Paso Robles man eats poop while on trial

March 26, 2015
Andrew Gilbertson

Andrew Gilbertson

A Paso Robles man on trial for bank robbery put his hand into his pants, took out feces and ate it while testifying on Wednesday.

Andrew Gilbertson, 40, is accused of robbing the Bank of America located at Santa Rosa and Higuera streets in San Luis on July 2013. He pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

While on the stand, Gilbertson said the Virgin Mary told him to rob the bank. He then said the Virgin Mary told him to eat feces.

Judge Donald Umhofer called a recess after Gilbertson began eating poop. Later in the day, a mental health expert testified that Gilbertson hears voices in his head.

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Never underestimate the extent to which a sane criminal will go to avoid a lengthy prison sentence.

Apparently it is preferable to serve some time in ASH before the system considers you fit to stand trial and you’re sent off to prison.

I have no idea if this guy is sane or not, but he wouldn’t be the first one to try this stunt to buy a little time if he were.

I feel really happy right now that I didn’t get a jury duty notice in the mail for this trial.

The general misconception is that if a defendant is found not guilty by reason

if insanity some how they have “gotten off”. The truth is they will probably serve more time in

a state mental hospital or prison mental health unit than if they had just plead guilty

to the charge and did their time in prison. When they are found not guilty by reason of

insanity they go to a state hospital until they are found to be sane. The burden of proof

is on the defendant to prove that that he is sane. Chances are he will under go treatment

that will last a lot longer than a sentence for bank robbery.

I prefer the verdict “guilty, but insane,” but don’t think that’s an option in California.

In the spirit of Johnny Cochran (God rest his soul), “If you eat your shit, they must acquit!”

I wanna see a pic of his “s**t-eating grin”.

Dude looks like he is pinching a loaf in that mugshot.

If he robbed a bank back in July ’13, has he been in custody the whole time?

If so, wouldn’t he already have been evaluated for mental health issues?

Sounds like his defense attorney got desperate and told him to

1) squint for his mugshot and 2) eat some poop.

You might be surprised to discover that even in a regular hospital setting where the patient showed obvious signs of a mental disorder—that the request for a psych consult went totally unaddressed. So then, you think inmates are going to get a better shot at it? Nope: not at all.

It is likely that this man may only get treated for his issues if he 1. Goes to ASH or 2. Ends up at a prison that is treatment based. I always try to have compassion. Being in the field of mental health means that we hear things the public does not know. Take a child-and never give them hugs, tell them they are scum, sodomize them, etc.-and this is the result.

so what is the next step?

how could this question get a thumbs down?

Happens all the time, it’s not the question, it’s you.