Cal Poly president may get pay raise

July 20, 2015
President Jeffrey Armstrong

President Jeffrey Armstrong

Cal State University trustees are considering a new pay agreement that would boost Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong’s salary, which already exceeds $350,000. [Press Telegram]

On Tuesday, Cal State trustees will decide whether to grant 2 percent raises to campus presidents and other executives in the CSU system. Chancellor Timothy White, who would receive a 2 percent raise, is recommending that the board of trustees approve the pay increases.

Armstrong is the highest paid university president in the CSU system, according to Transparent California, a database of public employee salaries and benefits. Armstrong is the third highest paid employee in the entire Cal State system.

In 2014, Armstrong received a salary of just above $360,000, according to Transparent California. The Cal Poly foundation pays a small portion of his salary.

Armstrong’s total compensation in 2014 was just under $460,000. In 2014-2015, CSU executives received a 3 percent raise.

In May, Cal Poly faculty members protested the discrepancy in pay between university administrators and professors. The Cal Poly faculty union said university spending on administrators increased by 43 percent between 2010 and 2014.

At the protest, the union delivered a letter to Armstrong calling for any future pay hikes for administrators to trigger matching increases for faculty members.

In response, Armstrong said $2.5 million were set aside for pay increases over the next four years. But, Armstrong said the funds would not cover raises for every faculty group each year, and the university would begin by giving pay increases to the staff members who need them the most.

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And this is the reason I no longer give a penny to any charity associated with Cal Poly!

or Cuesta…

Add him to the list of waaaaaaaaay overpaid, useless, public employees:

1. Larry Allen

2. Paavo Ogren

3. Jeffrey Armstrong

4. Tie. ALL city managers.

So now I read that part of his salary is funded through the Foundation? I thought the Foundation was to benefit from unsavory practices not allow within a CSU Franchise? So if the two are linked by the President’s payroll, why not fund the teachers too? Something is reading to be legal but unethical.

Talk about elitist’s greed! He gets the outrageous salary, plus benefits: 1) premium health insurance, 2) premium retirement pension, 3) matching defer comp funds, 4) personal use car, 5)beautiful house on campus with all maintenance and upgrades, 6) fulltime gardener/maintence personnel, 7) housekeeper, 8)caters for entertainment, 8) free access to all campus events (sports, performing arts, etc.), and no doubt free invitations to most social events in this County as do most County officials (mayors, councils, administrators, supervisors, etc.). Yea, give him a raise but I am not sure 2% in enough!

Wait just a minute. This guy is a government employee. You are only supposed to hate on private sector people that make lots of money according to the 99%er playbook.

The ridiculous administrative salaries for academic politicians are out of hand. This guy gets more than Obama. Now tell me, do the complexities and demands of his job running a second rate university in any way approach those of running the greatest, richest, most complicated nation on earth? Where are our priorities?

Stephen Alford – the basketball coach at UCLA was the highest paid CA state employee in 2013 at $2.64M. That’s where our priorities are.

Of course, unlike most government departments, his is actually profitable.

What if one is doing a great job running a “second rate” university and a lousy job running the “greatest, richest, most complicated nation on earth”?

Not bad for guy who has had to explain away the behavior of the sororities and fraternities, athletes involved in crime, binge drinking, date rape, vandalism, trespassing, pub crawls, etc. Not bad at all.


Of course he should get a raise! Who could ever survive on a paltry $460,000 a year in San Luis Obispo? That is only $1260 a day! And he has a lot of expenses that aren’t covered either like, um, well let me see now, health insurance? No. Retirement? No. Housing? No. Well there must be something he has to pay for out of that money…

Definitely worth every penny. All government employees should get at least 10% raises per year. They are so valuable to society at all levels.

achillesheal You need to use the sarcastic font as some of the dimmer ones here don’t get it.

Well, that proved out as the habitually dimmer ones gave a “thumbs down” LOL

my sarcastic font is anything I type.