Hill accused of harassment

January 13, 2016
Dick Mason

Dick Mason

Veteran radio broadcaster Dick Mason unloaded a barrage of criticism Tuesday at San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill, who Mason said has been harassing him and targeting his family.

Mason’s sharp comments, delivered during the “public comment” part of the supervisors’ regular meeting, repeated a series of incidents that he earlier had related to CalCoastNews. The alleged harassment of Mason and his family began after Mason discussed both Hill and developer Gary Grossman during a news broadcast.



Hill sat silently during Mason’s three-minute commentary.

County resident Dane Senser was also critical of Hill during Tuesday’s meeting. Senser accused Hill of using unscrupulous intermediaries to intimidate him not to speak during public comment.



I do not know Adam Hill, but I know of him. Through the years it seems that Adam has become a lot worse in his attacks.

I use to joke that after 9 pm take away all his electronic equipment, I thought maybe he had indulged in to many cocktails.

I now believe Adam Hill may indeed have a mental illness that he needs treatment for, and I am not saying that to be mean.

Someone really needs to try to sit down with this man and figure out what is going on. At the rate he is going someone is going to get hurt. Seriously, physically hurt. and I sure hope that happens sooner than later.

With all the talk about terrorism, I think Adam is coming close to being a domestic terrorist who harms others. He has the money and means to have someone hurt, and I really don’t want to hear about it on the 6 o’clock news.

I really hope he does not win another election, and the reason for that is I think it is toxic for him. He does not seem able to take criticism and it is making him more unstable. He has become obsessed from politics and the power he thinks he has.

That is not good for him, his wife, the BOS, people bringing projects before the BOS or the public. He does not seem to be able to do the people’s business any longer.

He is doing what feels good to Adam, and that is being a very selfish people. In politics you need to be able to serve the people, and leave you personal being out of it. That has gotten flip flopped with Adam and I don’t think it can be corrected because of the length of time it has gone on.

He clearly has forgot when he was the chair about people’s first amendment rights, and would not let certain people speak. That is not being a good servant to the people. He should have let them speak and just ignored what they said, but the PEOPLE elected him and have the right to speak.

Good Luck Mr. Mason I hope you have camera’s on your house, and your family carry pepper spray at a minimum, you have an unstable man that is looking at you as a bully’s eye.


Why has no one sued him in a civil lawsuit stating he had taken away their 1st amendment rights.Who the heck does he think he is to tell people they can’t speak at a board of supervisors meeting.

Or filed an Fair political practice act against him? He is causing a hostile work environment to say the least. Maybe Debbie Petterson will file with the JPIA.

I wonder is the League of women voters got him to sign a civil discourse agreement, like that would ever.

Dee and Adam Hill what a marriage made in hell.

I now pronounce you Parasite and host you may kiss the parasite.


Hill has also attempted to intimidate me……..and from thousands of miles away. I suppose a recall doesn’t work, time-wise. Guess we’ll just have to wait until he’s voted out of office, then SOMEone needs to get him some psychological help. (ASH maybe?)


Adam, start practicing this song..it will help you get through those long days and nights in the joint.

I don’t care if it rains or freezes

Long as I’ve got my plastic Jesus

Sitting on the dashboard of my car

Comes in colors pink and pleasant

Glows in the dark cause it’s iridescent

Take it with you … when you travel far.

Get yourself a sweet Madonna

Dressed in rhinestones sitting on a

Pedestal of abalone shell

Going ninety I ain’t scary

Cause I’ve got the Virgin Mary

Assuring me that I won’t go to hell.

(repeat 1 time)


Damn Love that song!

Plastic Jesus Plastic Jesus Riding on the dashboard of my car….

Pelican, sounds like AG is priming for some really good tunes from you again.

Carly Simon “You’re so vain!”?????

Jorge Estrada

Retaliatory behavior towards the speaker legally participating in the public comment forum is illegal.


Mr. Hill doesn’t concern himself that what he is doing is illegal, he does it anyway because he thinks no one will challenge him and if they do he will go after them even worse and of course that District 3 will continue to vote him into office. Hopefully that will change this time around.


Adam’s attempt to dig graves for others has resulted in him falling one…with no way out.

Mr. Holly

This may be the opportunity for the first use of AB1014 that gives law enforcement the right to confiscate guns from those who appear to be mentally unstable and a threat to others.

I think Adam Hill has correctly filled in all of the blanks (no pun) on the form to qualify for the exercise of this new law.


How on earth could a anyone be intimidated by Adam hill. He is the fat kid that other kids used to wipe their boogers on. He Iis the fat kid that gets a dodgeball to the face.


He is the fat kid who has the connections to have someone else hurt you.


I guess I’d better be careful. He may reassess my house or expand the airport into my backyard.

Sorry Mr. Hill.


Hill, and his attention seeking buddy Oachs are teetering on the brink of insanity.

No doubt a loss in Nov will send them over the edge.

Can’t come soon enough.


I hope the Sheriff’s Department takes note of them and confiscates any weapons anywhere near them. I do not say this in jest, we can all imagine Hill committing some violent act if things don’t go his way, and then people will ask why wasn’t something done when everyone knew this man is very volatile and unhinged.


And no one will be able to say there weren’t signs…


Teetering????? They have tottered!

don the beachcomber

Please check out Debbie Peterson’s new video on Adam Hill at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ya7VptTilQ8

Debbie does not editorialize, use unflattering photos of Mr. Hill, etc. She lets the voters view his actions and behaviors using raw video so they can decide for themselves whether this individual deserves to hold a position of public trust.


Poorly produced spot! You can barely read the print. This is all you have after seven years of Supervisor Hill? Weak!


Wha?? All you’ve got is criticism of technical quality? The piece speaks volumes. It’s not an Emmy submission.


Is this what you teach our children? You attack a perceived technicality when you don’t like the substance of the article. No wonder our youth are so confused.


Where’s your ‘can do’ spirit?

A write-in candidate won the mayor’s race in Arroyo Grande with hand made cardboard signs.

It’s about the message, not the polish.

Support grassroots!


Adam? :)


Can’t be Adam. He was never a prof, he was a lecturer.


Mine came through loud and clear. Maybe you need to upgrade your computer, PolyProf..

This is scary stuff. I do how the law enforcement authorities take heed and at least investigate these allegations. It’s the right of every citizen to be protected.


Oh, you don’t like the production values, but no comment on content? Weak!

Jim Anderson

Debbie, it may be time to replace Don. He will not win this election for you. You want a commercial that is framed up nicely on you with a beautiful background, and you explaining how you will run things. This commercial says; “Adam Hill Sucks.” It needs to say, “Debbie Peterson Rules!” We know Adam Hill sucks. Now we need to know about Debbie. You need to make friends with everyone. Don is pitting you against everyone. If you plan on giving this a run, “Fire Don the Beachcomber,” and have someone produce you a pro, positive, ad.


Agreed. The spot is terrible. The print needs to be larger. There are far more damning episodes to include. Whoever produced this is lazy. Get some professionals!

Thomas A