Man who pimped Los Osos teen sentenced to decades

January 6, 2016
Richard Scott Brooks

Richard Scott Brooks

A 40-year-old man convicted of raping and pimping a Los Osos teen received a prison sentence of more than 60 years. [Tribune]

Richard Scott Brooks met the then-17-year-old girl on Craigslist in July 2014. Brooks had sexual relations with her over a four-day period he spent at her home. The teen was unconscious during some of the sex acts, according to trial testimony.

Brooks then pimped the teen out to Oscar Higueros, who was a volunteer Cayucos fire captain at the time. The girl allegedly moved in with Higueros and became his sex slave. Higueros, 39, is charged in a separate case, and jury selection for his trial is scheduled to begin Monday.

In November, a jury found Brooks guilty of 19 crimes related to sexual abuse of the teen. The convictions include rape, sodomy, pimping and oral copulation with a minor. The most serious conviction was human trafficking of a minor by use of force or fear.

On Tuesday, Judge Rita Federman sentenced Brooks to 61 years and eight months to life in prison. Brooks faced a maximum sentence of 63 years to life in prison.

During sentencing, Federman noted January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

Before being sentenced Tuesday, Brooks maintained his innocence and said the trial was never fair. There were two full boxes of discovery that were not allowed to be discussed during the trial, Brooks said.

During the trial, Brooks called the victim a “black widow” and said she presented herself as an 18-year-old who wanted to have sex with him and other men. Brooks’ attorney Matt Guerrero argued the sex was consensual and the teen pursued it and took part in role playing.

The victim testified that she wanted someone who is dominant and she enjoyed some of the sexual encounters. But she felt threatened and believed she had to do what Brooks said, she testified.

Brooks allegedly said he would kill the girl if she did not comply with his demands.

The San Francisco man also filmed himself having sex with the teen. He used the videos to recruit clients.

Prosecutors played some of the sex tapes in San Luis Obispo court during the trial. The screen was positioned so that jurors could see the video, but the audience could not.

Brooks was previously convicted in New York of possession of child pornography.

Deputy District Attorney Greg Devitt said Brooks is a parasitic individual who preys on young children.

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I see a good degree of “victim blaming” going on here. Yes, this minor might have thought she was old enough to choose to partake in this whole endeavor. But the fact is she is underage, and a couple of 40 year old men thought it was ok to take advantage of her in multiple ways. There is a reason we differentiate adults and minors, and even a “mature” 17 year old is still far from developed cognitively. The accountability falls on the two adult males, who I am certain where well aware that the girl was not really of age and should have seen many red flags.

How do you explain this case deserving a 60 year sentence, while a case from last year involving the rape of a mentally retarded girl was plea bargained to a year in County Jail.

Long sentence likely due to being found guilty on a high number of charges (19) and sentencing for each of those counts, which included human trafficking of a minor for sex, forcible rape, pimping and sodomy (which I’m shocked is illegal in CA given the current climate).

The human trafficking of a minor which amounts to sex slavery is a pretty serious issue.

He earned his time.

You didn’t answer the question.

How does this case get 60 years and a rapist of a retarded girl gets off with one year in county jail?

60 years???

I don’t know what the bigger crime is here, what the guy did to a minor or the amount of taxpayers funds we are wasting putting this guy behind bars for that totally insane amount of time,

how do these people come up with such fictional unjust numbers?

Just like the guy is a mass murderer, tssssss.

Our judges obviously live in a different world.

You know, you have a guy that has already gotten himself into trouble for having a child porn conviction. Not many people have that on their record. Big red flag. You would think that would make him stop and think before putting himself into another potentially shady situation with the possibility that he could get in trouble. Obviously judgment and impulse control don’t seem to be too high on the list of his life skills. Perhaps he will be in the right place.

The teenager should not have been left alone obviously. Some teens can be. This one was not one of them.

I think this falls on the heels of the awareness that prostitution happens because the girls/women were abused as children and are just in an ongoing spiral of victimization. This isn’t new knowledge, but it is good that the local justice system understands that now.

Maybe the long sentence is designed to be a message to others who want to pimp out or traffic other human beings.

Where in the hell where her parents during all this??

out of town. she drove to sf, picked the dude up, and drove him back to her parents house in Los Osos. They charged him with Human Trafficking. WTF?

When he pimped him out to the fire captain, who then used as slave and possibly pimping out himself, she changed hands, hence trafficking.

according to testimony, “the victim” drove to san fran from los osos to pick up the perp whom she solicited on craiglist and drove him back to los osos where she “bonked” his brains out for four days. She then got bored and wanted to be “dominated” so they put another ad on craiglist where they met obedient civil servant who is on trail next. wtf?

Something aint right here.

They did drugs together too.. but I’m sure he “made her” yeah right!!

Dan Dow’s first “Human Trafficking” case….nice to put on your resume.

Meanwhile, Dan Dow gave a year in County Jail to a guy who raped a mentally retarded girl.

We officially have a complete moron as District Attorney in SLO County.

something aint right here….i am searching for the victim….

Seriously? Would you say the same about people caught with child pornography on their computer?

This is a crime, but does it warrant 60 years in prison?

The girl was 17 years old, very close to adulthood. Comparing this to child pornography is absurd. The girl also drove up to SF to pick the guy up and voluntarily stayed with him for several days.

This seems like a case where the DA and Assistant DA are padding their resumes against a guy who looks bad to a jury and judge because of a previous child porn conviction. They can then apply for judge positions and promotions by pointing to this high profile conviction.

The DA’s office does not have justice and the interest of the community at heart if they fully prosecute a case like this which has a lot of gray areas while letting off a rapist of a retarded girl with one year in county jail.