Report sex offender on Craigslist, win cash prize

July 20, 2015

Robert RoeThe San Luis Obispo Police Department and SLO County nonprofit Crime Stoppers have issued a cash reward to a tipster who reported a Craigslist post containing a photograph of a man’s genitalia and a message soliciting “young girls” for sexual acts.

The tip led to the arrest and conviction of 55-year-old Robert George Roe, a registered sex offender in Arizona. A SLOPD press release announcing the cash reward does not state how much money the tipster received.

In March, police found Roe naked in a hotel room where he was waiting for a 16-year-old girl to arrive. A detective posing as a teenage girl arranged the meeting.

Shortly after Roe’s arrest, he pleaded no contest to a single felony charge of arranging a meeting with a minor for lewd purposes. Roe faced a second felony charge and a possible prison sentence prior to accepting the plea agreement.

Roe received a six month jail sentence and is currently in county custody. In 1987, he was convicted of molesting a minor in Arizona.

Tipsters who make reports to Crime Stoppers that lead to arrests and convictions are eligible to receive rewards of up to $1,000, according to the SLOPD news release.

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In a simple search on Megan’s Law there are 2 registered sex offenders living at 1955 Theatre Drive Paso Robles which is the River Lodge Motel. RTA Transit in all it’s wisdom has a bus stop at the entrance of the River Lodge Motel. This is on Theatre Drive as it curves around Chile’s restaurant. The bus stop is not visible from The Chlie’s restaurant windows, and barely visible from the OSH parking lot. For my daughter who is a Cuesta College student, it is where she needs to take a bus Northbound to Cuesta College North County Campus.The bus stop is close enough for her to walk to from home. Last year she was able to catch the same bus in front of Quizno’s in the Target parking Lot. She now would have to wait within a few dozen feet from the River Lodge Motel. There is no bench, and very limited traffic passing as most of the cars in that area are going into the OSH/Target /Petco parking lot and do not go on Theatre Drive where it curves around. It would take literally seconds for a man to grab her and pull her into a room. I will not let her use that bus stop and now must make elaborate and costly arrangements for her to get to her classes at Cuesta. She is a High School student taking classes at Cuesta and not old enough to drive. I have made multiple complaints to RTA, and have had absolutely no help or response from them. As I go up the chain of command NO ONE returns my calls. I was told that the bus they now use is too big to pick up anywhere in the Target parking lot THEN GET A SMALLER BUS LIKE YOU HAD LAST YEAR!!!!!. This Motel has been a well known residential motel for numerous sex offenders. There have been up to 5 sex offenders living there at one time. RTA WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? ARE YOUR PLANNERS STUPID or do they JUST NOT CARE?

Nothing personaly Lilylu but why are you sending a teenager off on a city bus to begin with? That’s the craziest thing I’ve heard of on here in awhile and I thought you were kidding until I started reading your rant.

The second craziest thing is YOU blaming RTA because you don’t like where they’ve put a bus stop. You said they should buy a smaller bus for you. Really?

I’m going to venture a guess that your little daughter pays nothing for tuition and that’s fine but, you’ve got all the earmarks of the entitlement type where everyone owes you something and your simple complaint causes entire systems to suddenly change.

Try going with what ya got for a change. Arrange for you or a friend to sit with her until the bus arrives if you MUST ship her off on a city bus then have her call when she gets her butt in the seat at school.

Although I concur with most of your points, I did want to say that there is nothing wrong with sending a teenager on the public transit system. Many minors ride the bus unsupervised. In fact, the bus system is free in the summer for kids under the age of 18. I rode the public transit when I was in junior high, and my son does the same.

Stunned…You obviously did not read my post. My point if you had read it is that last year they had a bus that they used to pick up in the Target parking lot. I did not ask anyone to buy a bus! They already have smaller buses that picked up by Quizno’s. Why the change? RTA has promoted their free bus passes for students during the summer and many teenagers take advantage of the free transportation. What is so crazy about a teenager taking the bus? Not all teenagers have full time drivers at their beck and call to drive them to their events. And I did say she will not be taking the bus from that bus stop. And yes I do have a right to complain about where bus stops are put. Does anybody seriously think it is a good idea to put a bus stop near the residences of sex offenders in a spot the is mostly hidden from public view? And how can she sit with a friend when there is no bench? As I said I have dealt with the matter once again on my own. and she gets to school safely. What gets me is as usual my tax dollars go to services that are poorly planned and wasted for those who need it. So they build a bus stop that any body with brains will never use.

I guess he’s never watched Dateline.

Do I get a reward if I report the girls looking for sugar daddies and the other women that are just selling themselves outright on CL?

Or are they just “victims” ??

Thank you for your information. This is a subject no one wants to think about, but we must force ourselves!

I am well-versed in Megan’s List. I like to stay keen on where these predator’s are and what their gig is. I even attend Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings incognito to find out if they are doing inner circle behavior (cruising parks or schools, putting up online ads, etc.). Why? (No–not a sick hobby)….because then I can inform my therapy clients who have children who must walk home alone and be home alone what is living near them and inform them of their risk. Pedophiles groom the victim, the parents—and the community. Learn what that looks like! Prevention is ALWAYS best.

Also: pull up Megan’s List. Look at their Static 99R-Risk Score (scan down on their profile on that site). They don’t have the score on their page and they live near you? Call the police department and find out why! Be proactive. If they do have a score, learn what that means. Here is what that score means:

In the end, however, when all is said and done—there are still outsiders who slip in under the radar. People want to “not ruin the innocence” of their children—but you need to make your child “uber-predator savvy”. Level with your teen—explain to them about pedophilia and explain that there are men HUNTING FOR YOUNG TEENS AND CHILDREN FOR SEX ONLINE. If you don’t “ruin their innocence”, it is guaranteed you will NOT like how the pedophile on the prowl ruins it!!! A candid talk that is unbiased is SO much better than the trauma of molestation.

Very good, useful information.

Thank you.

Hmmmm…. you sure sound like an expert and responsible citizen. But wait! I call BS! Allow me….

Versed in Megan’s List? What does that mean? That you can operate a computer mouse and perform the simplest of searches on the internet? Read brief summaries of exceedingly voluminous and complex legal statutes? Okay. But that you think knowing where someone sleeps at night and collects their mail – THAT tells you where people ARE and what they are up to? Laughable.

Infiltrating a self-help group (need I point out that an addiction has not necessarily anything to do with criminal behavior)? For reals? To do what? Spy on people with issues who are seriously trying to get help? That may be legal but I can only hope that the group counselors are reading this, identify you and kick your butt out so fast your head will spin.

So you know all about the Static 99R-Risk Score. Whoop-dee-doo. If someone does not have one displayed you call up and complain? They must just love you at the local cop shop. Knowing as much as you do about these things you surely are aware that the Static 99R-Risk Score is NOT applicable to offenders living offense free in the community for 10 years or more. Given the fact that the CA Sex Offender Registry dates back to the mid 1940s, I would imagine that includes tens of thousands of these people. Perhaps with that knowledge you can stop wasting the police’s time about this non-issue and let them concentrate on actually fighting crime.

Which leads to another question, Mr. Megan’s Law. Like the Static-99 field, almost all of the profiles leave blank the field that displays the last year of conviction and the last year of release. In DIRECT violation of California State Law (PC 290.46). How come you are not interested in THAT? The oldest dates I could find (randomly clicking on old people) was a conviction in 1951 and a release date in 1952. Meaning this person spent less than 2 years incarcerated during the Eisenhower administration. No other felony convictions since. And THAT is the kind of person you are so afraid of?

You might want to (perhaps instead of spending your time on the phone) peruse the recent reports from the CA Sex Offender Mgmt Board (the official CA Agency tasked with this issue). You will learn that 19 out of 20 sexual offenses are committed by someone NOT on this list. That, of those, over 90% of them are committed by those known and trusted, the overwhelming majority being family members. That the overwhelming majority occur in the offender’s or victim’s home (very often the same residence). So while you spend your time obsessing over this internet photo gallery, the person who might abuse your child has a 95% chance of already being in your family photo album, school yearbook or church directory.

Another gem from the same report (on the CASOMB web site) is the statistical finding that a former offender who has been offense free for sth like 17 years has the SAME probability (statistically) to commit a sex offense as a person with a general criminal conviction. That would be 1 in 4 American Adults, who present the SAME danger as many of these people, as a whole.

The only thing worth reading is “A candid talk that is unbiased is SO much better than the trauma of molestation”. The rest of your comment just shows that you are well-versed in sex offender hysteria and possess limited reasoning skills. In closing I would be remiss in pointing out that pedophilia and teenagers are for the most part mutually exclusive (since, per the DSM-V pedophilia is an attraction – not a criminal offense – to pre-pubescent children). But it fits your shrill rhetoric quite well.

As far as this case goes – 16 year olds can have sex with ANYONE they please in half the states in this country and all civilized countries in this world. A felony charge for meeting such a person – who is mature enough to operate a motor vehicle, hold legal employment, get married and prosecuted and sentenced as an adult? Laughable.


Legally in the United States sixteen year olds cannot have sex with “anyone” they please because of certain age differentials for each state. Legally in Arkansas and South Carolina they take the age of consent down to fourteen, but with a four year upside differential.

Yep, I operated a computer with it’s air mouse and performed the simplest of searches on the internet to glean the information above.

In half the states in this country, sure they can. This very situation, at Harrahs Lake Tahoe (Nevada) this very sort of thing is a good time. 0.2 miles (3 minute walk) across the State Line at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel (California) this very sort of thing is a felony. THAT is ludicrous.


Key word: LEGALLY, and with age differential as stated in the link.

There are no “group counselors” in Sex Addicts anonymous to “throw me out”, which reveals your limited knowledge on 12-step programs.

You need to see a mandated reporting scale for therapists (we need not report a 13 year old having sex with another 13 year old—but we MUST file a report if a 13 year old is having sex with a 14 year old [and that link is posted below]). So much for your statement “As far as this case goes – 16 year olds can have sex with ANYONE they please in half the states in this country and all civilized countries in this world”. Here is the mandated scale:

There are so many other errors in your post—that it is not even worth very little time. Your largest error is what we call “mind reading”, where you assume my emotional state. It seems are an uninformed and uneducated person that is very bitter about this fact, but I think it is more likely you are an actual offender.

You aren’t welcome in 12-step groups indigo1955 unless its a meeting which indicates those who don’t struggle may also attend. About the only way you’re still able to go is because you’ve created an alter ego and have a “story” that makes the others think you’re one of them.

Either you don’t really attend sex addict meetings (which I don’t btw) or its the second choice.

I know precious little about any ‘Anonymous Whatever’ or 12-Step program, since I am not an addict of any sort. I just think you are a creep for going to any one of them for any reason other than getting serious help for whatever it is designed for. Yes, a creep, who deserves to be exposed and kicked out. So there.

Please address the numerous factual errors in my post. On the factual side, mind you. Not sure what the document you link to says but I can tell you that the California Penal Code makes it a crime for ANY person under 18 to engage in sexual behavior. Even if the other person is a minor themselves (that would make most of our young people sex offenders, but I guess it is not a crime unless you get caught). Read the CA Penal Code and get back to me.

In my history of speaking up about this issue it never fails that someone, absent a real argument, will resort to “you must be an offender yourself”. Rest assured I am far from it – middle age female / mother without any criminal record whatsoever. I am just tired of your sort – who ultimately do a disservice to child safety while you are so pleased with your shrill rhetoric not based on facts or research. I. am. tired. of. people. like. you.

That said, I have been wrong before and I may be wrong here, and I can be convinced. I assume nothing about your emotional state and I would appreciate you not assuming anything about my education, which, incidentally, is quite advanced. Please proved facts and research and statistics to support your position. But not empty rhetoric and baseless assumptions.

“Roe received a six month jail sentence and is currently in county custody.”

WTF?!?! He posted the ad while he was in jail??? No more computer privileges or camera for you, pervert.

I guess those thumbs down are from people who are against restricting Roe’s first amendment rights.

Mr. Roe was arrested because:

a) He wanted to get caught;

b) He is exceptionally stupid; or

c) All of the above

{LOUD BUZZER} No. None of the above. They are so caught up in their sexual addiction–fantasy overwhelms their subjective sense of reality.

That’s $1,000 well spent!