Governor approves plan for Isla Vista CSD

October 8, 2015

DeltopiaCalifornia Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill Wednesday that allows for the creation of a community services district in Isla Vista.

Assemblyman Das Williams, a Santa Barbara Democrat, authored AB 3 in response to recent sexual assaults, riots and the Elliot Rodger massacre, all of which took place in Isla Vista. Williams argued that local governance is needed in the densely populated area of Santa Barbara County.

According to AB 3, the proposed CSD could contract with the county or the University of California to provide extra police protection in the area.

It also would allow the CSD to do sidewalk maintenance, improve lighting and create and maintain facilities, like community centers and libraries. At a future date, the CSD could venture into other types of services.

In order for the Isla Vista CSD to come into existence, the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors must submit an application to the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) and place a utility user tax on the ballot. Funding for the district will be dependent on the tax passing, which will require a two thirds vote.

Isla Vista borders the UC Santa Barbara campus, and its residents are primarily university students. About 20,000 people live in Isla Vista, which is Santa Barbara County’s most densely populated area that is not a city.

A previous attempt to create a CSD failed when LAFCO rejected the proposal.

The current plan for a CSD emerged from a UC Santa Barbara committee that was formed to analyze the unrest that has occurred in Isla Vista. The unrest included seven shooting and stabbing deaths in May 2014 and a block party riot the month before.

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Perfect! Now all the previous CSD members who have helped destroy a few of our local communities, can now gather for yet another feeding frenzy…this time a little further south in Isla Vista.

It has always been a city, an unincorporated city. Now it may become an unfunded CSD or a somewhat funded CSD, still an unincorportated city with self control. Did LAFCO say no, so they appealed to the Gov? A little scetchy on the reporting.

UCSB was second to UCB in the sixties and seventies when it came to student unrest .Remember when they blew up the BofA because it supported the war effort in Viet Nam?. A lot of the time it turns out that the people stirring up trouble were not even students. Some believe it was undercover FBI. Wouldn’t it be ironic they arrive at the conclusion that the violence stems from FBI affiliation? I know, aluminum foil hats for me.

Look over your shoulder, I’m following you!