Forklift tips over in SLO, man severely injured

October 15, 2015

CRTot2dUEAAR-vN.jpg-largeA worker suffered severe leg injuries after a forklift tipped over at a San Luis Obispo construction site.

The accident occurred Wednesday afternoon, according to the San Luis Obispo Fire Department. The man was taken to the Sierra Vista Hospital emergency room.

KSBY reports the man was driving the forklift on ground that was sloped and uneven. The forklift turned over, which caused the man to fall out and several heavy beams to fall on top of him.

One of the beams hit the man’s leg, fracturing it in multiple places. No one else suffered any injuries in the accident.

The accident occurred at a construction site off Sacramento Drive. The fire department is notifying Cal/OSHA about the incident.


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He’s lucky he’s alive. Typically operators die from this. Tossed from the machine? Sound like his restraint system was NOT used.

You know what the #1 safety device ignored by a forklift operator? The seatbelt. (Actually, it the operators manual. Why read THAT??)

Guess what I do for a living? Train & certify crane operators. Getting them to read, let alone slow down or stop, in nearly impossible.

Technically that is a “telehandler” (rough terrain, variable-reach forklift). Pretty basic stuff, but one must have a rudimentary understanding of physics… such as loads, fulcrums, balances, etc.

Hope the operator is OK and has learned from his mistake.