Storefront marijuana dispensary proposed for Nipomo

February 22, 2015

potA Santa Cruz woman is proposing a medical marijuana dispensary in Nipomo, not far from the Santa Barbara County line.

Stephanie Kiel is the owner of a mobile dispensary that operates out of Watsonville delivering to Monterey and San Luis Obispo counties. She is proposing a storefront dispensary at 2122 Hutton Road in Nipomo near highways 101 and 166.

Kiel estimates the Nipomo dispensary will have sales of between $3 million and $8 million a year depending on whether or not another dispensary opens in the area. She is suggesting the county adopt a 5 percent sales tax on marijuana.

During the past eight years, since the county approved an ordinance allowing medical marijuana dispensaries, the county has rejected three applications and approved none.

On Monday evening, the South County Advisory Council will discuss Kiel’s proposal. Kiel has already filed an application for the dispensary with the county.


What happened to all the earlier comments?

JB Bronson

To abigchocoholic: I think we are trying to make the same point. There are glaring issues and none seem to get sufficient concern.

I think,,,until we look at the big picture, nothing will change. There is big money in alcohol, pot, prostitution…enough that if we expect to address them invidually, the money that drives them will win out.

If we can accept that’s the way it is, then let’s start somewhere, any where, until the issues run into each other and there is visible change.

We spend too much time in this County, dealing with politicians that act like children running a lemonade stand, and the social sewage from the Bay Area and So. Cal continues to creep into this area.

Truth Hurts

Only 5%. That’s soooo great!!! How about 15% sales tax. 8 million dollars. That sure sounds like a not for profit business that cares…….. I give it 4 months before that place get robbed at gunpoint by a group of people from beautiful Santa Maria!!


JB Bronson

There are at least two houses of prostitution posing as massage parlors in Nipomo. A place to buy pot will go well with the Nipomo version of Central Coast paradise. (sarcasm).


There are at least two houses of prostitution posing as massage parlors in Nipomo.


What does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Try and focus.

There were something like 4 DUI deaths this past weekend in SB and SLO. In just one weekend! Is anybody saying anything about the liquor dispensaries?


Maybe they could open a drive through window so we could get ou pot but not have to stop in nipomo.

$3 to $5M per year prior to legalization! That’s a lot of fake prescriptions that have been written for hangnails. No wonder nobody works anymore.


To this day it still blows my mind that Ethno Botanical was not busted during the famous doobie dozen raids back in 2010. They were not any more legal than some of the other delivery services. But oh well, the civil suits against all the officers involved in those busts will be heading to trial later this summer. Putting Ex officer Cory Pierce on the stand after he is fresh out of prison should be a ball.


Good luck with that. The taboo on MJ still exists with the baby boomer generation and the baby boomer generation is the generation currently running government.

No matter how much logic or common sense you throw at them they just can’t get over their ingrained fears about a basically harmless plant, a plant that is 1/1000 as harmful as alcohol.

MJ is going to fair much better next generation–especially when legal MJ becomes cheaper than illegal MJ. Then, and only then, will we really see how ridiculous and unproductive our laws used to be.


When the pot smokers roll out of bed at noon, they will appreciate your comment.


When the pot smokers roll out of bed at noon, they will appreciate your comment.


What? Where do you people come up with this stuff? Who said anything about rolling out of bed at noon? What’s that got to do with the price of tea in China?

Hey, how about those 3-4 dead people from DUI accidents over the weekend in SB and SLO? 3-4 Dead from DUIs and how many who drove impaired on alcohol and how many non-deadly accidents were there? How many domestic violence calls this past week were fueled by alcohol? How many lives were ruined this past weekend by alcohol?

Are local federal cops raiding the alcohol dispensaries? Is anyone voting to shut down the wineries?


Not too long ago, another pot dispensary store-front was proposed to NCSD’s then board of directors.

They turned their collective nose like they’d just stepped on a rotting opossum.

Unless there has been a brain-transplant in the NCSD BOD, this won’t pass.