Cal Poly warned about Saint Fratty’s Day party

April 5, 2015

A Cal Poly fraternity president warned university administrators of the “St. Fratty’s Day” events to be held the morning of March 7, but university officials did not investigate the warning. [Tribune]

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On March 3, four day before eight students were injured when a garage they were standing on collapsed, the fraternity president alerted Cal Poly officials via an email. The concerned student also warned the members of his fraternity not to take part in the party.

“Here is a message we have sent to our chapter warning them about St. Fratty’s Day,” the person wrote to Kathryn O’Hagan, university coordinator of fraternity and sorority life. “We hope that we have clearly shown that we have no part in the St. Fratty’s Day activities and would not like to be held responsible.”

O’Hagan passed the email along to the student affairs office. Both the Cal Poly and San Luis Obispo police were also tinformed that there were rumors of a planned St. Fratty Day party.

“I don’t know that I have warned them that we will definitely launch an investigation, but it’s better to be safe than sorry,” O’Hagan wrote.

Nevertheless, the San Luis Obispo Police Department staffed fewer than the usual number of officers on the morning of March 7, because the rumors had alluded to the parties being at night, Chief Steve Gesell told the Tribune.


Hey, hey! Chief Steve Gesell was actually in town long enough to do something he’s being over-paid for? Maybe he was just treating the family to another tax-payer funded dinner?

The best minds at the best prices. Who doesn’t chuckle saying that and thinking of SLO?


The emails show that when a fraternity tried to warn the university of an impending party situation, two university officials shined it on and later laughingly accused the student leader of the IFC of making up stories. Ha, ha, ha. They obviously have no respect for students–or maybe just no respect for fraternity students. I’d like to see the email they sent to the University Police. Did they forward the student’s email warning or just say they “heard rumors about some parties”.

Either way, it seems that the two university officials (O’Hagan and Mockford) are not interested in working WITH the fraternities or the police in curtailing the large SLO parties and should be transferred out of Student Affairs to other positions. Chief Gesell is not off the hook because he was also warned by the university police of party rumors. He should have been proactive with a plan in case a large party developed, and his officers should have warned the students on the roof that they were in danger and asked them to get down. Gesell’s excuse that no one told him the party would be in the morning (instead of at night) is no excuse.

Read the entire story in the Tribune for more information.

Rich in MB

Folks….the University IS part of the problem here and anyone who thinks they are not is a fool.

The entire collage culture of partying is not just from the students, but is backed up by the administration.


I think i finally found Waldo in that picture

Rich in MB

Hey…did I just see Mayor Marx in the photo?

JB Bronson

There’s an apparent element of Cal Poly student, that is increasing, that seems destined to flirt with tradegy as part of their naive identity.

And you kids are preparing to enter the real world job market?!!!!!!! Not for me.

Rich in MB

It’s not just Cal Poly kids that like to Flirt with tragedy…Just look at the California Voters and who they elect!

Monkey See and Monkey Do…


elected? feel the love!