San Luis Obispo police officer arrested for DUI

September 10, 2015

CHP@A California Highway Patrol officer arrested a San Luis Obispo police officer Wednesday morning for driving under the influence and then released him without booking him into the county jail.

At 2:22 a.m., a CHP officer discovered Travis Morris, 32, driving with a vehicle code violation near the corner of Garden and Marsh streets in San Luis Obispo. The CHP officer then executed a traffic stop and determined Morris was driving under the influence of alcohol.

Morris declined the breathalyzer instead electing to have a blood test to determine his blood alcohol level.

The officer cited Morris for driving under the influence before permitting him to get a ride from a friend. Because he was cited and released, his mugshot was not taken.

If a person arrested for DUI has a valid drivers license, no past DUIs, a sensitive position or condition and someone to take them from the scene, an officer can suggest to the sergeant they are cited and released, said John Townsen, CHP public information officer. Sensitive issues include advanced age, medical issues, law enforcement status or mental illness.

“Public Information being that the person is a local police officer, with what he was arrested for he fit the perimeters for cite and release,” Townsen said. “That is why the sergeant felt this was a cite and release case.”


He knew better. He didn’t make a mistake, and how dare anyone call driving under the influence a mistake. He deserves exactly what everyone else gets when they get a dui, and not a bit less. Especially, since he knowingly was on probation. You who defend this officer, should you ever get a dui, you will get your asses rakedvover the coals. Shame on him!


Personally, I think we deserve second chances. This man is a human being and one of the kindest, caring people I have ever met. Not one of us makes mistakes – on a daily basis. Lest you throw the first stone!!


I have know Travis since 1997. He is not the first person I have met to make a mistake. He always was kind to me in school. He is a great father. Shame on him for not being perfect. Geez people. Give a guy a break. Remember Michael Vick? Yeah he gets to keep his career in the nfl….and you wine about Travis getting paid leave. Forgive, it is much better for you heart!!!


Most of you are wetting your pants and getting all hysterical for no reason. They always place people involved in incidents like this on PAID leave. If they don’t, and he is exonerated later, they owe him back pay, with interest, and any other $ he gets through wrongful termination lawsuits. The same people who are calling for immediate firing here, I have seen cry the “innocent until proven guilty” mantra elsewhere.

He was NOT released on his OR. The CHP officer obtained a blood test(unlike the S.O. deputies who stopped the CHP Capt) and released him to the CUSTODY OF A FRIEND. That friend has to sign for his friend’s custody.

If this officer is, in fact, a probationary officer, he WILL be fired. So, quit getting all in a tizzy and go back to the daily humdrum of your menial lives.


Yeah, just pay your taxes and don’t worry how we spend your money, but certainly gives more every time we ask for it and trust us we will spend it how we see fit.


And WHAT did your response have to do with my post?


It just seemed you have no problem with the “as usual” policy of a taxpayer paid leave, and justify by saying if he is found not guilty then we would owe him much more. As much as I would like to say sure pay him but if he is found guilty then he has to pay all that money from his taxpayer paid vacation, I know that is impossible, but that doesn’t mean we have to keep “paid leave”. Since we are paying him, keep him coming into the office as usual, there has to be filling that can be done, trash to take out, patrol cars to clean, and yes I know the Union would cry about that, so then just have him sit at a desk, the grade school equivalent to sitting in the corner. No reason for the taxpayers to pay for him to have a vacation.


I see your point. But if you were just waiting out the process to fire the guy, would you want him around the office? Might just be cheap insurance to pay him a few weeks to be gone.


Come when has a government agency review process only taken a few weeks?, and with appeal after appeal after appeal it can be dragged on for a year or more. Might as well have the employee in question go ahead, come to the office and just sit there, they may not be able to hack it and quit and that solves at least two problems.


OK, let’s make this simple for SLO! Officer Morris is on probation since he was hired in April. Yes, April! That is 4 1/2 months ago. He is on a One Year Probation. If he is convicted SLO should terminate his employment immediately. This is not the typle of cop he need in SLO especially after hearing some of the other stories. Citizens Matter!




Come on really, do really think if citizens mattered SLO would have a city manager like Lichtig? Not sure why she still has her job but it is not for the betterment of the citizens of SLO.


This is the very same officer who was caught kicking a man who was down on the sidewalk at 7-11 on Marsh and Broad. This officer was seen with other kicking a man, when this officer noticed a elderly gentlemen, who is a local businessman was walking home speaking on his cell phone when officer Travis Morris thought the man was taking video of the officer beating a man lying on the sidewalk.

So officer Morris thinking his illegal actions were being taped ( Which is perfectly legal is the man was video taping the officer ) the man when approached by officer Morris in a loud threatening manner demanded the cell phone, and told the businessman to stop video tapping ?

Poor assumption on the officers part, the man was talking to a friend, since the man had a deep Italian accent the officer thought he could threaten and intimate the man who is a US Citizen and a downtown businessman.

The officer then lied, committed perjury and issued the man a false ticket for alleging the man was waling against a Red light, which he was NOT. This officer not only lied but committed a crime by issuing a false citation, the good part is the businessman retained the advise of local Lawyer Saro Rizzo, the court date set is 10-20-15 but the chances the truth will now not come out since the officer’s credibility and now he is on leave will most likely fail to show. Which is a shame since the facts of this misconduct needs to come out by this Travis Morris SLO PD, needs to terminate him ASAP.


The courts have repeatedly ruled that photography is a 1st Amendment Right and that photography is not a crime.

The rookie cop is a wannabe “Burton the Bastard” in training?????


What a surprise another corrupt local government employee at the City of SLO, or to be more precise another SLO employee who can not control his proclivities. SLO sure knows where to recruit from – the bottom of the barrel.


But at least they are paying top dollar, that’s all that counts.


He has been placed on paid administrative leave. Typical, Mason replay.


Too many of you posting on this thread have reading comprehension issues. please read the entire article before posting. Then there wouldn’t be so many stupid questions and hysterical speculation.


I doubt that they would have released him if he was impaired, to do so would leave the CHP liable for a law suit if he drove and injured someone after.


Would seem funny since when police stop a unlicensed driver in a checkpoint they use to impound the car but now they just issue a citation and let the driver go and are not concerned if the driver continues on a injures someone in a accident, so I don’t think they gave much thought to the “what if” possibility in this situation.


kayaknut That came out of the 9th Circuit Court, involving officer allegedly targeting “illegal aliens” for the purpose of impounding their car later selling it. Ask King City PD what happened.


Naive, party of one?