FBI arrests Los Osos man who joined Oregon occupation

February 12, 2016
Neil Wampler

Neil Wampler

The FBI arrested Los Osos resident Neil Wampler during a sweep in which federal agents rounded up protesters who participated in the armed occupation of a wildlife refuge in Oregon. FBI agents arrested Wampler at his home Wednesday night. [Tribune]

Wampler, 68, is charged with a single felony count of conspiracy to impede officers of the United States from discharging their official duties through the use of force, intimidation or threats. Federal authorities have indicted at least 25 participants in the occupation, each of whom face the charge of conspiring to impede federal officers.

On Thursday, Wampler appeared at a U.S. District Court in Los Angeles for a bond hearing. A  judge continued the hearing, and Wampler remained in federal custody overnight.

A judge will decide Friday whether to grant Wampler bail. The judge will also set a date for a post-indictment arraignment.

In January, Wampler drove to Oregon from his Central Coast home in order to join the occupation. He served as a camp cook at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

During his stay there, media outlets reported Wampler was convicted of murdering his father in 1977. The killing occurred in a drunken rage, and Wampler served four years in prison before being released.

Wampler responded with an opinion piece in CalCoastNews saying the media was trying to use the crime to shift the focus of coverage away from the issues being raised by the protesters.

“The malicious, politically motivated ‘expose’ of a simple private citizen like myself has become SOP for unprincipled news sources which try to shift the dialogue away from the issues and onto a personal nullification,” Wampler wrote.

On Jan. 26, the FBI stopped a two-vehicle convoy that included Nevada resident Ammon Bundy and other leaders of the occupation. Agents shot and killed Robert “LaVoy” Finicum during an ensuing confrontation.

Most of the remaining protesters then left the refuge after hearing they would not be arrested if they took off quickly. The final four occupiers of the refuge surrendered to federal agents Thursday morning.


There was a time in this country that the resources of the FBI were spent hunting gangsters like John Dillenger, hunting Nazi spies, Communist spies like the Rosenbergs, racist murderers like the KKK of Neshoba County, Missisipi,the mobsters of La Cosa Nostra, or to the Middle East in pursuit of terrorists.

Now the Justice Department sends this valuable resource in the pursuit of a bunch of sad sack losers like Neil Wampler.

I don’t know who to feel bad for; the FBI agents charged with the task or the old loser they were charged to arrest by our Justice Department…


Stupid is as stupid does…boy was Momma right!


Everyone remember…..only the government can waive guns around and kill people….


Is it me or did anyone find the irony in those words “…….they would not be arrested if they took off quickly”.

“Well, true to our word we didn’t QUICKLY arrest you, right knucklehead?”


This guy and his pals are simply idiots. They try to make a point where there is no point to be made. Playground cowboys without a cow to their names. Find a remote useless island somewhere, herd em up, ship em over and let them lasso each other to death.


I won’t argue about the validity of how they went about making their point, but there was definitely a point to be made. Overbearing and heavy-handed government regulation is out of control and people just can’t take it any more…me included.



“The malicious, politically motivated ‘expose’ of a simple private citizen like myself…”

You ceased to be a “simple private citizen” back in 1977 when you killed your father, used State/County resources to convict you, and then lived for four years at the expense of the public.

And if that was not enough, you go to Oregon to participate in a well televised public spectacle – get a clue dude.

While I do not disagree with the position of those who participated, you can’t bitch if you willing participate and get caught.



Waving guns around and threatening the FBI, Federal Marshals, and National Parks Rangers can get you arrested? Who could have guessed that?

The Attorney General will go all out to make examples of these guys. Wait until they find out that their guns are going to be taken away before they get bail. They will never legally own guns or vote after they are convicted.

The key word in civil disobedience is CIVIL. Waving guns around is not civil. It is threatening and menacing.


that is why the nazis confiscated all the guns. so people could be civil on their death march.


Funny, nobody waved anything, except the feds…


In order for a protest such as this to work you must have the media on your side. The media jumped on the side of the federal government on day one. These days I guess to get the media on your side you need to be black and have your hands up!


I couldn’t agree more. “Black Lives Matters” b.s. protesters occupying that same building and the FBI would probably be bringing them supplies.


It helps a lot if you don’t walk around brandishing weapons and waving guns around in the air. These protesters lose public support because no one pays attention to the issues while guns and violent rhetoric are involved.

JB Bronson

Wampler: The way you idiots went about your protest is what shifted the focus from what you protesters were trying to raise.

What did you think was going to happen? Hope you figure it out while in jail. People died here. Do you think any body is focusing on your issues now?