Atascadero woman killed in crash, 5 others injured

June 26, 2015

CHP@A 19-year-old Atascadero woman died in a car crash on Highway 46 Thursday night that left an additional five people, including two babies, in the hospital. [Tribune]

The crash occurred near Templeton at the intersection of Highway 46 West and Vineyard Drive. The Atascadero woman, whose name has not been released, was driving a 2015 Nissan Sentra northbound on Vineyard Drive, and she did not stop at the intersection with Highway 46.

A 1994 Ford Ranger that was traveling 55 mph eastbound on Highway 46 collided with the Nissan. The driver of the Ford tried to stop to avoid the crash, but did not succeed in doing so.

A 20-year-old Cambria woman, Mariana Zaragoza, was also in the Nissan at the time of the crash. Zaragoza was moderately injured.

Four Merced residents were traveling in the Ranger. The driver, 21-year-old Cesar Saldana, suffered major injuries.

Mistyca Oliva, 19, suffered moderate injuries. One-year-old Cesar Saldana and 3-month-old Yaretzi Saldana both sustained minor injuries.

Neither drugs, nor alcohol are suspected as factors in the crash.

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I heard that the victim is a 19 year old local caucasian girl who recently lost her mother a few weeks ago from people who seem to know these things. 19 year olds have a tendency to “look but not see”.

I am truly sorry to all involved. If this family with infant/toddler needs car seats, there ARE community resources. The CHP has/had some, ALPHA had/has some, and the Health Promotion Program through SLO County has some for free; they only ask the parents watch a video and the can get help with having seats installed.

Life is so precious. Sometimes accidents are just accidents. Hasn’t anyone ever made a driving error? Accidentally cut someone off? Accidentally tried to move over and someone was in your blind spot but you caught it before an accident? I know I have. I was just lucky to not have an accident, and am still here to be commenting on Calcoastnews. Aren’t you all just lucky? I feel lucky.

That is NOT a dangerous intersection. The visibility is good in all directions. There is a very visible stop sign that the young lady didn’t stop for. What makes you think she would have stopped for a light? You put a light there and just watch the crashed cars pile up. A traffic light there is the worst thing you could do. High speed through highway with NO OTHER LIGHTS for 20+ miles…yeah, go ahead and put one there. Traffic isn’t nearly heavy enough to justify a signal, even if it WAS a good spot for it.

I thought that rather dangerous intersection was due for a traffic signal at least 10 years ago. It’s a tricky spot (visually) and in the heart of wine tasting and driving country.

Kiler, kayaknut, and pasoparent, you are making fools of yourselves. The Hispanics did not cause the crash. Also, you don’t need to read a stop sign to know it means stop. Red is the universal language for stop. I long for the day when people will actually pay attention to what they are responding to.

I long for the day when people stop being so darn serious and have a sense of humor, but for now that seems to be gone as long as we are so PC that it hurts

If you were just making a general wisecrack, I digress. However, it appeared that you were, in essence, agreeing with kiler’s post by continuing on the erroneous assumption that somehow Hispanic’s not being able to read stop signs caused the collision. In another context, I might have agreed wholeheartedly with your post.

The Hispanics did not cause the crash.


Wanna bet?

“The Atascadero woman, whose name has not been released, was driving a 2015 Nissan Sentra. A 20-year-old Cambria woman, Mariana Zaragoza, was also in the Nissan at the time of the crash.”

Read the article. The residents of Merced who were named in the report DID NOT CAUSE the accident. The driver who DID cause the accident has not been named. You need to get a grip. So what if the errant driver’s passenger had a Hispanic name?

Because they are probably illegals and can’t read the signs.

We could just solve the problem then by replacing all road signs with ones in Spanish, that should fix it right. English is such a tough language to learn anyway.

The way things are going here in the former Golden State, your suggestion (sarcastic as it may be) just may occur.

Within 10 years or so, we may approach an ALTO sign as we come to a stop at various intersections.

Play the fear card why don’t you.

Kiler, for all those who may cry “racist!” about your post, another news site says “language was a barrier” after the crash when first responders were trying to administer help.

So like it or not, it’s a very real possibility that the driver–illegal, legal, who knows–DID have difficulty reading signs. AND it would be interesting to know if she even has a driver’s license.

Just because “language was a barrier” does not make a racist comment ok, that is a rationalisation on your part.

Rational people can see the haters.

Another factor to consider is even more idiotic. I drive on 46 quite often. When it’s dark one can see oncoming cars (providing they have their headlights on) from quite a distance away since the traffic is mostly very light.

So – even if this 19year old could not read the sign, how could she not have seen oncoming lights?

Is this now another racist observation?

You are not very bright, are you? The Hispanics didn’t cause the crash. read the article, IF you can read. Really? There s a sign there that says “Be careful for that vehicle on that is not going to stop at the stop sign”?

A young person has lost her life and babies were injured in this unfortunate accident.

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.. as reflected in your comment.

wow, how sad and easily avoidable.

How the hell do you approach a highway from a side road and not stop?

How? The same way you rationalize DUI or text while driving — total self-absorption and unwillingness to play by the rules of the road or common sense and decency.

By making that post on fb via smartphone while driving.