Monning calls for economic study on closing Diablo Canyon

February 10, 2016

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power PlantState Sen. Bill Monning (D-Carmel) has introduced a bill that would require officials to begin planning for the economic repercussions of closing the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant.

Diablo Canyon’s current licenses expire in 2024 and 2025. While PG&E is expected to apply for relicensing, there is increasing pressure to shut down the nuclear power plant.

Late last year, lieutenant governor and gubernatorial candidate, Gavin Newsom, predicted the plant would close by the time its current licenses expire.

Monning, whose district includes San Luis Obispo County, introduced SB 968 on Monday, according to a press release issued by his office.

SB 968 would require PG&E to compile an assessment of the adverse economic impacts to San Luis Obispo County that would occur if Diablo Canyon were to shut down temporarily or permanently. The bill would also require an independent third party to determine if temporary or permanent closure of the power plant would result in a decrease in local tax revenues and a decrease in the local workforce, as well as whether there would be indirect economic losses.

According to Monning, Diablo Canyon has approximately 1,483 employees, and PG&E is the largest property taxpayer in SLO County. PG&E paid more than $25 million in SLO County property taxes in 2014, much of which was attributable to power plant operations, the press release states.

Senator Bill Monning

Senator Bill Monning

It is estimated that the San Luis Coastal school district receives more than $10 million, or about 16 percent of its operating budget, from PG&E taxes.

Monning’s bill would also require a third party to identify contingency plans that could mitigate economic impacts to local entities. The information gathered could then be used to develop an economic mitigation strategy.

“The Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant is a major employer and taxpayer in San Luis Obispo County, and no one can say with any certainty if it will continue to operate in the long-term,” Monning said. “The region’s economy is reliant on the plant, and it is critical that we have information about the potential adverse economic impacts that could occur if Diablo Canyon closes either temporarily or permanently.”

A previous report commissioned by PG&E concluded Diablo Canyon contributes approximately $920 million annually to the economies of SLO County and northern Santa Barbara County and generates 22 percent of the electricity that PG&E supplies across California. The Nuclear Energy Institute and Cal Poly’s Orfalea College of Business authored the report.


There’s plenty of money if the bloated administrators and overpaid service personnel have their wages, benefits and perks ratcheted back to reality…The time to start is now!!!


I can tell you what happens when Diablo closes; this county goes back to being a broke dick cow county.

The schools will have less money, the roads will deteriorate with inadequate maintenance, services will be cut, layoffs will occur periodically.

Even deputies and firemen will be pink slipped, just like they were in the late 70’s BEFORE PGE built the plant..

Big fancy houses, tourism and wineries will not keep this county afloat..


god forbid we look to the future of our planet and children than the current aspects of our wallets. LOL.

like republicans saying war is good for the economy. hahahahahaha!


Agree. Closing DCPP will kill this county.


No, only a nuclear incident at this outdated power plant will kill the county.


It is really sad Sam didn’t run and keep this spender on the sidelines. But being in the Sacramento give away group would drive anyone with a brain nuts. I wish I could mourn for Monning.

Russ J

Senator Bill – the doofus that wants to tax sugary drinks but not donuts. Why do you stupid shits keep voting for this guy?


Tom Jones and PG&E can’t even supervise the proper removal of Haz Mat dirt from Diablo Canyon Power Plant. How in the HELL are you going to let them run a NUCLEAR POWER PLANT? Oh, because Adam Hill can smooth it over and fluff it up.


Awesome video (not). Nothing even said PG&E or Diablo Canyon at all.


Here is the full version of this one video. Enjoy!!!


Lame. Boring. Redundant. Useless.


But wait, we’re going to pipe surplus desalinated water from there to Five Cities.


One part sounds easy to do, if the San Luis Coastal school district gets 16% of its budget, just have them cut their budget by 16%, starting with salaries and personnel in the administrative/management department. I’m sure 16% cut can be reached there without even having to look at teachers and support staff.


what do they do with the money anyway?

build a new pool; build a new basketball court; build a new gym?

i remember infrastructure rapidly deteriorating while i attended school; while all money went to sports anyway. makes more money for the school. crumbling buildings and huge puddles to walk through are not high on the list of fixes though.


You can’t do that! Our beloved APCD would lose its gravy train!


I’m sure Larry Allen thinks he deserve more than just a 2.5% raise, however can he live on a measly $250,000+ a year.


Monning’s tax and spend policies are bankrupting California.


Yes yes yes, it so irresponsible to plan for a potential event; Senator Monning isn’t saying necessarily that Diablo needs to close, he is trying to see what will happen if it does, possibly sooner than later.

Planning on what to do with having a smaller revenue stream is somehow “tax and spend”?


not legalizing cannabis is bankrupting california ;)