Illegal immigrant a no-show in court

August 17, 2015
Francisco Javier Chavez

Francisco Javier Chavez

An illegal immigrant whom the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office recently let out of jail did not appear Thursday at his first court appearance for the alleged near-fatal beating of a 2-year-old girl.

Francisco Chavez, 27, is accused of nearly beating to death the young daughter of his live-in girlfriend. The two-year-old reportedly suffered a broken leg, two broken arms, a compressed spine, bruises and a urinary tract infection. She was in the hospital with a 107-degree fever days following the beating.

On Thursday, after Chavez failed to appear, Judge Dodie Harman ordered a warrant for his arrest with bail set at $600,000.

Chavez is a Mexican national with an extensive criminal history that includes convictions for drug trafficking and assault with a deadly weapon. He was deported from the United States last year following a drunk driving conviction in San Luis Obispo County.

Paso Robles police arrested Chavez on July 30 and booked him in San Luis Obispo County Jail. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) then issued a detainer request.

But, on the following day, Chavez posted $100,000 bail, the required amount for a charge of willful harm or injury to a child likely to produce great bodily injury. The sheriff’s office then released him from jail.

Following Chavez’s release, Sheriff Ian Parkinson said the law prohibits sheriffs from holding inmates on ICE detainers unless federal authorities issue warrants for them. Parkinson appeared on a Fox News broadcast last week in which the interviewer reported that Parkinson said he would have gotten sued by the ACLU had he honored the ICE detainer for Chavez.

Nonetheless, Chavez’s bail could have been set for $1 million had he been charged with a similar, yet more serious crime. The bail schedule is $1 million for a charge of assault of child under the age of 8 with force likely to cause great bodily injury.

Prosecutors have now charged Chavez with two counts of corporal punishment or injury of a child and five counts of willful harm or injury to a child likely to produce great bodily injury.

Victor Aureliano Martinez Ramirez

Victor Aureliano Martinez Ramirez

A Fox News article accompanying the television interview states Parkinson said he suspects Chavez may have already fled the country.

A similar case in Santa Barbara County is also receiving national exposure. Victor Aureliano Martinez Ramirez, also an illegal immigrant with an extensive criminal history, is charged with the rape, torture and murder of 64-year-old Santa Maria woman Marilyn Pharis.

Ramirez allegedly broke into Pharis’s home and attacked her on July 25. Ramirez was released from custody just five days prior to the alleged murder.

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Adios America.

Cool, where can we send your stuff?

When I wrote the comment, I only thought of 2 meanings:

Adios America – shouted by Mr. Ramirez as he temporarily flees the country to return to his homeland until he feels like coming back to commit more crime and

Adios America – meaning goodbye to the once great country.

I can understand why someone like you would rather keep Mr. Ramirez in the country for all of his wonderful contributions and have someone like me who has never broken laws, pays 10’s of thousands in taxes each year and raises decent productive children leave the country.

achillesheal says:”I can understand why someone like you would rather keep”

You are super confused, Ramirez should be in a prison, you are free to go anywhere.

You know nothing about me and your words are your own, stop thinking you speak for others or know anything (about others) beyond the screen you are typing on.

If you think America is going away then yea have little faith in our greatness as a nation. Sort of like giving up when you can’t open the pickle jar and then throwing it away.

It is the Sarah Palin school of thought to give up when the going gets tough, this is America, so buckle up it’s going to be a bumpy ride in 2016 .

So then “where can we send your stuff” was not an implication that I leave the United States?

I don’t believe America is going away, however, the values, work ethic and rule of law that made our country great has already left the building.

Not sure what Sarah Palin or opening pickle jars has to do with illegal immigrants exploiting our incompetent system.

No not at all, but you appeared to be saying goodbye.

Values evolve, just look, a woman can vote, we can drink booze. Both those items were seen as the END of America, that never happened.

Sort of like the protests when automatic elevators became a thing, Heavens trust a button? We might fall to our deaths!

Every generation has a “the world is ending” moment, has not happened.

Sarah Palin is a quitter, she could not handle the pressure of being a gov of one of the smallest populations in America. That is why I laugh anytime suggests she is a contender for anything other than fox news. TL;dr She quit, did nothing.

In the past values evolved toward the betterment of society including women’s suffrage and civil rights movements and immigrants who came to America to be American (including my grandparents).

Now we have people coming here, not to assimilate, not to beamerican, but to sponge off the welfare system and create havoc. Politicians want to create a permanent underclass dependants on government. Democrats want their vote. If texas becomes Mexican enough there will never be another republican president. Republicans are afraid to offend. Putting mexico’s interests above that of our own country against the will of the American people.

Is it a wonder that a blow hard like Donald trump is gaining traction to become president? We cannot trust politicians from either side any longer, and the message is starting to get to them.

I am really very shocked that this man didn’t come to court!!!!

I am sure he will stay gone forever too, because we have a giant border fence and zero tolerance policies again child beaters/molesters.

Yay the system.

Is it ok if CWS protects THIS kid?????

PS. I bet the mom has many more children with men like him.


CentralcoastRN says: “Is it ok if CWS protects THIS kid?????”

No one here is against protecting children. But you can pretend we are if that’s what you are into.

CentralcoastRN says: “PS. I bet the mom has many more children with men like him.”

What you are doing is called slut-shaming

#AxeToGrindChipOnSholder #BlameTheWoman

SLOBIRD -you have some valid points – I agree with you – why is it that if all these people coming here ILLEGALLY really want to become “Americans” is it that they won’t learn English? They fly their country’s flag and end up using our “free and discounted” social programs-all the while they are sending money OUT OF THE USA that isn’t doing anything for OUR economy and it ends up costing the American Citizens more and more. And to KAISAR BILL -guess what- I love my family too…and I don’t believe that I should have to pay for people’s expenses when they break the law then don’t really work at becoming Americans…they just want what we have to offer that’s free! Why do you think their families are more important than law abiding AMERICAN CITIZEN’S families? And. btw, many of the jobs they have taken could be filled by AMericans, who used to work in construction, cook, clean rooms, yard work and yes, work in the fields… DONE IT!!

This is a scumbag that deserves criminal prosecution …just like the WHITE scumbags that tortured and killed Dystiny Myers.

That’s the only criteria . You racists are appalling. What say you if the 2 year old is not a lily-white ?

You won’t give a damn !

Destiny Meyers killers never saw the light of day after they were arrested. Victim and her killers, white. Not released on bail. Did not flee back to the country they left for a better life. You are clearly on the slower side of slower faster.

A child does not get a urinary tract infection from being beat. That was mentioned to let us know there was much more. What a monster. When we know for certain evil exists….it just becomes even more shocking to discover it walks around in a human body–and you cannot tell the difference–sometimes until the horrendous acts are actually committed!

No other country in the world offers birthright citizenship, much less an open door to all related to the anchor babies. The 14th amendment was passed in 1868 to grant citizenship to former slaves, it is no longer applicable and needs to be repealed.

“The 14th amendment needs to be repealed.”

With our GOP congress? Never going to happen, not ever.

Ah, so am I to assume if the congress was a “Democrat congress” then the 14th would be appealed?

I’m sure many people will take you very seriously. Yep. Very. Serious.

r0y says: “Ah, so am I to assume if the congress was a “Democrat congress” then the 14th would be appealed?”

No not at all, If that is what I meant I would have said it.

1 Our do nothing congress gets little to nothing done, fact.

2 To repeal a amendment to our constitution would require “The United States Congress, whenever a two-thirds majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives deem it necessary;” (other ways I know)

Our congress can’t repeal my health care (50 tries?) what makes anyone think the 14th can be repealed with it’s higher requirement.

Face it, it is never going to happen, seriously. But your slur, what a master stroke.

Some, I assume, are good people.

It looks like the he was severely under charged – “willful harm or injury” to a child likely to produce great bodily injury, instead of “assault” of child under the age of 8 with force likely to cause great bodily injury. Willful harm or injury, for nearly beating to death a two-year-old (reportedly suffered a broken leg, two broken arms, a compressed spine, bruises and a urinary tract infection, with a 107-degree fever) – seriously?

Why is it that many much more minor aggressions against those uniformed are “assault”, and yet broken bones in 3 out of 4 limbs is willful harm or injury?

Was the status of the individual considered? And if not, it should be. Flight risk has got to be significantly higher for those that don’t need a passport to travel.

This whole immigration business, illegals and the overuse of H1b visas, will make Donald Trump president. I’m not advocating for him, but he is saying what people are thinking and that will win him votes!

You know he’s right, AND he’s also talking about finally eliminating Anchor Babies, a huge, huge drain on the country ( Personal knowledge here),

….yet you won’t advocate for him? ???

NO ONE else will do it, and we need to stop these scams immediately.

Pity the poor little girl… and thousands like her.

The above post is racist. Listen to Jeb Bush and other cuckservatives. Donald Trump was wrong. Undocumented workers don’t rape and kill, like Jeb Bush said, these hard working men and women coming to our great country is an act of love and they only make America stronger.

We have been listening to this shit for how many years. 40% of the illegals in LA do not even pay taxes, they just take take, steal steal, give me give me. Get over it, we waste too much money on illegal immigrants. If they wanted to become Americans they would learn the language, help combat the illegal activities especially the drugs and crime, learn English and pay taxes. They just want to take California back and make it part of Mexico and we are letting them. Give me a break!

I shudder to think of a President Trump; however, I do have a difficult time explaining to my kids that the people involved here (sheriff, judges, DA, folks at ICE) are all “adults” who have paid themselves handsomely and this is what they come up with as a good plan of action for this (and many, many, many other cases).

Of all the people in the race to be the next president, the choice is clear: vote for the one with a strong moral compass, who understands right from wrong, who isn’t just pandering to whatever group of people. You know, what common sense would tell us under any other circumstance (i.e. who do you want house-sitting for you? Who do you want watching your kids while you are away?).

However, I am afraid most won’t even get that far as the media spin machine ramps up and prepares to Cuisinart us into a fine sludge of stoopid.

Besides, do we really want to tarnish and taint the most honorable, decent, upstanding candidate by actually putting him/her into the White House? I mean Bush, Clinton, and especially Obummer were damaged goods already, so it’s not such a sad case with them…

Clearly Trump has hit a long brewing nerve with Americans sick of being taxed to death only to see our hard earned dollars being used to support non citizens while themselves living pay check to paycheck. The professional politicians have been raping America for far to long and the country is fed up. It’s not racist to put Americans first in America.

You mean taxed to pay Republican Parkenson’s paycheck, so he can release the person to harm someone again? Because that is what happened.

diamond says:”The professional politicians have been raping America for far to long”

How insulting and gross to equate real rape to politics. Shame on you.