Hill overtaking Ferrara in A.G. mayor race

November 6, 2014
Mayor Tony Ferrera

Mayor Tony Ferrara


A spectacular political upset may be brewing in the colorful race for the mayor’s seat in the village of Arroyo Grande, with write-in candidate Jim Hill gaining substantial ground Thursday on longtime incumbent Tony Ferrara as county election officials continued counting additional ballots.

Ferrara’s initial 9-point lead, fueled by early mail-in tallies, plummeted overnight to 3.5 percentage points, with 800 more ballots to be counted, probably by the end of Friday’s work day. Hill collected more than twice as many new votes as Ferrara today.

Another 1,216 votes are slated to be counted, most by Friday at 5 p.m.

If needed, 717 additional ballots — either left blank by the voter, or with the write-in candidate’s name written, but without the oval blackened — would finally be counted.

Ferrara’s advantage has been eroding ever since the opening of polls Tuesday morning. At today’s end of counting, he claimed 2,545 votes, or 51.79 percent, and Hill’s total had climbed to 2,369 or 48.21 percent. The candidates now are separated by only 176 votes.

After avoiding the media for days following the election, Ferrara finally contacted KSBY with the following statement, in which he blamed reporters, radio personalities, city residents and police, and a lack of communication for what he called “the results of the election.”

“The results of the election have clearly indicated a need for the City and the Community to find ways to better communicate. It has also exposed the disconnects that can often occur when people believe everything they read on an internet site or hear on talk radio. It is troubling when no attempt is made by reasonable people to verify false assertions made through these media. Hopefully, we at the City can open the door wider at City Hall for the community to feel comfortable and welcomed to do so in the future. We will also be welcoming a new Council member and this will provide an opportunity for all of us to share new ideas about the future of the City and also exploring more opportunities for comprehensive communication and outreach for the community.” (Tony Ferrara)

Hill’s brief but fast-moving campaign evolved from community dissatisfaction with the handling of a July 3 City Hall incident in which City Manager Steve Adams and a subordinate employee, Teresa McClish, the city’s community development director, were found near midnight in Adams’ darkened office by police responding to an emergency call.

Citizens accused Ferrara and the rest of the council with fashioning a cover-up of the incident — and then suggesting that responding police officers were lying about the circumstances to further ongoing contract negotiations.

Ferrara is the newly elected president of the powerful League of California Cities, a post he’d have to vacate if he loses to Hill.

Also, next Tuesday’s regularly scheduled city council meeting has been cancelled.

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Whoa, if this keeps up, Ferrara will have no choice but to move to SLO and run for mayor during the next election. I suppose he could pull a Settle and just lie about living in SLO. Either way I suspect his days in AG are coming to a bitter end.

When he won’t even show his face in public, and cancels a city council meeting to effect that behavior, he will be lucky if he isn’t run out of town on a rail.

While writing my previous article the juveniles have made their posts and mockery of the

Mayor. These are not the people who will contribute to getting our City back together.

It’s time to get serious and act like adults. If you don’t have anything constructive to

say don’t say anything.

What is this obsession with publicity? This is a local matter. This is not the time to gloat.

This is the time to organize and attend to the task at hand.


We will shape up on Monday….

Dedicated to “Retired Police Officer”


Don’t get pushy now.

We will shape up on Monday,

After we’re sober.

Yeah, and drinks are on OTIS!

There is an incredible message here. It is called the power of the people. That civil servants should serve the public, and not vice versa. That is a message that needs to be spread and shared with this country in as a disseminated manner as possible, regardless of whether Jim wins or loses.

lol, who in the world would down vote this comment?

Three guesses, and the first two don’t count.

Do you really think the people of this country care what goes on in AG?

All that really matters is that we care.

But most everyone loves a good underdog story,

they’re all over the internet every day,

so I’d guess yes.

When tyranny is overtaken in a peaceful manner, and others want to do the same, I think this is a great example of how it is done. Whether the horse drinks when it is led to water, I can not control, but I can share ideas and success stories with those willing to listen. Listening to others is a very important part of learning.

I know the entire country would be riveted by the tree story as told by Mayor Ferrara nice and slow and in a lecturing tone…..

It’s gonna be the full feature on 60 minutes.

Everybody loves an underdog story-beats-the-political-machine story!

…..well, perhaps the political machine doesn’t. hahahaha!

Why yes, yes they do skippy because the power of the “grass roots” are strong and well….kickin some butt! “This country” btw way….should have read “this county” I’m assuming but, either way I’ve got friends in far away states pulling for “big ditch” and even if we lose we WIN because we’re no longer sitting on the sidelines wishing change would happen.

Change is happening and the change is IN us!


PEOPLE will love this story

All the yellow signs, the COVER-UP to be the MAYOR of a small town, the geezer ( sorry Otis) on the tricycle, all to the tunes of Pelican.

I’m wondering about the Lipton people… Are they gonna pay a fee for the product placement in the docudrama?

Consider this, what goes on in Arroyo Grande is the canary in the coal mine.

Now I ask you, shouldn’t they care?

Give it a frickin’ rest already.

After all of the bull$hit Ferrara has made AG residents suffer through, and the $millions he has wasted to primp up his image, we can be as gull-durned snippy as we want.

You have some nerve scolding us, the victims of Ferrara’s corruption, to “get serious and act like adults.”

In addition, we have a well-earned right to gloat over Ferrara’s shellacking by Jim Hill, who had just three weeks and less than $4000 for his campaign.

And where is Ferrara in all of this? His lack of presence–going to the length of canceling next week’s city council meeting–is ridiculous, and he is acting like a big giant baby who didn’t get its way.

So avast yourself to the SS Ferrara’s scullery where is one of the few places anyone can help Ferrara now.

that’s right…sit down…shut up….

Sorry the Voters are DONE sitting down and shutting up and if they have to recall this thug…then so be it. I will donate money to the cause of Freedom!!

Well stated.

My hair stands unscorned

I am the hair of knowledge

Submit to my Doo

Brilliant! Or should I say “Brillianteen”?

BryleCream, a little dab’ll do ya.

I, and my gorgeous locks highly recommend it.


Have you caught Haikuitis?

Oh no!

Must the Council proceedings all be in rhyme?

Can’t wait for the investigative report.

Gonna be interesting……

I am personally glad to see less mocking personal attacks on the Mayor in these most

recent posts. People of goodwill must now realize that the Mayor has severe emotional

problems that guide his conduct. He is not a bad man.

The opponents of the Mayor have been heard and must now look to the future. The City of

Arroyo Grande must have competent elected public officials. If Jim Hill is elected we move forward with optimism to restore our City and its pride. If the Mayor is reelected

there is absolutely no choice but to institute his recall. He cannot govern.

The process of instituting a recall is set forth in numerous state codes that contain very

precise timelines and procedures under which the process must occur.

In a nut shell a recall is a special election where the proponents of the recall in 200 words

or less state the reasons why the public official should be removed from office. They

offer a candidate that they select to run against the incumbent in the recall election. Those who wish the incumbent to remain in office set forth their own statement as to why the

incumbent should stay in office.

In the case of Arroyo Grande with 10,953 registered voters 20% or a minimum of 2,190

of those voters would need to sign the recall petition before it could be submitted for

signature verification and a date is set for the election. The time allowed to gather the

signatures is defined in the state codes.

The recall petition cannot be filed until the subject of the recall has been in office for 90

days. Under the Arroyo Grande Municipal Code the newly elected mayor takes office

four Tuesdays from the date of the election. This means that there are now

four months prior to the filing of the petition for the proponents of the recall to get a

head start lining up voters to sign the petition when it becomes available.

Typically a recall committee is organized to guide the process. In the case of Arroyo

Grande that committee would likely be elected at a general meeting open to the public.

Those who were most active in the campaign to elect Jim Hill would be likely choices to

lead the committee. The committee would comply with the laws governing the recall,

organize volunteers, raise money for a campaign and prepare for the recall election.

All this should be done in a professional and deliberate manner and seek to include

as many residents as possible with regular noticed meetings.

The Mayor can be successfully recalled if the proponents of the recall

maintain the current momentum in opposition to the Mayor and organize immediately

if the Mayor is reelected. It is not a done deal and a lot of hard work and effort

will be needed. There is little doubt at this time that the Mayor will organize a

campaign to fight the recall and remain in office. He still has his supporters.

Best case scenario,

Jim Hill is elected with majority of votes

Residents rally around our new Mayor

the healing begins.

In my case, there will be no “healing” while Ferraro is mayor.

BTW, who wants to bet that “retiredpoliceofficer” is Ferrara?

there will be no need for a recall, but thanks for the info

With all Due Respect Mr Retired Office,

This type of activities laid the foundation, for tipping over the Current Mayor.

Per you note above, about recall My Grandmother would say “We will cross that bridge when we come to it”

All this notes to self here on this website has come from the Actions of “the Powers that be”

Time after time dismissing the public opinion , ie ram Rodding this trash down our neck’s so Pardon Us for not showing the Proper Respect for our so Called Leaders, Changes comes from people becoming tired of being oppressed, this fight was started by the Leaders.

The Grass Roots Said NO more. in short people should be entitled to Vent, This Fight was started by Tony & the Leader’s not by the people, Mr Retired Office, the rules/laws to need to be fallowed by all Not just Some.. If we all break the laws where would we be ?

Bottom line These guys are Liars,and broke the law, is not providing a False statement to a Office a Crime?

This is about shaking the tree’s not about any thing else it’s about years of not doing the right thing, its about the people holding our leaders accountable. That’s a basic request, Trust goes both ways. Thank you for your time Helping people, My own Father was Retired CDF. Not Cal Fire..

OMG, Big Tony is my new favorite blogger,

kudos to your creativity.

Just remember to glare or stare through the crowd and out the windows,

and by all means keep clicking your pen, click, click, click, click, to let us know you are thoroughly disgusted by our comments, suggestions, and accusations of our city officials’ misdeeds.

Otherwise we may think you’re a fake.

I am glaring. I am tapping…….Barneich is rolling her eyes and the nuts are getting their 3 minutes.

Do not forget to wake up ole Joe and forbid him from chomping!

lay off ol joe. he’s blindly supported me for many years and I wouldn’t have been able get away with all i’ve accomplished with his……narcolepsy.

wonder what going on in City Hall right now. Do they have the actuarial tables out? Is the shredding and wiping of computers continuing?

Oh no… that has already been done on….. July 4th!

Why Big Tony did they all protect Little Steve? What does he have on you?

I suspect Nick Tompkins and Ferrara are trying to get as many deals done as possible with the chance Ferrara will no longer be able to push through Tompkins developments ahead of most others and with the sweetheart deals the city gives him.

Oh you know it, the backroom is gonna be a busy, busy place for the next few weeks!

Probably better plan on attending some upcoming planning commission meetings.

Speaker slips will no doubt be required, be prepared.

I might just do that, of course I may have to adjust my sleeping schedule given Ferrara behavior he may move the meetings to 2am on Saturday mornings.

BWA hahahaha! I could not be happier.

Haiku’s for the King

A new era now

Jim Hill is going uptown

Tony’s down the road

Who does Tony’s hair

A slick doo for a slick dude

Too many slick deals

This is too much fun

I better get back to work

Said too much for now

Dang, there are some good Haikuists here!

I have grown impatient waiting for the results, so I thought I would do something different.


It is easy, fun, and releases creative tension, so give it a try!

The format is simple:

****There are three lines in each haiku.

****The first line has 5 syllables.

****The second line has 7 syllables.

****The third line has 5 syllables.

Here are examples:


New hope begins with

Hand-made yellow signs.

The people will win!


Waiting for the count!

Instant gratification

Takes far, far too long


Hand-made yellow signs

The new road to winning

And to tomorrow.


Cut and paste the link to Dan’s article and send it to


Time to get regional coverage.

Hope you are doing well buddy, our fringe friend!

ditto that………you will have company on the fringe now although, by none other, than Tony baloney himself.

Sent out stuff last night to La, Ventura, San Jose, SB etc..

No interviews for the Tribune

They have ignored our passion.

Please contact any news source to send this out!

NO interviews for the Trib.

Not only have they ignored our passion,

they have ignored THE NEWS!

Wow the TPR and Emily Slater are two days behind on news.

Thanks Dave for the exposure.

We are gonna win this!

take it easy and take care of yourself, we will be here when you return.