Violent Monday in Santa Maria, 3 dead

January 26, 2016
Israel Gaspar Cruz

Israel Gaspar Cruz

A 15-year-old boy was stabbed to death and two males were fatally shot on Monday in Santa Maria. The stabbing and shooting were separate incidents.

In less than a month, there have been five murders in Santa Maria. Amid a string of gang violence, murders increased from three in 2014 to 13 in 2015.

At around 3:30 p.m., in the 1600 block of E. Donovan Road, a confrontation between to groups of people became violent, according to the Santa Maria Police Department. During the fight, Santa Maria teen Marcos Arce Ramos was stabbed and later died of his injuries.

Following the stabbing, officers searched the area and found two suspects hiding in a riverbed. Police arrested Israel Gaspar Cruz, 19, and a 14-year-old male whom they are not identifying. Both are charged with murder and a gang enhancement.

At 9:45 p.m., officers responded to the 300 block of S. Elizabeth Street for a call of shots fired. When officers arrived, they found a car that had crashed in the 100 block of S. Elizabeth Street.

Inside the vehicle, two male victims were suffering from gunshot wounds. Medics arrived at the scene to treat the victims, but both succumbed to their injuries.

No arrests have been made in the fatal shooting case. The police department’s detective bureau is continuing its investigation.

The shooting was the third double homicide in the city in the span of a month. Two men were shot and killed on Jan. 12, and two males were shot and killed on Dec. 26.

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adding to my last post:

Another point to keep in mind on the out of control violence in Santa Maria is this. 7 are Dead since December 26 2015. So in one month there are now 7 dead not 5!

Again following up on my comments previously this violence will not stop by anyone in Santa Maria in any positions of authority. The numbers are now to overwhelming and the corruption way to deep. The people who have watched this unfold over the last 20 years are still in power in both the political arena, government staff and in the Agribusiness world. Unless outside Federal Law enforcement steps in this is just the tip of the iceberg! I’ll say it again you have 1,000’s of young males in their mid to late teens who are high school dropouts or are marginally even in school, with little or no hope of getting or maintaining full time employment that might give them some future.

As I mentioned in my last post, this is not going to be contained in Santa Maria. We in SLO county are contiguous to North Santa Barbara County and its going to come to SLO County if we are not vigilant and clear to our Politicos that we are not going to tolerate this nonsense here! Tell your Politcos to have a plan of action in the event this garbage starts to filter into your community. I am warning you all. Don’t think it can’t happen, do not be in denial.

People on the Central Coast From North SB County Through out SLO County that this Violence has been building for a long Time. I know of what I speak. The leadership ie: Politicals and Staff have known full well what has been happening there back to 1994. They have ignored and invasion of illegal workers being recruited to the Santa Maria Valley to Work in the 12,000 plus acres of strawberry fields. It takes approximately 2.5 people per acre to maintain and harvest that one crop do the math.

Remember these people who have been in power for over 20 years know what the root of the problem is and its having 10’s of thousands of people in a community which now is controlled by organized criminal groups who are taking over.

Santa Maria is now controlled by criminal groups. There needs to be a full investigation by the FBI and ATF including all DOHS resources to get to the bottom as to how deep this corruption go’s and if what organized criminal organizations have set up there.

This cancer will grow and you in SLO county are not immune to its growth. I can assure you that Santa Maria is a Defacto Sanctuary City and at a point now where those youngsters born in the 90’s and 2000’s are becoming young adult males and are being recruited into these organized criminal organizations. Heads up SOL county be aware!

Judging on his mugshot, he has no worries. He knows he will be well taken care of by the prison gangs and will not doubt learn to be more violent. It’s a sad, viscous circle of violence that has been going on for decades…with no end in sight.

Keep it up, the town gets safer daily, fence them off and let’s let them go, just like the Middle East.

Viva la Mexico. Where’s Trump when you need him.

This gang violence is only going to spread further north as time goes on if something drastic isn’t done.

Not necessarily. Two different counties and two different sets of expectations for law enforcement.

SM does need to fix this. I think it’s possible because SM/Guadalupe are physically isolated from Lompoc/Oxnard/LA and the San Joaquin Valley. It’s going to be difficult though and I’m not sure if the people of SM are willing to support what needs to be done.

I wonder what their immigration status was? Some will be offended by this question although it may be part of the equation why Santa Maria will probably be vying for the murder capital in the US. If they keep going at this pace Chicago, Detroit and the other sewer towns may become losers in this category.

Immigration status really becomes a moot point when an estimated 275,000 undocumented parents have U.S.-born children ages 18 and older.

Do the math…the number is staggering….and should be illegal.

I’m not offended.

Two people in a moving car? Whoever is doing this is a professional.

A lot better than your old truck drivers, right.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

They were in plain sight not hiding behind bankruptcy laws.

Love the sancutary cities and their inhabitants and the violence they bring. I heard the people of Santa Maria are protesting at City Hall. Why? You wanted it and you got it! Embrace it and enjoy …

Really? Why would you say anyone wanted this?

Do your homework, SLOBIRD. Santa Maria is NOT a sanctuary city. The people of Santa Maria have NOT asked for this violence so stop blaming them!

Thank you, Justducky, I just looked at the clip. So, officially Santa Maria is not a sancutary and I will no known ifficially recognize as one but just a city that welcomes the illegals, violence, gangs, and lifestyle.of criminials. Works of me!

Ok, so you can’t have it both ways, Start going after the gangs, illegals, crimianls! But wait, it’s too late because most of the people who loved and cared for Santa Maria have moved on. We now don’t care. We wouldn’t go to Santa Maria for anything: shopping, visiting, entertainment (remember the Elks Parage, anyone been to the fair the past couple of years, YUK)!

Be safe, stay out of Santa Maria!

I don’t think that SM welcomes “…violence, gangs, and lifestyle.of criminals…” That’s just nonsense. I’m not sure that it welcomes illegal aliens either although some of its employers in the city might do so.

You’re trying to equate “…violence, gangs, and lifestyle.of criminals…” with illegal aliens and that simply doesn’t pass the smell test. Smells a lot like bigotry in all actuality.

I don’t know a lot about SM but I do know that many remain fiercely proud of the city. It would be interesting to dig into how effective SM law enforcement has been over the past 20 years.

Wish someone would beat that smug look off his face.

Yes, on the surface, he is attempting to put up a pretty belligerent front. However, if you look into the eyes, they tell a very different story. He probably came up in an environment where he had few options and was given no coping skills for handling anger or feeling that anyone cared what happened to him or that he even has viable options to the path that he has chosen..

This by no means condones what was done, but despising him and all the others like him does not solve the problem. Neither does sending them to advanced crime school (current prison system) where he can develop even more hostility and less ability to cope.

This is not about being a “bleeding heart liberal”, cause I am not. This is about practicality. Sending people to prison may be necessary to protect the public, but we need to turn them back out as individuals that are better equipped to enhance their environment and contribute to society than they went in, or this will never end and probably continue to get worse.

Keeping someone in prison is quite expensive. We don’t want to have them back on the street and then right back in after doing more damage. Laugh if you must, but teaching individuals yoga and meditation, which would cost us very little to do, has been shown to be highly effective towards reversing the tenancies to violent behavior and increases self worth and a desire to better oneself. Teaching them other practical skills for employment, etc., and responsible behavior is good as well,but wasted before they gain that all important self control.

Rather than imprison such criminals perhaps they need to be put down?

One thing I’m certain of is that yoga and meditation aren’t the answer.

You forgot the most important aspect. PARENTING and being taught RESPECT!!!

This is exactly what the death penalty should be about.

Some people can’t be part of a society because they have no moral compass. This is not limited to hispanics, look at the three who just escaped prison in Orange County, onr has been discribed as “‘Diabolical’: One of the Calif. prison escapees likened to Hannibal Lecter” and the other two were no better. One is Iranian and two are Vietnamese and were being help pending trial for attempted murders.