Sex toy pops up at Santa Barbara City Council

February 11, 2015

imgresA Santa Barbara candy shop owner delivered a surprise at a council meeting on Tuesday, but he did not gift city officials with any sweets. [KEYT]

John Webby, the owner of Webby’s Candy Company, used rubber gloves to pull a sex toy out of bag and show it off to the Santa Barbara council during a public comment period. Webby said he found the device on a State Street bench across the street from his downtown shop.

The candy salesman said his customers saw the sex toy, and it embarrassed them. Webby’s plea to the city is that workers finish removing benches in the area that are frequented by homeless people.

Webby threatened to make the problem a campaign issue. Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider said the Downtown Organization and police are working on the issue, and she invited Webby to get involved.

Schneider also said that, at first, she though Webby might be threatening council members when he was pulling something out of a bag.

On New Year’s Eve 2013, the discovery of a well-concealed sex toy in San Luis Obispo drew even more attention. The bomb squad and its lead robot, Andros, came out to remove an object wrapped in black electrical tape from a San Luis Obispo street.

The object snatched by Andros turned out to be a dildo.


Scapegoating poseur who sells several brands of candy associated with illicit cocao extractive industry. Many documentaries exposed chocolate slave trade in Ivory Coast etc children eleven years old and up.Pathetic. Please buy Fair Trade certified chocolate. Or at least don’t fall for the distraction tactics of Webby Candy. None of this has anything to do w homeless and what a crass way to sell candy – waving a dildo at your mayor!!!!


I would be a bit wary about purchasing suckers from Mr. Webby’s candy store.


to blame this on homeless people is absolutely ridiculous. there is no way for anybody to know who discarded this item. I cannot believe you commenters instantly turn this into a homeless issue. Classism is the next racism and you guys are well there.

Ted Slanders


You’re absolutely correct in your synopsis. There’re many here, even my fellow Christians, that do not follow our Hebrew God’s words in respect to the poor. If anything, we should help the homeless that are in need of any sexual toys because of them being alone.

“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.” (Proverbs 19:17)

“For there will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore I command you, ‘You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land.’ (Deuteronomy 15:11)

Ted Slanders

I have to admit that this story relying upon sex was hard for my girlfriend to read and thus gave her the “vapors” in that the words “pop up,” “pulling something out,” “snatches” and “dildo” were used in a Laissez-faire way. Subsequent to her composing herself, I was thinking WWJD in this case?

Jesus would be against any sex toys because godly sex is to emphasize the feelings of spiritual and emotional intimacy, not “feel good” sex which can lose its power to really bind husband and wife together. All true Christians are aware that if they get into sex toys they will be chasing the next orgasm, rather than expressing their love towards their partners as our Hebrew God expects from us in the missionary style sex act.

Besides, sex toys can create body parts that are totally unrealistic to the actual anatomical parts of yourself and partner. Let’s face it, most men are not that big, and when wives rely upon a vibrator for organisms because their husbands go wanting in size, it can create animosity between couples, and this is barring the fact of a run on C batteries at your local Radio Shack.

Our Hebrew God is more comfortable with a simple missionary position, and we really don’t have time for “feel good sex” anyway because we’re commanded to be “fruitful and multiply” (Genesis 1:28) so we can make more Christian soldiers for our godly cause, praise!


Brother Ted ….a little word of advice:

If you have a resurrection that lasts more than four hours, see a doctor immediately !


Amazing how different your view is when you have a bench or chair of your own to sit on.This is America people.Our biggest problem isn’t homelessness or vagrancy,it’s whiney ass rich power hungry yuppy fat cats that feel a need to wield their problems with fellow americans at the people who have to solve them because they’re greedy slimey nature is so inhumane that their own souls cant let them order fellow brothers and sisters around themselves.This probably makes no sense to 95% of readers and that’s fine with me because y’all make no sense to me.I doubt anyone with a response could do so without telling me to do something or be something.There ain’t no afterlife and y’all are spending precious time on the stupidest wacked-out shit. :)


Please set the example for all and take a few of these brothers and sisters into your home to live with your family.

Don’t be surprised to find your liquor cabinet emptied, jewelery stolen, and possessions pawned within a week to support their drug habit.


That’s was deliciously irreverent and fairly accurate, I guess one could say it was rather zigalicious.


Maybe Santa Barbara needs to step up their city facility crews and have them clean the streets each evening – gathering trash and cleaning up in general. Santa Barbara can surely afford that. Removing the benches seems a bit extreme – what if someone – anyone just needs to sit down? Seems like any city could be thought of as “unwelcoming” if there isn’t a place to sit for a bit – especially after shopping and supporting their city. To the customers that saw something that made them uncomfortable – grow up. There are lots of uncomfortable things happening in this world and I would think that homelessness in general is way more uncomfortable that some sex toy laying on the bench.


Removal of benches in SLO would also help merchants who are constantly having homeless linger for extended periods of time.

Imagine a bench in front of your business with homeless parked on it all day, not exactly the kind of vibe most businesses are working for. Most are having a difficult enough time.

There has to be a better way.


The benches should stay but they need to just install those metal/wood partitions used in train stations, airports, etc. Then shoppers can sit on the benches but not sprawl out and take a nap.


Unfortunately when the benches are removed the bums just sit on the sidewalk.

San Luis Obispo has loitering laws: ” It shall be an infraction for any person to sit, lay, or remain upon any public bench for any continuous period of time in excess of one hour, or for any period of time in excess of three hours in any twenty-four-hour period; or to arrange one’s personal property on or in front of any portion of any public bench in a manner that obstructs or precludes the use of the bench by another person. (Ord. 1491 § 2, 2006)”

Enforce the law. Remove the bums!


So it all goes back to the PC Sheriff, afraid to do his job.


Send ALL the vagrants no mater their nationality to Mexico. See how Mexico likes it.


Not sure how revealing the sex toy made his point about removing benches, but I guess he got their attention.


Given the shenanigans of the Morro Bay City Council, can MB be far behind? When it comes to off-color actions and questionable ethics or contrivances, I always look to the MB “three” to be in a leadership role.