Truck spills human biosolid waste near Cambria

October 24, 2015

A tractor trailer loaded with 80,000 pounds of human biosolid waste tipped onto its side Friday on Highway 1 just south of Cambria spilling the waste onto the highway.

Shortly before 9 a.m., the driver, Sergio Mercado Lepe, 45, of Wasco, Calif., was attempting to turn from Highway 1 onto Highway 46 with a load of bio-solids from the Cambria Sewage Treatment Plant. Because of heavy fog, he almost missed the turnoff.

Lepe then made a sharp left which resulted in the truck tipping onto its side, according to the California Highway Patrol.

The driver was not injured in the accident.

Caltrans and Cal fire assisted in traffic control and cleanup. In less then three hours, the spill was removed and that portion of the highway was reopened.


Wow. That stinks.

Jorge Estrada

This is another example why septic tanks are the best solution. Everyone should take care of their own, their shit is their business, not an enterprise fund. When it is time to pump a septic tank, it gets sucked into an air tight container for hauling to the land of plenty.


When i saw the headline, i thought adam hill had fallen out of a truck


It’s Cambria crap. So at least it doesn’t stink.


I sure hope the driver has his sh*t together on his next driver in our area …


At least the crap was heading the right direction. Their crap comes over here on a daily basis.

Russ J

Heading to Paso or Bakersfield with a load of our s___? Wonder where they ship theirs?


San Luis Obispo County’s biosolids goes to Kern County. It gets composted and added to the soil for crops such as safflower. Clue: the driver is from Wasco.


Kern County is a major recipient of this stuff. They mix it with green waste, call it “compost,” and spread it on fields where our food grows.


WOW that truck sure took a dump!


That was kind of a shitty day.