Person killed, two suffer major injuries in Highway 46 crash

November 13, 2015

ambulance 4A 25-year-old Fresno man died and two people suffered major injuries in a head-on collision  in northeastern San Luis Obispo County Thursday evening on Highway 46 west of Highway 41. The accident site in the same area where actor James Dean was killed in a collision. [KSBY]

Shortly after 7 p.m., the Fresno man was driving west in a white Chevy Cobalt when he crossed over a double yellow line to pass a big rig truck, according to the CHP. The area was a no-passing zone.

A 54-year-old man from Austin, Texas was driving a Volvo in the opposite direction. The Texas man then swerved onto the shoulder to avoid the Chevy.

But, the Fresno man also swerved onto the shoulder, and the two vehicles collided at high speeds.

Emergency responders pronounced the Fresno man dead at the scene. Both the Texas man and his passenger suffered multiple broken bones and were hospitalized. The injured passenger was transferred from a local hospital to the Stanford University hospital.

The CHP has not yet released the identities of those involved in the crash. Authorities reopened the highway about two hours after the fatal collision.


This collision demonstrates the best reason for buying Volvo. The quality of the engineering shows when the car is involved in a high speed accident.

So many people don’t understand the importance of only attempting to pass in the designated zones; especially at night. I always try to keep another car in front of me when traveling on Hwy 46.


May not be the best plan, this just means when someone tries to pass on the other side they have two oncoming cars to avoid and may miss the first one but your odds of avoiding a crash are likely not as good. The best idea is to drive safety, and be always aware of everything around you. If you see a no passing zone ahead of you and there is oncoming traffic pay close attention to those vehicles and driving defensively is your best bet.


In the world of the highly educated…..we call this an “apples and oranges” fallacy. There is no “best idea to drive safely” when the accident has transpired. The conversation is about vehicle safety. Geez….


Guess you have never drove a motorcycle or heard of defensive driving? I drove a motorcycle when younger and taught it to both my kids and they have avoided quite a few accidents already. Look it up sometime at the DMV when your head isn’t buried in a book reading about things vs hands on experience.


I like your post. In social psychology we studied the fact that those with an IQ > 119 are able to remain logical and unbiased in the face of such news articles. Those with an IQ < 119 generally become highly emotional. The same such people are more apt to purchase time shares when invited to presentations–and are more likely to verbally attack others when they demonstrate logic instead of emotion (there would be no logical reason for emotion here unless you are connected to those in the news story). Logic appeals to me–and many times I have made comments like yours, and been attacked for my "coldness". I see huge merit in the consideration of investing in a more safety oriented vehicle. You never know when a resident may exercise the type of logic that calls for passing (when it is clearly marked that one should not proceed with that action). I wonder if Mercedes matches the Volvo….food for thought.