Hill accused of harassment

January 13, 2016
Dick Mason

Dick Mason

Veteran radio broadcaster Dick Mason unloaded a barrage of criticism Tuesday at San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill, who Mason said has been harassing him and targeting his family.

Mason’s sharp comments, delivered during the “public comment” part of the supervisors’ regular meeting, repeated a series of incidents that he earlier had related to CalCoastNews. The alleged harassment of Mason and his family began after Mason discussed both Hill and developer Gary Grossman during a news broadcast.



Hill sat silently during Mason’s three-minute commentary.

County resident Dane Senser was also critical of Hill during Tuesday’s meeting. Senser accused Hill of using unscrupulous intermediaries to intimidate him not to speak during public comment.


what the

Atta boy Dick. Let him have it!


I think it’s unfortunate that Dick Mason’s eloquent indictment of Supervisor Hill is being lumped in with Dane Sensor’s slanderous ramblings. It’s not fair to Dick Mason and his argument.

Adam Hill already made the following statement today on you-know-who’s Facebook page:

“He [Dane] and Dick Mason made perfect bookends to another right wing nutso public comment period.”

I’m also sorry that Supervisor Compton didn’t interject and shut Sensor down. He’s way over the top.

But good for Dick Mason in having the balls to confront Adam Hill. The guy is a bully plain and simple.



Kaiser Bill

“Adam Hill already made the following statement today on you-know-who’s Facebook page:

“He [Dane] and Dick Mason made perfect bookends to another right wing nutso public comment period.””

Someone needs to start a fake Adam Hill twitter page.

He already impersonated Ed Waage once on a radio show. You reap what you sow.


But, how could anyone possibly make stuff up that’s more insane than the real thing?

Extremely Stoic

He is the inverse relationship to Santa Maria Bill


Excellent. I think the only hope though is for the arrest of Grossman, Hill, and Ochs.

I think there are too many people without ethics who will vote for Hill. I doubt they would care what he did as long as he approves their agenda. Sad state of affairs.


Aaron Ochs and Adam Hill have turned this area/community into a cesspool of drama and medieval behaviour.


Free speech and democracy at work. God, I love this country. Speak truth to power.


“panty waist” what, do you live in the 1940’s?

Kaiser Bill

Hill is going to get schlonged this election, he will come in THIRD behind Carpenter and Peterson.

Russ J

Don’t you realize that this guy is playing you? He has to be enjoying this. A lot like Trump, the more outrageous his statements and antics are, the more press coverage he gets. It’s free publicity and attention; he thrives on it. The folks who endorse him love it. He’s got a dog in their fight and will be elected continually until he tires of the game or gets bored with it. You panty waists are just feeding the fire.

Kaiser Bill

The difference between Hill and Trump is that many people agree with Hill’s controversial statements.

Trump’s comments on Mexicans and Moslems are generally correct and borne out by reality.

Hill’s linking to articles about the racism of white people are evidence of his delusional world view.

It is insane to go around talking about the horrible racism of white people at a time when Moslems are shooting and raping people in America and Europe.

Yes, Hill’s actions (we all know his history) and his politics are proof that Adam Hill is not of sound mind. Perhaps Adam will receive help from some of those mental health facilities Trump is talking about funding.

Adam Hill would rather protest with Moslems at mosques than stand up for innocent people.

Did Adam Hill make any comment about two instance of Moslem crime, the slaughter in San Bernadino, and the rapes committed on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany?


Good for you, Dick Mason!

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