California issues 110,000 licenses to illegal immigrants

February 27, 2015

drivers licenceOver the first seven weeks of 2015, California issued 110,000 driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles. [LA Times]

Assembly Bill 60, California’s law granting immigrants who entered the country illegally the ability to receive driver’s licenses, took effect at the beginning of January. Long lines quickly formed at DMV locations across the state, including at local offices.

The DMV estimates that more than 1.5 million people will apply for the special driver’s licenses in coming years. The licenses granted to illegal immigrants are not acceptable for federal purposes, such as boarding an airplane.

California is now one of 10 states that allow undocumented immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses.

Applicants must pass both a written exam and a behind-the-wheel test in order to obtain licenses. The DMV does not track passage rates, with the exception of those for written exams.

In January, 40 percent of those who took the written test in Spanish passed. The passage rate for those who took the test in English was 51 percent. Both figures apply to all applicants, regardless of their immigration status.

The DMV has addressed the influx of applicants by opening four new offices and adding 900 employees. Lawmakers also increased the agency’s budget by $141 million.

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Lets make it simple. Drivers test in English only. You’re old enough to get a drivers license, you’re old enough to learn how to speak English. If you can’t take the test in English, how are you supposed to navigate while driving, read your traffic tickets, understand how your car works, etc.

141 million extra for DMV to process new licenses….enough said

yep. that is a lot of money.

not to mention all the extra money from handing out tickets to legitimate drivers for cities, towns, counties and the state all under the guise of “public safety”.

Money that should be going to our Veterans, our Seniors, our Disabled,

i.e., our Legal Citizens.

Voting for any RINO or demonrat means voting for your own demise as well.

Some one must be standing at the door handing them out as I understand that there is

about a 60 % fail rate.

There happens to be a Federal law that saws one must read and understand the English

language to get a license,guess what, liberal CA doesn’t enforce that law,it seems to

pick and choose what laws to follow,I see no reason to change our signage and

rules for people that don’t want to learn the language,costing us the taxpayer millions to do so.

Does anyone know if the local DMV were handing out Voter Registration Forms to these illegal aliens?

Orange County DMV ordered their workers to offer Voter Registration Forms to “Ever One” that applied for a DL, regardless of their legal right to vote or not!

Topper, a license is not proof of citizenship here are the laws;

The Obama Democrats have an audacious scheme for winning future elections.

They just plan to import 5 million non-citizens and credential them as voters who will,

in gratitude, vote Democratic.

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The important number is; how many registered to vote after getting their shiny new license?

See my post to Topper above

Over the first seven weeks of 2015, California issued 110,000 driver’s licenses to undocumented workers…

There, fixed it for you…

Long past time this was done…

That being said, if US politicians and CEO’s want to put an end to undocumented workers crossing the border, they should probably put an end to insane trade policies and actions which make it impossible for a person in Latin America and elsewhere to raise and support their families. When you burn down a persons home and destroy their ability to make a living, don’t be surprised to find them sleeping under you porch when it is raining….

You will find that it is the illegal Aryans that post disparagingly with racist overtones.

Of course, as Niemoller observed, once the ‘undocumented’ or whatever nativist epithet that these shade-tree totalitarians use were eliminated; they would come after you, me, and anyone else not a part of their ‘clan’.

The LA Times, the origin of this story, now uses the term “immigrants” for both legal and undocumented immigrants. Because this story is only about the undocumented people, they have to explain with terms like “immigrants who are in the country without permission” and “immigrants who are in the country illegally”. The term undocumented workers is no longer being used by this newspaper, but the term immigrants by itself is not accurate. Also, the state of California did not use the term undocumented workers in their legislation. s

And if you want to end “undocumented” employment in this country, boycott the fast food chains who are the largest employers of this endlessly cheap supply of labor.

Also advocate for a “no valid SS number, no hire” policy amongst employers. You can buy a “temporary” social security card for $25 just about anywhere in this country.

You don’t see McDonalds or Taco Bell lobbying against the great Arizona wall to keep out immigrants…

Finally these workers file tax returns with ITIN numbers (begin with 9) and the US Federal and State governments have allowed this for years. Yes, they use “fake” numbers to gain employment and legal numbers to pay / file taxes.

A status quo that goes undetected for the approximate 12 millions undocumented taxpayers of which about 3.5 million reside here in CA.

More “undocumented” workers fly into this country in a commercial airline and are visa overstayers than climb a fence at our border.

I am sure there were plenty illegals driving vehicles with out a license before the State

decided to let them apply for licenses.If they disregard one law what is going to stop them

from not keeping insurance current?

You are right I am not Native American but my family adapted learned the language followed the laws and did not depend on the country for a hand out.

IMO-there are way to many legal residents of this State that struggling to get by that need

help and the government are focusing on the illegals.

You know it must be nice to be so perfect and never break any laws. Please tell me how it feels. You assume that Spanish speaking people are not trying to learn or don’t learn English and want to assimilate into this country, this is a wrong assumption. The immigrants coming here now are no different from those that came when your family came. And really, how many followed the law back then; you had Irish abusing Italians, you had Italians creating the Mafia, just to name a couple. These were all law abiding citizens? If handouts were around when your family came you really believe they would not have applied for them. How many people starved because there were no hand outs? I find it hard to believe they would not have taken advantage of them if they were around. You also assume that many are here for handouts, again wrong. Most come here for a job. I too become very frustrated when I know that my hard earned dollars go to taxes so that someone who is not from here has their college education paid for and my children have to take out loans. I don’t like this any more than most of you but hey at least they are now paying something into the system; in addition to the taxes most of them pay. I don’t believe they are focusing on the illegals because they care for them, they just see an opportunity to collect some money from them. What’s wrong with that, like you say they’re going to drive anyway, now the state will have a better understanding of how many are here and where they are.

Why not become citizens….LEGALLY? Or LEGAL citizens…it’s not rocket science.

Our federal government in its great wisdom sets quotas for how many legal immigrants can come from each different nation. The quotas for Mexico and Central American countries are so low in proportion to the number wishing to emigrate that there is (or was at one point) a waiting list of over 8 years just to be considered. If we set realistic quotas and allowed more people in legally (even subject to background checks) there would be a lot fewer illegals.

Also, are you aware that the border security has tightened under Emperor Obama’s reign and that illegal immigration has gone down? There is a lot I don’t like about him and he could have done more but in this he has done better than Bush and, to be fair, Clinton before him.

Of course border security has tightened. They added another strand of barb wire.

“Illegal immigration has gone down…” Not a mis-statement, Not a stretch of the truth. It is an out and out lie! Any border crashers that are caught and voluntarily return to Mexico and not counted as illegal aliens. Only the ones that are caught and released into our society on a “promise to appear” in court are counted are illegal entries.

Rocky you have it wrong. My daughter is a special education teacher, her entire class is has trouble with the English language. Part of her program is to visit the children’s homes once per week to try to assist the families in working with their children. She has told me repeatedly that 100% of those families have no interest in learning English or taking any special effort to modify their household to adapt to their special children. It seems to be a cultural thing. Many immigrants in the past wanted to assimilate into American culture, most of the south of the border immigrants have no intention of assimilating as they have been told repeatedly that this was once their land and therefore they do not have to assimilate. They have also been told that they have a right to all and any government handouts because there land was stolen from them. I am not trying to be crtical just point out they the latest group of immigrants are quite different from past groups and that we have to understand this issues to try and make a better society for all. They come here for a better life and I don’t blame them, but if America does not fix this problem we will drown under the weight of too many too fast. BTW they pay little into the system, a small amount of FICA and medicare taxes but little else.

To isoslo:

I don’t think I have it wrong, it just so happens that currently there is a very good documentary on PBS which gives the Italian American story, watch it, it will show that ‘no’ in spite of what most people are lead to believe, this group of immigrants did not want to assimilate. They mistrusted everyone out of their own group. It wasn’t until the school age children were horribly treated and told they could not speak their own language that things started to change. They were forced to choose between English and Italian, the American life or their parents life. They wanted to keep their traditions, only unfortunately now as back then they are judged critically for wanting this. This is not to say that there were not those who did want to assimilate however it just goes to show that in every group, including the current one, there are those who do/did not want to assimilate. You can’t judge the whole group because of the actions of a few. And yes, you are correct, this group is different from the past groups, this was originally their continent. As for paying into the system, it’s not just FICA and medicare, they contribute so much to American businesses. Why do you think big businesses have Spanish translation, they’re a business the bottom line is what’s important, they know there’s lots of money to be made from this group.

To Jorge Estrada: The article says the immigrants are already issued a special license that will not allow it to be used to board planes. I would imagine it looks different from the one you and I have; just like an underage drivers license looks different from ours. My guess, no you will not need to get a federal id to board a plane you will continue to be able to use the license you currently have.

To goblow: What makes you think people, legal or illegal, don’t already buy insurance then cancel it once they register their car. Or are you saying that only illegal immigrants are intelligent enough to figure this out?

To TiaMiaOhMy: Many of our signage is already universal and it’s not just for those who speak and read Spanish only, our country does receive tourist from other countries where Spanish is not spoken.

To all: My guess is that not all of you are Native Americans, your ancestry probably came from another country, wouldn’t it have been nice for your relatives if when they arrived they were greeted with signs they could read instead of being treated horribly like the Irish or Italians or any other culture were treated when they came.

The Irish and Italians you mentioned arrived here legally. I know the lines are somewhat blurred at this juncture, but there is a difference. To be rewarded for illegal behavior is a bad idea.

Exactly! Most all of us are taught right from wrong from birth….except our government officials.




adjective: illegal


contrary to or forbidden by law, especially criminal law.

“illegal drugs”

synonyms: unlawful, illicit, illegitimate, criminal, felonious; More

unlicensed, unauthorized, unsanctioned, warrantless;

fraudulent, corrupt;

outlawed, banned, forbidden, prohibited, proscribed, taboo;

contraband, black-market, bootleg;


informalcrooked, shady, sketchy

“illegal campaign contributions”

antonyms: lawful, legitimate


North Americanderogatory

noun: illegal; plural noun: illegals


a person present in a country without official authorization.


I agree, but ALL went thru Ellis Island. Those that arrived without documents were stamped on the back of the hand with the initials WOP (With Out Papers). They were processed and subsequently admitted into the US legally.

Rocky – you are not alone, as I once was an alien as well, legal as it were. You are the

voice of clarity and reason, plus decency! By the sounds from the “natives” beating the

drums of xenophopia, there’s only right or wrong, legal or illegal.

First – Never mind, this state, as most of the Western states used to belong to Mexico.

But we “won” that war (for once!) took it 100 plus years ago.

Second – If our manufacturers, sweat-shops, construction and home-owners

weren’t providing these jobs, none of the illegals wouldn’t be for lack of employment.

Third – they are here working in conditions none of us would tolerate, nor bend our backs

for the pittance of pay, accommodations, conditions.

Voting is best left to those who see cheating going on in every state, but can’t proof it.

Does anyone really belief Illegals would dare to vote, taking the chance to be caught,


But every election the “illegals” scare is run up the flag pole, while big money buys

congress, senators. Voter imitation is still the name of the game as is gerrymandering,

those are not problems illegals bring or fester on us. Scare-mongers do this!

Fourth – Our Social Security, taxes in general depend more and more on previous, and

this generation of illegals to have payroll taxes withheld. Yes, they do pay taxes unless

YOU pay them under the table !

Fifth – Illegals harvest, and generate our food, products, clothing, landscape, houses, etc.

Staff hospital, clean offices, do the “dirty” work. And we get our noses all out of whack

as they finally get the privilege of a drivers license…. ?

I will take all your red thumbs down as confirmation this rubs 9 out of 10 of you

“Regulars” posters the wrong way. It’s been a pleasure – keep up the good post,

Rocky and the few others who make sense in this echo-champers of right-wing


There are NO such thing as “Native Americans”. When you refer to “Native” families, what year are you choosing to use as a cut-off? 2,000 years ago? How about 5,000 years? Even the Asians that supposedly crossed the land/ice bridge did not have written permission to do so. At the time my family entered what is now the USA, there were no laws against it. Sure, there were grumbling among some of the locals from time to time, but no laws prohibiting what they did. Now we have laws (despite what the POTUS might think) that govern such activity. One thing for sure, any illegal alien is already a known Criminal.