Troll spreads rumor of impending Congalton firing

February 29, 2016

Dave Congalton

By CCN Staff

KVEC radio talk show host Dave Congalton batted down an online story published over the weekend suggesting he was about to be fired by El Dorado Broadcasters.

“Can I go back to sleep now?” Congalton asked, when reached for comment early Monday morning. “I still have a job unless my favorite internet troll knows something I don’t. And that’s never been the case before.”

Blogger Aaron Ochs made the allegations about Congalton’s pending dismissal on a Facebook page where he regularly makes unfounded allegations claiming his information is from friends or affiliates of his targets.

“A source involved with 92.0 (sic) KVEC’s parent company El Dorado Broadcasters, LLC stated that they have concerns about Dave Congalton’s ‘toxic brand,’ ” Ochs wrote. “They’ve reportedly discussed pressuring KVEC to drop the controversial host.”

Congalton laughed off the accusation.

“If Mr. Ochs had taken the time to contact me prior to publishing, a courtesy typically extended by professional journalists, I would have explained that KVEC is part of El Dorado Broadcasters,” Congalton said. “They’re not separate. Same management. If El Dorado wanted me gone, I’d be gone. But my favorite Internet troll delights in stirring up trouble with stories that are patently false. So be it. Welcome to my world.”

The veteran talk show host, who recently celebrated his 24th anniversary on-air, said there seems to be a concerted effort to brand his show as “toxic.” San Luis Obispo mayor Jan Marx used the phrase in a conversation with a KVEC manager last December.

“I’m thinking about my schedule for this week,” said Congalton. “So far, I’ve got a women’s choir, a financial adviser, a filmmaker, Steve Lerian from Cal Poly Arts, and an update on the battle to keep Ontario Ridge open. Oh, and finding a home for a homeless pet. That’s toxic? Now what I don’t have booked this week is Aaron Ochs and I suggest that explains much of his agenda.”

Congalton did confirm a published report that El Dorado Broadcasters recently sold its Santa Maria stations “Sunny County 102.5” and News/Talk 1240 KSMX to rival American General Media for an undisclosed price, but declined specific comment.

However, Congalton did not want KVEC listeners to worry about his upcoming absences from the show. He will be away on vacation during the coming weeks, first as a faculty member at a screenwriting retreat in Spain, and then as a writer-in-residence at a college in the Midwest.

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Good grief. Don’t feed the damned troll…

The weird little man is having a temper tantrum.

I sure hope our local radio is not following our local paper as far as management and decisions are made, that would be terrible.

Why does everyone want to feed the unemployable Morro Bay Troll Aaron Ochs?

No one will hire him, no one will date him, only his fellow trolls want to talk to him.

As Jan says “slimy”.

One of Adam Hill’s most foul trolls, Bill Leys, owns Central Coast Waterproofing. Check out his Yelp. He stole $800 from one customer. His wife is Diane Standley from RE/MAX. I would suggest avoiding them both. Boycott Bill Leys and Central Coast Waterproofing and Diane Standley RE/MAX!

I don’t know of Bill Ley’s connection to Adam Hill but I will take you at your word that he is a strong supporter — for now. However, using a single YELP review to call him a thief not only puts you in a dangerous legal position but lowers your credibility to that of those like some of Adam’s supporters who do resort to such tactics. Don’t go there — it just invites more mud-slinging and counter-charges.

By the way, I know someone who was unjustly slammed in a YELP review a couple of years ago and, based on his experience, I find Ley’s response to this review fairly credible. (YELP wouldn’t even let the guy I know make a response because he wasn’t a YELP advertiser. I have heard that they have changed that policy since then.)

Good point Ron. I will rephrase. He ‘allegedly’ stole… You can go to Fire Adam Hill’s FaceBook page and check the comments to this story (and the photos) to see screenshots of posts of Bill Leys and Adam Hill.

Bill Leys so eloquently transmits,


Is it ok if I say what a bunch of c*nts? Oops I just did…

I’ll go on their stupid YouTube channel and say it there too. F*cking yellow

bitch P*ssies…

Bill Leys Team Adam Hill

No surprise there, bill is one of the most toxic local internet people, no surprise little aaron attracts this type of person, they are a good fit.

“Misogyny is systemic, organized and has fan websites. Misogyny is also – because of the very nature of its deep-seated, psychological hatred – a linking factor among the various top-of-the-FBI-mind hate groups and militias. That means that people who hate women may also exhibit authoritarian, violent and bigoted behavior towards minorities. And they are politically active – as opposed to lurking on the fringes of society prior to, say 2008.”

Jan Marx, John Wallace, Allan Ochs, Caren Ray, Bruce Gibson, Tony Ferraro, John Shoals, Ms. Lacy, Dee Torres, Adam Hill, etc, and what does their toxic behavior all of in common, DEMOCRAT! Like Hilliary, you can’t trust them. The Democrat is going to nominate Hilliary as the party candidate for President although 80% don’t trust her. Wow!

Actually, Jan Marx, John Wallace, Aaron Ochs, Caren Ray, Bruce Gibson, Tony Ferraro, John Shoals, Ms. Lacy, Dee Torres, Adam Hill, could be best characterized as the soon to be ‘Over The Hill Gang.’

Actually most of those people share the same email lists, Jan Marx did not get that idea all by herself.

How embarrassing for San Luis Obispo, a Mayor who uses her bully pulpit to control others at the behest of others, slimy.

Back in 95 give or take, when Marx was a practicing lawyer my gal at the time and I payed Marx a visit. My gal was being strong armed and harassed by her boss/owner of the company, I will not name names however. As my gal provided in depth details of several incidences it grabbed Marx’es attention and she was ready to help it seemed. Then the question of who is it she worked for,without hesitation we were then told, sorry cant help you,their to powerful in this county. Although Id been here may years prior to this debacle, it was then I realized what kind of place this is. From the cal Poly rapes and drunken waste of life, the rampant heroin epidemic, the homelessness, the pure greed and arrogance of a place so in love with its self it has the audacity to call itself the happiest place in America. Hiding and Ignoring problems is not a way to address them. From the KSBY Nickelodeon news to turd O gram tribune, if it wasn’t for the likes of Congalton and CCN you could literally get away with murder in SLO county.

You can also include Christine Johnson, Jamie Irons and Noah Smukler as part of this conspiracy. They’re bad for the City of Morro Bay and they’re bad for the County of San Luis Obispo.

John Wallace is a Democrat? Really? I would be very surprised if that were true, perhaps you have some evidence to back up that assertion you’d like to share here with us?

As for Caren Ray, I’ve not seen reports of her being as divisive and toxic as most of the others on your list; again, perhaps I’m wrong on that? And once again, perhaps you have some evidence you’d like to share here to show us some “proof” of your assertion?

And there is this gem: “The Democrat is going to nominate …” Um, what is “the Democrat”? Do you happen to mean the Democratic Party, or Democrats in general?

It took me some digging a few years back, but I found the Wallace donated generously to the Obama Campaign. Does it really matter anymore as both gangs are full of schnizzle.

Tony Ferrara is a Republican.

That would pretty much put an end to KVEC if they dumped Dave’s show. It would be Rush in the morning and that’s it. I know!!!! in place of Dave’s show they can put on another financial adviser show……nap time Z Z Zz z z z z Z Z Z Z Z

Rush, Dave, and Coast 2 Coast AM… that’s about it.

I never got into the financial guy at noon (though, Clark Howard was OK), then McCain’s daughter is a disaster! Yikes, I’m surprised it’s gone this long – I hope KVEC isn’t in a contract they cannot get out of with her. Bring back Joe Pags or Jerry Doyle in that slot, anything!

Is the Federal Bureau of Investigation on these fools yet? Fire Team Adam Hill 2016!

Maybe Aaron Ochs is really Adam Hill sitting in his pajamas in his mother’s basement typing away on an old Commodore 64 at 2 AM. Be afraid Dave…be very afraid..

No, Aaron Ochs is very much a real person. Jamie Irons, Christine Johnson and Noah Smukler actually placed him on the Morro Bay Park’s and Recreation. This may sound crazy enough, but look what they’ve done with the sewer project, code enforcement, business licenses, parklets and numerous other things. They care nothing about the citizens of Morro Bay, but only care about extorting money into the city coffers. I feel very sorry about the seniors, who have lived here their whole lives, and will lose their homes in order to pay for this sewer fiasco. They don’t care about anyone except themselves.

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