Pat Hedges makes a splash

January 21, 2015
Pat Hedges

Pat Hedges

Former San Luis Obispo County sheriff Pat Hedges has burst back onto the scene by crashing into a fire hydrant and knocking out power — not in pursuit of a suspect — rather by accident.

San Luis Obispo Police Captain Chris Staley identified Hedges as the man behind the wheel in an early morning collision on Sunday. Shortly after 4 a.m., Hedges crashed his white truck into a power pole next to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center that fell onto a sign.B7ok2mUCMAAPAmY

Hedges hit a fire hydrant, as well, sending water gushing skywards. PG&E and city utilities workers worked several hours to restore water and power.

A city fire department tweet indicated that 27 customers were expected to remain without power until noon Sunday. Hedges was trapped in the vehicle, but not injured, according to the fire department.

San Luis Obispo police claim no drugs or alcohol were involved in the collision. Hedges was not arrested.

Five years ago, Hedges left his sheriff’s post, leaving behind a troubled legacy. Costly settlement payouts, controversial marijuana raids and the wiretapping of his top deputy marred his time in office.


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Wonder what story he fed, errr–gave his insurance company.


Uhhhh.. I was driving along, and the fire hydrant just seemed to jump out in front of my truck.


Early morning water condensation on the road? Works for me.


What really stands out here is the non- coverage from the other media outlets. This did a lot of damage. Maybe he can bill the city for removing the tree from his trucks front grill as it impeded his driving. No Ksby coverage? No Tribune? Hmmmm. Nothing to see here folks….

Kevin Rice

TOTALLY! How many times have we seen a sheared hydrant photo on the front page because the pretty water spout is the biggest story the Telegram-Trombone can come up with to sell despoiled tree fiber.

But no story when the power is knocked out, a sign removed, and the former sheriff is involved?


Highly suggest City of AG public works for tree removal.

Special rates for former law enforcement officials.

No extra charge for after hours service.

Kevin Rice

I don’t believe alcohol was involved here. I believe the more obvious possibility: He was working as an Uber driver in order to meet drunk college girls, but couldn’t stay awake for the all night party hours.


Welcome back Pat!

Jorge Estrada

There are certainly dark clouds when you are a public figure. I’m just curious why is it just the dark clouds that are remembered and should that mean that he is automatically guilty because of the past wrong doings of others?

I don’t like to repeat rumors, so listen carefully…..