Cal Poly president may get pay raise

July 20, 2015
President Jeffrey Armstrong

President Jeffrey Armstrong

Cal State University trustees are considering a new pay agreement that would boost Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong’s salary, which already exceeds $350,000. [Press Telegram]

On Tuesday, Cal State trustees will decide whether to grant 2 percent raises to campus presidents and other executives in the CSU system. Chancellor Timothy White, who would receive a 2 percent raise, is recommending that the board of trustees approve the pay increases.

Armstrong is the highest paid university president in the CSU system, according to Transparent California, a database of public employee salaries and benefits. Armstrong is the third highest paid employee in the entire Cal State system.

In 2014, Armstrong received a salary of just above $360,000, according to Transparent California. The Cal Poly foundation pays a small portion of his salary.

Armstrong’s total compensation in 2014 was just under $460,000. In 2014-2015, CSU executives received a 3 percent raise.

In May, Cal Poly faculty members protested the discrepancy in pay between university administrators and professors. The Cal Poly faculty union said university spending on administrators increased by 43 percent between 2010 and 2014.

At the protest, the union delivered a letter to Armstrong calling for any future pay hikes for administrators to trigger matching increases for faculty members.

In response, Armstrong said $2.5 million were set aside for pay increases over the next four years. But, Armstrong said the funds would not cover raises for every faculty group each year, and the university would begin by giving pay increases to the staff members who need them the most.

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Well it happened. The Board signed the documents for a pay raise for all the CSU Presidents

I am appalled by this news.

Oh no! No risk jobs should not be paid high salaries. So unfortunate in these times when costs are going up for students. don’t increase the President’s salary, reduce costs to students!

I don’t think any State employee should be paid more than the Governor! Time to ratchet his wages back rapidly. With the gravey he’s getting, he won’t go away! Stop this increasing spiral!

He needs a raise as much as the students need their parking permit fees raised…again.


Armstrong is in this for the short haul. He wants to get 7 or 8 buildings built and a couple hundred million in donations in a short period of time so he can take his “impressive” resume to get his next job at a big university making closer to a million a year. He will take his buddy Thulin with him as Provost, and they’ll live the high life in the big leagues, leaving behind a mess at Cal Poly to be cleaned up by someone else. They already think they’re jet-setters, flying around in the private jet of one of the biggest corporate welfare recipients in the country – Boswell farms. Boswell gets a nice tax write off for the “donation” and Armstrong gets to experience a taste of the good life in store for him at his next gig.

…..and the graduates will still be looking for work, any kind of work. They’d be in the same situation if I was Cal Poly Pres; however I’d work for a lot less and get the same amount done

Nobody is worth that kind of money for what he does. The Provost runs the school day to day.

What does she get paid?

Why not! Everyone else in government is getting a pay raise so that our quality of life can decrease to support them.

Oh yes, the normal reasoning behind all of this, they work real hard and we might lose them if they go somewhere else. BS! We are all expendable and the world will go on without missing a tick of time.