Senators say California must dump Donald Trump

July 10, 2015
Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Ten state senators all calling on state-run enterprises, private businesses and individuals in California to stop investing money with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, whom they accuse of racism and hate speech.

On Wednesday, Sen. Isadore Hall, D-Compton, along with nine colleagues, introduced Senate Resolution 39, which calls for divestment from Trump, The Trump Organization and affiliates. It likewise condemns U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, also a Republican presidential candidate, for defending Trump’s remarks.

The resolution quotes Trump from remarks he made at a presidential campaign event last month.

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists,” Trump said.

Trump went on to say, “And some, I assume, are good people.” The resolution omits that sentence, though.

“Presidential candidates including Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have unfairly demonized and falsely blamed undocumented immigrant families for a range of problems and challenges facing the United States,” the resolution states.

If adopted, the resolution will not compel anyone by law to divest from Trump’s holdings.

Hall told the Sacramento Bee that he is in discussions with the state’s public retirement systems. If they have any holdings in Trump enterprises, he will introduce a divestment bill, Hall said.

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Jorge Estrada

Two things I have learned about Mexican Nationals. One, most want to stay in Mexico and two, if they come here it is because there is something here that Mexico does not provide them. That is a simple fact and hate comes from within not from the truth.


You really need to look for a more balanced source


How would one ‘balance’ correct and reason vs. buffoonery and/or propaganda ?

I don’t deal in false dichotomies.


So, how does one ‘balance’ when dealing with sociopaths ?

Check out the movie “Michael Clayton” with Tilda Swinton as corporate killer Karen Crowder for a definition of ‘balance’.

‘Balance’ is the objective of the willing slave and coward.


The reason for “dumping Trump” is his political philosophy……he has none.

Trump’s likability is his innate ability to project charm, whether one agrees with what he’s

actually doing or not. Whether he is actually doing anything or not.

I have seen what happens with politicians when they run for for office on a staunchly

partisan basis. They always run up against the wall of reality. Politics, as in life, has

its checks and balances.

This is something Trump does not get.


the man who tells the truth gets chased away from nine villages by the time he gets to the tenth village the people there have it on their cell phones.


“If you want to tell the truth, make it funny. Otherwise, they will kill you. ” – Oscar Wilde.

This TRUMPhalism is funny ! The morons would applaud an elephant taking a dump, and praise it as high art !


Naw …he’s just a shameless self-promoter that knows he could blather hot nothings while hawking plastic corn-dogs, and the echo-chamber would still cover everything he said and did.


Wow, in the middle of the worst drought ever, severe government debt issues, health care crises, unemployment and underemployment problems, overpopulation, rampant meth and heroin addiction, numerous environmental problems, a declining manufacturing base, a looming student debt crises, and how many other serious problems, this is what concerns these politicians? The partisan blame game is alive and well. If this law passes the CA government will spend millions dealing with this non issue, all so we can punish a man with more money than god, and not one CA citizens’ life will be improved. What a complete waste of time and resources! Be please re-elect these morons because they really showed Trump that we will not sit idly by while he says something we don’t like.


Not to worry, at least our state legislators will get schools to stop using the name “Redskins” by threatening to cut their funding… great way to govern, with threats. Water, they will deal with that when it gets to be really really really a problem, right now we are only at really really.


If you want issues ( like many of those you have cited ), pay attention to what Bernie Sanders is saying. The media ( for the most part ) isn’t covering him, because he’s an unvarnished truth-teller, without the sideshow theatrics.


Isn’t it disgraceful that the media pretends that Bernie Sanders doesn’t exist? Isn’t it irritating that we have people who are supporting Hillary Clinton simply because they think we need a woman President?

Welcome to the “why is the media taking sides in this election, from the NYTimes to the Associated Press. The headlines are biased, they leave out important facts, and just plain do not cover candidates fairly that they don’t support.

Bernie Sanders is bringing up a lot of issues ignored by the media and establishment Democrats, and speaking without a “handler” (just like Donald Trump), and although I don’t agree with Bernie’s socialist solutions, I resent the news coverage and efforts to suppress candidates who are actually trying to be honest with the voters.


Citizen, Did you catch Bernie’s interview on Face the Nation today ? You might want to check it out.

Host John Dickerson did a fine job with questions and allowing more than bumper sticker answers. Bernie was brilliant, IMO.


BTW, isoslo ….take the test/survey at as to your presidential preferences. It’s completely ‘blind’, but take the time to answer as comprehensively as you have time. I offer this sincerely.

You MIGHT be surprised !


Took the test, it said Marco Rubio, and all this time I thought Rand Paul was going to get my vote.


Well, there you go. I’m cool with that. I’m guessing you WERE a little surprised.


I think the people we elect need to mind their own business and not who is running for another office. You know what that tells me is these turds are scared of Trump.


Lets get Monica Lewinsky in the race to run against Hillary. Monica and Trump 2016!!


Being a genetic Republican by birth from Maine, who has seen the coming and going of Presidents over 85 years, I am convinced the Republican Party is politically obsolete. Trump confronts the establishment in both parties! I believe the great majority of citizens — Democrats, Republicans and Independents — are troubled by the nations leadership.

In this context I suggest the national debt is the harbinger of hard times to come — and the next president will face some very, very ugly problems both domestically and on the world stage. Given that Trump is inspiring the national debate — I applaud his efforts. Shake ’em up, Donald. There is a great stench emanating from the political manure pile.


It won’t happen, but I would give anything to see Trump and Bernie Sanders square off against each other.


Nobody has shown me what was untrue about what Trump said.


I tend to agree – except that he isn’t giving us any strong numbers on HOW MANY illegals/undocumented’s, are rapists, murderers, etc,. and if you notice, the media isn’t in any real hurry to clear that issue up either. They’re loving this – Trump being the only candidate to talk freely and openly with them anytime. Two things you can’t accuse Trump of are lack of transparency or accessibility.


Trump’s numbers are good because he knows what everyone on the Left knows – the base of the Republican party is out-of-its-gourd crazy and has locked itself in a mental bunker. Mention anything about a “wall” and you’ve got their attention.


They really are Pavlovian, aren’t they ? Shiny objects, Brooklyn bridges, red meat, blue smoke and mirrors.