Hill accused of harassment

January 13, 2016
Dick Mason

Dick Mason

Veteran radio broadcaster Dick Mason unloaded a barrage of criticism Tuesday at San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill, who Mason said has been harassing him and targeting his family.

Mason’s sharp comments, delivered during the “public comment” part of the supervisors’ regular meeting, repeated a series of incidents that he earlier had related to CalCoastNews. The alleged harassment of Mason and his family began after Mason discussed both Hill and developer Gary Grossman during a news broadcast.



Hill sat silently during Mason’s three-minute commentary.

County resident Dane Senser was also critical of Hill during Tuesday’s meeting. Senser accused Hill of using unscrupulous intermediaries to intimidate him not to speak during public comment.


Jim Anderson

Both Adam Hill and his lovely wife Dee Torres are commenting on their slanderous cesspool of a FaceBook page Cal Coast Fraud. Both are denying accusations of harassing Mason and his family. They say that Mason made it up. Adam actually says that he is calling Mason out on his “lies.”


The series of events occurring in San Luis share such a close resemblance to the Biblical city of Sodom.

Sodom was a city in the valley of Siddim (Gen. 13:10; 14:1-16). The wickedness of its inhabitants brought down upon it fire from heaven, by which it was destroyed (18:16-33; 19:1-29; Deut. 23:17).

Could a “fire” of some massive enormity be caused by the destruction or breakdown of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant and destroy this evil that clearly seems to be unfolding before us?


Cecil B DeMille that you?


Supervisor Adam Hill’s buddy Kenny McCarthy said this on Adam’s FaceBook page, CalCoastFraud: “I definitely won’t care one bit about local political troll and CalCoastNews contributor Kevin Rice and his sad attempt to trap 3rd District Supervisor Adam Hill…


Adam, your supporters of Avila Beach are so looking forward to you being there! We are informing them of the debate with fliers. What will we tell them when you do not show? I guess we will just hand them a Fire Adam Hill flier.

Jim Anderson

Kenny is quoting the “Shredder” in Hill’s attempt to squirm out of having to appear at the upcoming District 3 Supervisor candidate debate in Avila Beach (on the 28th, I believe.) Man up Hill. It’s a lose/lose situation. Better show up to handle “damage control.” Debbie and Dan are both likely to win the vote of your local Avila supporters. If I were handling Dan or Debbie’s campaigns, I would start early and get to know the people of Avila. I would advertise Avila and the rest of district 3 heavily with fliers promoting the upcoming district 3 supervisor debate. I would even put the candidate’s brand on the flier. Fliers from Dan and Debbie showing up at all over district 3 would be effective. Mr. Kevin Rice should also be advertising heavily with fliers. Good luck to all three candidates, may the most fit win!

JB Bronson

Adam: Get help. Take Dee with you. Seriously. Your entire behavior in the public eye is sad.


It is customary in civilized circles to identify oneself be for asking others to do so.


Who are you people who support Adam?


Who are the fascists that attack him as the Anti-Christ as a Pavlovian auto response ?

Oh, I know who, and why. Most are just dupes that have invested fully into the reverse economics Reagan compost heap. They’re sick and getting sicker, and so are frustrated and desperate. They reach to the snake-oil peddlers and get screwed again and again.

Others are just pure evil greedhead dictators, or think they are cushy enough with the true fascists that they might be the last ones killed.

I do not know for sure, but surmise that Adam Hill is not a manifestation of Mohandas Gandhi.

I might oppose him if he were, because pacifism is ‘nice’, but there are some people that can’t be opposed with flowers.

Well, they CAN be, but they will kill you.

Course, I would run as a gun rights Libertarian and fool all of the snotbrained ‘conservatives’, and thus likely get elected.


Duty of care – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Holding public office carries with it a serious responsibility to the public whom you serve.


Noble obligations


a responsibility to get out of it as much as they can…..


the multitude of government parasites in SLO living the unionized high life.


A government of people by people shall not perish


SLO’s headed toward a gang infested arena. Hill’s gang of alcoholics will probably be met with another from out of town. Let them duke it out.

It won’t take long with the increased population explosion likely to come forth in the coming years if major residential developments are allowed to occur.

He and all those who support him now will be held directly accountable for the increased crime and violence all over, including vast public open spaces such as the Pismo Preserve. Mark my word.

Our only hope to alter this inevitable course is to vote Adam Hill out this June. Either Dan Carpenter or Debbie Peterson, take your pick.

Let’s do this.


Have you ever been in the middle of a wildfire and the wind conditions change? Looks like the tides are turning for Mr. Hill and his boy troll.


Wait until you have had the Hill-Oach’s experience and you won’t wonder how people can be intimidated. Their attacks have cost people money who can’t afford it, they hit below the belt where a person is vulnerable and they are relentless.

The eyebrows of that person burka sure look like Aaron Oakes’ eyes