SLO County considering cloud seeding

February 24, 2016

Rain 4At a hearing on water supply options for South County, a public works official said San Luis Obispo County staffers are looking into the possibility of increasing rainfall by cloud seeding. [Tribune]

Cloud seeding is a type of weather modification in which particles, such as silver iodide, are released from airplanes. Mark Hutchinson, the county’s deputy public works director, said studies have shown cloud seeding can increase rainfall by as much as 20 percent.

Santa Barbara County has conducted cloud seeding since 1981. If San Luis Obispo County begins cloud seeding, it would collaborate with Santa Barbara and Monterey counties, Hutchinson said.

Despite the current El Nino weather pattern, South County’s Lopez Lake is expected to be at just 20 percent capacity by this fall, Hutchinson said. The lake is currently at 29 percent capacity.

On Tuesday, the county board of supervisors discussed two projects that could provide an additional 2,000 acre-feet of water or more to the Five Cities Area. South County cities, led by Pismo Beach, are planning on constructing a water recycling facility, and county public works staff is currently studying the possibility of piping water from the Diablo Canyon desalination plant to Lopez Lake.

The water recycling project could inject as much as 1,200 acre-feet of treated wastewater into the Santa Maria groundwater basin in South County. Pismo Beach city staffers have previously said the project would cost about $30 million.

At maximum capacity, the Diablo Canyon desalination plant could produce as much as 1,300 acre-feet of additional water. The desalinated water could be available as soon as next year.

Last August, the board of supervisors gave unanimous support for a plan to build a pipeline from Diablo Canyon to Avila Beach. That pipeline would connect to a pipeline to Lopez Lake.

County staff previously said the pipeline to Avila Beach would cost between $8 million and $11 million. Public works staffers are expected to deliver a report on the desalination project at the March 22 board of supervisors meeting.

During Tuesday’s hearing, county supervisors voiced approval for both the water reclamation and desalination projects. Officials from Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach, Pismo Beach and Oceano also attended the meeting and expressed support for the projects.

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They have been “cloud seeding” in SLO and Santa Barbara county already for the last few years- Why are they acting like it’s something new? in fact the beginning of the “cloud seeding program” seemed to coincide with the drought getting much worse, which begs the question- is the cloud seeding causing the drought, or a result of the drought. The reality is- Cloud seeding has not been proven to work, but just introduces Silver Iodide into the ecosystem, soil, water etc.

That is not to be confused with Stratospheric Aerosol spraying/ Geoengineering aka Chemtrails, which they have “secretly” been doing for a decade now, and many people are blaming for the current drought. Weather modification using stratospheric aerosols (aluminum, barium, strontium) will have irreversible adverse health and ecological side-effects, and is one of the biggest crimes against humanity ever.

Is it a coincidence that upper respiratory deaths have skyrocketed in the last decade, when auto emissions and other industrial emissions have been reduced?

Do a search for “weatherman chemtrails” all over the country, weatherman are admitting the military is spraying stuff into the sky, a lot of them call it “chaff” but in one instance the radar shows it covering most of Florida.. That’s not chaff ladies and gentleman. The secret geoengineering programs are causing this drought.. Look at the sky, white trails spreading out all over the place.

Watch the documentary “Skyscratch” made by a SLO resident regarding the Global Spraying Cover-Up. Spraying more junk into the atmosphere is not the solution.

Blaspheme to the Christian God Yahweh! How dare any government to entertain the idea of taking over for our Jewish Christian God in trying to provide rain for our area, because that is His job, and His job alone. I have never seen such insolence toward our God Yahweh as is shown in SLO County, it is sad to watch.

Pertaining to rain, California has forgotten these biblical axioms, Yahweh, not chance, decides what happens in human affairs (Proverbs 16:33). Behind every circumstance is the Lord (Amos 3:6). Yahweh God is in control of EVERYTHING (Psalm 19:21) The Lord brings both prosperity and disaster at will (Isaiah 45:7). Ordinary daily needs are within His concern and control (Matthew 6:30, Matthew 6:33).

As I have proffered many times, our Christian God Yahweh is upset, especially with California, because of its liberal bent. Therefore, to show us that He is in control and that we’re to change, He has allowed a severe drought to punish us. To a true Christian way of thinking, this is not rocket science to think in this manner.

Just to name a few godly edicts that California residents are to follow to obtain rain again, therefore appeasing our God Yahweh, are as follows;

1 Eliminate family planning clinics that give women’s rights, and that help the poor.

2 Reinstitute Christian prayer in public schools, not Jewish or Muslim prayer, because all true Christians know that these are false religions.

3 Allow the Ten Commandments to be exhibited in front of government buildings, even though they’re in the Old Testament that was allegedly jettisoned for the New Testament.

4 As the godly scheme of things so state within the scriptures, Christian women are to learn that the superior man is to rule over them, period (Ephesians 5:22-24, 1 Peter 3:1-2), Colossians 3:18, Timothy 2:12).

5 Eliminate the “War on Christmas” where we Christians shove our Bronze Age beliefs upon others at this time of year.

Yes, as a Christian Nation, there is a “Plethora” of other godly entities that California is to follow to obtain rain again, but you get the picture, don’t you?

How long can you tread water?

One would think that given the state of California and God’s past recorded history that he would choose a flood rather than drought to clean up this place.

Either that or at a minimum put a Soddham and Gomorrha type ending to San Francisco.

Why hasn’t he done it, Ted?


These are great logical questions, but to answer them requires logic in return, which the Judeo-Christian bible does not allow a true Christian to use.

Therefore, like all true Christians do at a time like this, is to speak hypothetically. Therefore, I can only assume that Yahweh knew He got a bad rap by initiating the Great Flood, where He killed innocent children, fetus’ and zygotes of His creation, and at the same time, being called all loving and forgiving. We can assume that this incident was a “tough love” stance. Yahweh being omniscient (1 John 3:20) only furthers this quagmire of thinking regarding His murderous actions.

Relative to the Sodom and Gomorrah analogy pertaining to SIN Francisco, one could also ask why hasn’t Yahweh destroyed the Country of Greece as well for obviously being the impetus by name of gay sinful acts? Hypothetically again, Yahweh took another bad rap with Sodom and Gomorrah, therefore, we can only assume that He is trying hard to take away His serial killing modus operandi.

Yahweh has been errily silent since his arrival in the Bronze and Iron Ages where He spoke in the first person as the bible shows with specificity. Nontheless, Christians only know that He still exists by His actions that are prevalent today, and biblically vouchsafed in the bible, as in His revenge with the California drought, causing hurricanes in Florida because Disney World allows gays to work there, etc.

In closing, California’s drought will cease when we start following ALL of the bible, even if said outcome puts true Christians in prison.

You are a true theologian and scholar. I still would like to see god destroy SF, however, maybe he is working in more covert ways these days. I like the flair for the dramatic myself.

Ease up on drinking the Kool-aid man!

I bet Ted Slanders is a Cruz or Rubio supporter. Thankfully, religious zealots are much less powerful than they used to be….and getting less and less powerful every passing year.

He’s not a religious zealot. He is mocking religion.