken down by city, county and state employees. Some of Compton’s signs have exceeded size limits and were removed by Arroyo Grande code enforcement.

Caren Ray

Caren Ray

Last month, the Ray Campaign claimed a planned fundraiser for Compton involving “hobo stew” showed contempt for the homeless. Ray supporter SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill chimed in, encouraging others to forward an email by Ray’s campaign treasure slamming Compton’s fundraiser.

The story went national and led to angry threats of violence.

Back in July, Ray said someone shot a BB thorough her window and she deduced from the angle of the hole in her window and the screen, it was done on purpose by a 6 foot or taller person standing in her yard. The supervisor said the shooting appeared to be politically motivated.

lynn compton

Lynn Compton

However, police officers said it was likely children playing with BB guns in a wooded area near the supervisor’s home.

Compton has slammed Ray on her voting record and argues the sitting supervisor’s vote on a legislative platform was an attempt to chip away at Proposition 13.

Meanwhile, both candidates are lining up support and gathering donations as they prepare for their seventh debate on Friday which is to be held at the South County Community Center in Arroyo Grande.

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It seems the Ray campaign has, for quite some time now, been focused on diversionary and “smear” tactics rather than any substantive issues….and I find it interesting that Mr. Hill

has been SO, SO quiet during all of this….he must be bursting at the seams!!


Be patient Chupe, it won’t be long before “waste of skin Hill” spins out and runs his mouth again.

Wait for it!


Here is all you need to be convinced Caren Ray is not the one?

“Ray supporter SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill”


Remember a vote for Caren Ray is a vote for Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson


And our dear, dear AG Mayor is a big supporter too!

Yet another reason to Write-In Jim Hill for Arroyo Grande Mayor.

Fill in the bubble, write in the name. Two step process,

Kevin Rice


Avocet Way, Arroyo Grande (Cypress Ridge tract on Mesa)


Pension: Los Angeles County Pension, 2013 $56,767.44

Benefits: $14,984.16

Years of service: 28.83

Year of retirement: 2012

Total pension & benefits: $71,751.60

Bar Number: 60644 (inactive)


“nuff” said


What is your pension going to be as a firefighter?


The person featured in this article is John Bransfield, local attorney who lives in Cypress Ridge.

From the above article “Compton supporter Cameron Smith confronted a man placing a sign on the property of a Compton supporter. Smith said the man claimed Compton, a Republican, had said she was a Democrat and that is why they are calling her a fraud.”

Mr. Bransfield, for an attorney, you do not do your own homework. Lynn Compton has always been a republican and is currently registered as one and I have heard her say that she is proud to be one.

Being endorsed by the Republican Party of San Luis Obispo county since before the primary seems to me that Mr. Bransfield does a bit of what he accuses Ms. Compton of.

Rich in MB

Folks…..that’s what Dems do….they can’t win on ideas so they go on attack…is anyone surprised that Radical Ray would be up to these dirty tricks?


The Caren Ray camp definitely seems to be the slimiest of the two. Lynn Compton’s errors seem to be just that, errors, while Caren Ray’s seem to be intentional disregard for rules and fair campaigning.


Come on now, don’t you remember Ms. Ray saying her problems were just “bookkeeping errors”


She attended the Charles Rangle school of accounting, got a degree in create accounting for politicians


Right– and Lynn Compton says she has a Law Degree, but hasn’t been able to pass the bar exam. I believe that if you look up her Law School it shows a pass rate of under 20 per cent. (maybe 13 ?)

Objectivity would be nice and refreshing


She hasn’t passed the bar exam, SHE HASN ‘T TAKEN IT!

She explained this all the other day on the CONGALTON show, too bad you weren’t listening, cuz the truth from you would be nice and refreshing too!


LOL I guess we should give her credit that she knows she hasn’t been able to pass the bar exam.


Of course Caren Ray is using Ass Hill’s playbook! Caren Ray, Ass Hill, Tim Covello…they all used the same campaign manager. And they all run the same type of campaigns. Dirty, in the gutter stuff is what they do.

As far as the signs being placed next to Compton’s…you HAVE to be a complete idiot to think that it is okay without permission from the owner. For Ray to claim plausible deniability is laughable. Remember Covello’s workers stuffing mailboxes and committing USPS fraud…taking out legally mailed Dow fliers and replacing them with Covello literature? Yeah, like Covello was ignorant of that too. Common thread? Same campaign mgr.


I’m a little surprised that nobody has made signs saying



Good thing you’re not in charge of that since you can’t spell Lynn.


Maybe he meant Lyin’ Compton?


Why anyone cares about useless politicians on either side of the aisle is beyond me.

Kevin Rice

Because we have to put one in power. You should care. Or, run yourself. Be involved.


I’d like to keep my soul or I’d be happy to run for office.