Man who violently killed a co-worker paroled to SLO

November 21, 2014
Theodore LeLeaux

Theodore LeLeaux

After 30 years in Prison, a man who killed a co-worked then cut his heart out and put it in his pocket has been paroled to San Luis Obispo. [Fresno Bee]

In 1984 Theodore LeLeaux Jr. was sentenced to 16 years to life for killing 25-year-old Kenneth Carlock. In August, Gov. Jerry Brown rejected it a state parole boards release of LeLeaux.

Even so, on Sept. 10 a Fresno County judge determined the 53-year-old inmate no longer posed a threat to society and ordered his release. LeLeaux was released on Nov. 13 to reside in san Luis Obispo with his wife.

On June 5, 1984, LeLeaux stabbed Carlock 77 times and cut his heart out. The next day police arresting LeLeaux discovered the victim’s heart in his pocket.

LeLeaux pled guilty while claiming he was under the influence of methamphetamines and did not remember the attack.
Carlock’s sister, Gayle McCracken, told the Fresno Bee Wednesday that the judge’s ruling was “like being sucker punched.”

“He’s a monster,” McCraken told the Bee. “He should never get out.”


Is it just me, or should Mr. LeLauex have been sentenced to death and subsequently executed?

Raise your hand if you would like him living next door to YOU.


If he lived next door to me, I’d be sure to keep the music down, keep my lawn mowed, and not walk on his grass.

He could be an effective ally when boys come over to take my daughters on dates, though.


Don’t think I am defending this guy, but do you know that Hitler used methamphetamine to enable his soldiers to meet his demands? Hitler preferred lampshades made of Jewish skin, for instance, and also gloves. He would dose his staff and work them endlessly until they either had a psychotic break or they died. Experiments on twins were quite common-but these were experiments no one but a demented mind would perform. The soldiers who unloaded the railroad cars that shipped people to the concentration camps, those who operated the killing chambers and those who buried the bodies were the highest dosed (so they could work day and night with no rest or food). Hitler himself used meth.

After the end of WWII, a branch of psychology was formed called “social psychology”. The world was reeling from shock: how could one maniac get all those soldiers and scientists to perform such horrendous acts? Meth. Meth is evil incarnate. Meth WILL turn your average husband into a deranged fiend.

Problem: Will a relapse cause even worse behavior? Relapse rates are EXTREMELY HIGH with meth users.


To reside in San Luis Obispo with his wife

I.e. He is paroled to the county / city where his wife lives…


It’s always so nice when the families move to be near their murderous loved ones,

take a look at what happened to Lompoc when that prison went to maximum security.


There is a chance this guy is a sociopath. If this is the case, he has likely manipulated his wife in order to set up his next playground. Mix some meth with that….and you have the formula for a nightmarish scenario. With a wife like that, you can be assured you have an alibi and a helper.


Charlie Manson just got married. Hopefully his wife doesn’t reside in SLO.


They met and married *after* he was in prison for his crime:

She is works at Cuesta and met him through her church ministry at the prison. Without that relationship, he’d be paroled elsewhere.

I realize that you are not defending this man, and I also realize how awful meth is. It is a horrific drug and, like many drugs, it is tough to kick. Yet there are thousands of people, if not millions, who use meth and don’t viciously MURDER people….or cut out their heart. Meth or sober, I don’t want someone who has committed a such a heinous murder out of prison.


Good luck Mrs. LeLeaux. Hopefully, you won’t become his next victim. After all, he’s had 30 years to fine tune his con-artistry.


Why don’t we just rename SLO to South Stockton, then we won’t have these expectations of being in the happiest place on earth.


Oh ‘cmon guys, it’s not like he’s a heartless criminal!

W. Diller

Oh come you guys, have a heart!

Ben Daho

Remember wherever you go, there you are.


Remember wherever you go, he could be there watching you.


Stand by your man

Even if he’s Hannibal lecter

Just give him all the love you can

Stand by your man!

If he kills again, the wife of the judge who released him should have her heart cut out, so the judge can walk in the shoes of the victims families.


@Ian Parkinson #better watch this one! #why we want CCW’s. Now!

mary margaret

This is outrageous ! I thought that parolees had to be released in the counties where their crimes were committed. Does this mean that prisoners from CMC are eligible to be paroled here in SLO county? If so, we will be over-run with paroled felons. Where are our SLO city and county officials? They needed to object to this through legal channels or at least let the citizens know so that we could have objected. Many CMC wives and/or families move here

(occupying our low income or section 8 housing) but I thought that they moved back after their men were released. Kamala Harris, our California Attorney General, should have objected, as did Gov. Brown, in writing, as past A. Gs have done in this case. Who do we call, or write, to complain ? Can a judge from another county just release here?


I agree, I thought they had to be paroled back to place where crime committed. WTF!?

I think the in these cases if the parole board is so gung ho, then let them go live with them!!!


NOW Mary Malone HOW do you really feel about being a responsible ARMED Citizen, like IDAHO , what are you gonna do if you meet this MONSTER?


She met him while working for her church at the prison–she already lived here and was well aware of his crimes prior to marrying him. If it were not for this marriage, he would be paroled elsewhere.