California issues 110,000 licenses to illegal immigrants

February 27, 2015

drivers licenceOver the first seven weeks of 2015, California issued 110,000 driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles. [LA Times]

Assembly Bill 60, California’s law granting immigrants who entered the country illegally the ability to receive driver’s licenses, took effect at the beginning of January. Long lines quickly formed at DMV locations across the state, including at local offices.

The DMV estimates that more than 1.5 million people will apply for the special driver’s licenses in coming years. The licenses granted to illegal immigrants are not acceptable for federal purposes, such as boarding an airplane.

California is now one of 10 states that allow undocumented immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses.

Applicants must pass both a written exam and a behind-the-wheel test in order to obtain licenses. The DMV does not track passage rates, with the exception of those for written exams.

In January, 40 percent of those who took the written test in Spanish passed. The passage rate for those who took the test in English was 51 percent. Both figures apply to all applicants, regardless of their immigration status.

The DMV has addressed the influx of applicants by opening four new offices and adding 900 employees. Lawmakers also increased the agency’s budget by $141 million.

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i still do not get granting a privilege to an illegal immigrant. Everyday it seems more and more that crime pays.

Are we now going to need a federal id because our drivers license will no longer serve as an photo id to board an airplane?

No, Your Ca. ID will work just fine for domestic flights. Why don’t you get a passport? That’s what I use.

Just a thought, why should I follow the law when the government rewards those who break our most fundamental laws. We are truly circling the drain.

Let’s see what happens to the truck driver from Arizona (who caused the train derailment in Oxnard) who did have an Arizona driver’s license, but doesn’t speak or read English. He got mixed up and drove down a railroad track. Is this because he couldn’t read some of the signs? Did he not call 911 because he didn’t speak English and mistakenly thought he would not get a Spanish speaker to take his call?

If he gets off because he didn’t speak or read English, then we are in big trouble. Cancel the bullet train, we will need the money to change all road signs to international symbols.

It will make or it has made the State a chunk of change $33 for a class c drivers license.

What worries me is the insurance you have to show proof to renew your tags once a year

what is going to stop someone from canceling their policy a month after they renew?

Several other comments have already mentioned my disgust. HOW in the heck could we administer a test in SPANISH when all our signage is in ENGLISH?? How are they going to understand when a flashing light says something? I know we visitors from out of the country and all but I just think this is a travesty and SO WRONG! And secondary to the fact that these people have BROKEN OUR LAWS and we turn around and allow them a privilege?? It’s just another “carrot” for MORE illegal immigrants to come here besides all the other benefits our idiotic politicians and liberals do-gooders keep providing. WHEN are we going to put AMERICANS FIRST?? Why aren’t OUR FAMILIES important?? I’m so over feeling sorry for the people who have abused our country.

The fact that the written test is even offered in Spanish speaks volumes of the condition of our country. We just keep lowering the bar. The upside is there’s no shortage of material for new reality shows.

Spanish and English street signs are next.



Should only be a few hundred million to change all of the signs. I think the legislature should embark on that cause right away.

Fortunately we have the same numbers.

Get ready for increases in our car insurance premiums.

Why? do you really think these people don’t drive already? What worries me is the 50% pass rate on a test that is so easy that it’s embarrassing.

You mean they would break the law and drive without a driver’s license? I thought these wonderful illegals were law abiding citizens. Now that’s an oxymoron.

Extending the privilege of driving to people who are here ILLEGALLY is wrong.

What’s one more privilege?, they already have so many more not available to those of us here legally

Do you think that these people will take a bus to their jobs or do they already drive without a license? Who picks the crops in this county? I couldn’t even DO a job that hard, could you? The solution you seem to be saying is find Americans willing to do hard physical labor for cr*p wages. OR of course, fix the immigration policies —— ha-ha-ha, fat chance on that.

Take all the welfare recipients, and unemployment collectors and tell them they now have jobs, if they want more get a better job.

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