Motorcyclist killed in Templeton crash

July 16, 2015

CHP@An Arizona man died Thursday morning after being ejected from a motorcycle that collided with a semi-truck on Highway 46 near Vineyard Drive in Templeton.

Shortly after 10 a.m., the semi-truck, which was headed west on Highway 46, slowed to about 5 to 10 mph in order to make left turn on Vineyard Drive, according to a California Highway Patrol accident report. At the same time, three motorcyclist riding together in a strait line passed two vehicles that were traveling behind the semi-truck.

After passing the other cars, all three motorcyclists made hard brake applications to avoid crashing into the truck.

The first two bikers made it to the right shoulder while the third motorcyclist crashed into the back of the semi-truck and was ejected from his bike. The stray bike spun and crashed into the first biker ejecting him from his bike.

The third motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene and the first biker was transported to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center where he is being treated for major injuries.


This driver was also one who was arrested earlier last year for DUI and evading in AZ. (I messaged Black Canyon Bullet news to confirm)

Poor choices and motorcycles were his hobby


Don’t blame the road. Drivers must be aware and drive safely for the conditions. Given that this was a semi followed by two cars it would be visible, except for a curve or crest in the road, in which case passing is unsafe. I’m guessing the cars didn’t pass for that very reason. 46 West is not particularly busy nor unsafe. I drive it all the time. It is a very nice drive. Beats the pants off the The Grade or Shell Beach Straights during rush hour.


There are a lot of accidents. There are cars, trucks, motorcycles and everything in between.

Our society is in a constant state of frenzy.

The automobile and its cousins have pushed for our world father than we can even acknowledge.

Yet in this day and age, I believe, we cannot control what we invented.

I too, love driving and all things wheels. But we must find another way. Another way in which the average human, citizen or not, does not control the velocity of have piece of metal that is so often – lethal.


self driving cars are going to be here before you know it, self driving motorcycles will take a bit longer, data sharing among vehicles could help prevent this type of collision


Boy a lot of bad accidents seem to be happening on that road lately. I was recently up on 46W last weekend and the traffic is definitely heavier. Lots of tourists visiting wineries or just taking a scenic drive to the coast. Yes, the sun is impossible sometimes – I agree. Everyone is seemingly in a hurry everywhere they go, so the speeding motorists on 46W seems to be worse also. I noted a highway patrol sitting on the rural part of Vineyard this time. That’s a first in all the years I’ve driven up there.

It seems like a basic driving skill to me when you are on an unfamiliar stretch of road, you might pause and observe rather than pass when a truck is slowing to turn left – with presumably his turn signal on (let’s hope so anyway). It was a horrible judgment call that cost a life.


Besides the many bicyclists who ride side-by-side and cause many near misses with cars, fast and reckless motorcyclists are just as bad.

In Paso and northern SLO county there seem to be a LOT of these guys–locals and tourists–who speed on two lane rural roads, pass cars in no passing zones and risk their lives and the lives of others by riding their motorcycles like total jackasses.


Yeah, and I suppose the intersection is dangerous and needs a traffic light.


Yea I’m hearing people say it is unsafe. I have been through that intersection more times than I can count in the last 35 years. The line of sight is good in all directions. It is not the intersection but the drivers that are the problem.


Incompetence is responsible for almost 90% of accidents. Sorry for the loss of life, but untill something is done about the woeful lack of driver training the carnage will just continue. I’m a very high mileage biker and I am just appalled at the lack of skill displayed by a majority of fellow bikers.


I have seen a many-fold increase in motorcycle crashes since 2007. Economical downturn, increased gas prices, all = dramatic increase in inexperienced riders on the highways.


I’m going to get flamed for this, but it isn’t the people looking for gas savings, it’s the wanna be Harley gang. Worst riders I’ve ever met. Harley’s are extremely heavy and the bike of choice for people with disposable income and no desire to acquire skills over image. I have met many that didn’t even know that to steer their bike at speed you have to turn the bars away from the way you want to turn (Thats right its called counter steering) It’s no mystery to me and most high mileage and skilled riders why bikers slam on the brakes and run straight into an obstacle. usually with the rear wheel locked up. Again, condolences to the family of the deceased.


There is a saying amongst us very high mileage bikers (500k or more)

every accident is the bikers fault


That’s not to say I haven’t met stupid idiots with high powered race bikes riding way beyond their abilities. but they usually just take themselves out.


I haven’t ridden in a number of years but your post made me remember that I could always tell the non-skilled riders by how they steered the bike-leaning all the time rather than using the counter-steering method which is correct. (Leaning has its place, just not at a principal means of steering the bike.)


I’ve been through this intersections a couple of times myself…it’s bad. Sure people are bad too…especially after a couple of tastings. The sun can be impossible at times and the distances and speeds can be hard to judge there for some reason. I’ve seen weird stuff there numerous times…two fatalities in two months is too much.


One before this was after dark I think? This was almost 11 in morning so sun was high. Sorry but bad driving.


But if you put a light there, people will clamor for other lights in about 5 other places on that stretch of 46.

The tragedy is that the motorcycles didn’t SLOW DOWN and they passed cars near to an intersection.