Ferrara slams… well, almost everyone

December 4, 2014
Ex-mayor Tony Ferrara

Ex-mayor Tony Ferrara

Stringing together a heated litany of complaints and accusations, Arroyo Grande’s dethroned mayor Tony Ferrara launched a lengthy and emotional attack Thursday against the city’s police department and those who worked for his defeat.

Ferrara was bounced from his job — and from the prestigious presidency of the League of California League — Nov. 4 following a vigorous, brief, but successful write-in campaign by Jim Hill.

In his commentary in the local daily newspaper, Ferrara lists a number of things that irritated him about his losing campaign.

Among his myriad comments: “I could continue to feel short-changed that my opponent chose to hide behind an aggressive and well-planned propaganda machine and not engage me in a conventional campaign,” he wrote.

“I could opine that things might have turned out differently if my opponent and I could have openly, publicly debated the issues and through that process, afforded me the opportunity to challenge the mountain of misinformation promoted by a vicious, destructive and unethical social and fringe media campaign — a campaign launched in part by a police union that substituted greed and intimidation for the honor of wearing their badge.”

Ferrara has promised to stay involved in community issues.


Ferrara’s comments in the SLO Newtimes ( http://www.newtimesslo.com/commentary/11739/an-arroyo-grande-postmortem/ ) suggest he’s one sick puppy. Everyone has done wrong except himself in his own eyes.


There are so many inaccuracies and willfully misleading statements in both articles written BY Tony and published today (The Tribune and New Times), but one in particular really sticks in my craw.

Tony wrote in the Trib today:

“I could dwell on the negative aspects of the election; the small margin that separated me from my write-in apponent versus more than 900 unmarked ballots.”

The only way those unmarked ballots would change anything at all is to ONLY be in favor of Jim. Jim won by the ‘small margin’ of 95 because the other 900 weren’t revisited. That ‘small margin’ could have potentially grown to 995. Almost a thousand!

Tony is a hateful hump.

Once he wrings out the last of his lingering ‘mayor juice’, he will be old news to everyone that can’t use him anymore. Same can be said for Caren Ray. Folks like Tompkins and Grossman will go find other toadstools to piss on and call it rain.


He forgets to mention his headstart. First third of the votes Tony was leading 60% to 40%, when there was only one candidate. The next two thirds of the vote were a landslide, it was all downhill for Hill from there. No pun intended.


Tompkins is certainly hoping the 3 holdovers will once again do Tony’s bidding and not rock the boat for him on Tuesday.

Let’s see if Nick gets one last special deal from Tony’s friends on the council.


Having attended the most recent planning commission meeting on Nick’s item (Courtland and Grand), it’s clear they are going to recommend it wholeheartedly to the city council.

I seriously doubt any mention will be made of the three audience members who spoke against the project and that ZERO audience members spoke for the project. This does not include the past meetings where folks also spoke against the project.

Given Mr. Tompkins’ track record of chasing out local grocery stores, let’s hope he doesn’t set his sights on California Fresh, Grande Foods or the co-op in SLO!

Arroyo Grande, where we cock-block the long-term local’s dollar in pursuit of the almighty National Chain Store temporary dollar . . unless it’s the oh-so-precious Village.

That’s the will of Tony Ferrara, Steve Adams, Teresa McLish, Tim Brown, Caren Ray, Karen Barneich, Joe Costello and Jim Guthrie.

Those that are left on the council need to show they are not still in lock-step with the past Hitl . . . errrr . . . Mayor.


In case you haven’t had enough whining from the big baby, check out todays New Times. Tony just can’t stop blaming everyone. Just pathetic! Tony, every time you open your big mouth it just cements the fact the voters got it right!


Tony’s rant in the daily newspaper doesn’t even require any elaboration. It clearly shows who he is and why he should never be elected to public office again. Thanks Tony.


This is worth repeating:


says: 12/01/2014 at 12:31 pm

OK, Tony is out and change will start. But everyone should take a deep breathe, allow Mr. Hill to get installed, slowly start the healing process and as items play out we will have another election where councilmembers can be replaced or impeached if the voters deem appropriate. ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY and rushing the process and creating more hatred is not the way to move forward and make change.

As for Debbie, I applaud the Council for appointing her and taking the first step of getting Adams out of City Hall and off the payroll. Debbie has been a competent employee for both SLO and Arroyo Grande. Folks that work with her have a loot of respect for her.

Addressing City employees not coming forward and faulting Adams and others, how do any of you know they didn’ come forward? How do you know if anyone lost their job because they came forward? Obviously, someone made an earlier complaint about Adams and McClish and no one (meaning Attorney or Council) did anything about it according to Councilman Brown. Why didn’t the other councilmembers speak up. Why should employees lose their jobs when Council and voters didn’t care for how many years? The voters didn’t have the courage to vote the corruption out but bloggers here think employees should sacrifice their careers and livelihood for what?

Let’s give Mr. Hill, Debbie and others a little space and time before the sharks start the sacrifice!


You’re kidding, right?

Applaud the council for getting Adams out of City Hall?

He’s still on the payroll, had he worked anywhere else

he would have been terminated The FIRST TIME

anyone learned of the relationship, which was years ago.

Why would we applaud how the council has handled this?

McClish will no doubt sue, should we thank the council for their actions that led to that?

Just how grateful should we be?

Why didn’t the council members speak up?

Was it in the best interest of AG citizens for them to keep quiet?

The former council failed the citizens under Ferrara with respect to the Adams affair.

I for one hope they do better going forward, if so, then I will applaud.


ITA with agag1.

The council members and others at AG knew what was going on…and did nothing.

They were there to witness it day after day after day…and kept silent.

Their silence has cost thousands of taxpayers untold $millions.

They need to pay for their negligence and mute malfeasance.


Yicks run for your lives kids!


Keep bouncing Tony – No one cares what you have to say any more. You screwed the pooch on that when you let your citizens down with your scandalous personal agendas. Karma Mano, Karma.


Definition for Ferrara:

megalomania [(meg-uh-loh- may -nee-uh)]

Delusions of grandeur; an extreme form of egotism. Adolf Hitler is generally considered to have been a megalomaniac

An abnormal mental state characterized by delusions of grandeur in which one believes oneself to be a person of great importance, power, fame, or wealth. Also called grandiosity.


Why, I do declare! That definition fits Ferrara like a glove!


And we must always remember…”If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”


Oh, there you go VAndrews, narcissist just didn’t adequately describe Mr. Ferrara.

Mr. Holly

Amazing! The real Tony has come out of the closet and has shown everyone who he really is.

At the same time it always amazes me how some of our local Mayor’s want to take credit for only the good things that happen in their communities and never the bad. They seem to forget that they are only 1 out of 5 on their city councils. There only extra duty is to run the meetings and be the spokes person for the city. Some, but not all, let this go to their head and they think they are the king of the city. Well a warning to them, the king has been dethroned and the voters have spoken. Hopefully the downfall of Ferrara will be a wake up call to others.


Thanks CCN .

Tony did one thing today with his media blast….

He brought the attention back on him and away from Barniech and Adams and Carmel.

No worries. We will not forget. We promise.


How CAN we forget when he keeps reminding us?

Like the CW song goes, “How can I miss you if you won’t go away?”