Troll spreads rumor of impending Congalton firing

February 29, 2016

Dave Congalton

By CCN Staff

KVEC radio talk show host Dave Congalton batted down an online story published over the weekend suggesting he was about to be fired by El Dorado Broadcasters.

“Can I go back to sleep now?” Congalton asked, when reached for comment early Monday morning. “I still have a job unless my favorite internet troll knows something I don’t. And that’s never been the case before.”

Blogger Aaron Ochs made the allegations about Congalton’s pending dismissal on a Facebook page where he regularly makes unfounded allegations claiming his information is from friends or affiliates of his targets.

“A source involved with 92.0 (sic) KVEC’s parent company El Dorado Broadcasters, LLC stated that they have concerns about Dave Congalton’s ‘toxic brand,’ ” Ochs wrote. “They’ve reportedly discussed pressuring KVEC to drop the controversial host.”

Congalton laughed off the accusation.

“If Mr. Ochs had taken the time to contact me prior to publishing, a courtesy typically extended by professional journalists, I would have explained that KVEC is part of El Dorado Broadcasters,” Congalton said. “They’re not separate. Same management. If El Dorado wanted me gone, I’d be gone. But my favorite Internet troll delights in stirring up trouble with stories that are patently false. So be it. Welcome to my world.”

The veteran talk show host, who recently celebrated his 24th anniversary on-air, said there seems to be a concerted effort to brand his show as “toxic.” San Luis Obispo mayor Jan Marx used the phrase in a conversation with a KVEC manager last December.

“I’m thinking about my schedule for this week,” said Congalton. “So far, I’ve got a women’s choir, a financial adviser, a filmmaker, Steve Lerian from Cal Poly Arts, and an update on the battle to keep Ontario Ridge open. Oh, and finding a home for a homeless pet. That’s toxic? Now what I don’t have booked this week is Aaron Ochs and I suggest that explains much of his agenda.”

Congalton did confirm a published report that El Dorado Broadcasters recently sold its Santa Maria stations “Sunny County 102.5” and News/Talk 1240 KSMX to rival American General Media for an undisclosed price, but declined specific comment.

However, Congalton did not want KVEC listeners to worry about his upcoming absences from the show. He will be away on vacation during the coming weeks, first as a faculty member at a screenwriting retreat in Spain, and then as a writer-in-residence at a college in the Midwest.

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New version of original Fire Adam Hill video in 1080 HD with ‘paid for’ voice over at the end for television.

Fire Adam Hill 2016!

The troll just posted a voice over saying it was sent it out to district 3 voters as a robo call warning voters not to let Kevin Rice affect their vote, and that Dan and Debbie support Rice.

I don’t think it is legal for Adam Hill to attack non candidates. Sign of desperation.

Without proof, I don’t believe it’s more than a ruse. No way this kid has the money to send a call out to more than fifty people. It’s a very toxic lie-filled screed that no one is going to care about. Good for him if he did, but I say it’s all hoax posturing from a liar. Let’s see the invoice. Never mind, there isn’t one.

Agreed. The kid is bluffing. It’s hilarious that he focuses on you and not the candidates.

By the way, Supervisor Hill began running anti-Carpenter spots on KVEC today. Election season kicking into high gear!

Only proves that Adam Hill is viewing Dan Carpenter as his BIG THREAT!

Vote for Dan Carpenter for Supervisor on June 7. Enough from the bully!

Follow up: There were no robocalls. Total fabrication. Juvenile reprobate.

This kid Aaron Ochs writes that he is “bombarded” by friend requests every time there is a negative story written about him. Yet, his page has fewer “likes” today than it did yesterday. More proof of a liar. Further, out of more than 500 “likes” there are only a handful of people actually posting to his page. I’m willing to bet Aaron bought most of his “likes” and the number of real people is nearly nil.

The entire mission of this kid’s Facebook page is toxic hate speech. Aaron fabricates lies and manufactures photoshopped images for his false cult. He cites journalistic ethics on one hand, then violates them profusely on the other.

Maybe this kid will grow up one day; maybe not.

As long as he’s on someone’s payroll he will continue on.

He’s receiving money from somewhere.

Several of the people who have “Liked” that page are my friends. I ask them why they support CCF and AO. Most of them are clueless about the content and don’t really go there, but they’re supporters of Adam Hill and he apparently invited them to Like the page.

My experience has been once they read the content, they drop away. You’re right–it’s the same handful of people on every post, including this guy who is vulgar beyond belief in his language.

But it’s a free country. No one forces you to go read the trash.

Bill Leys has certainly shown himself to be a very coarse and profane individual, even threatening implications of violence. I’d certainly recommend not patronizing his business, Central Coast Waterproofing. He’s been very vulgar and limited in thoughtful expressive ability.

In many ways….we are giving the child Aaron Ochs what he longs for with his hate….attention.

At the same time, this troll’s activities are evidence of criminal behavior from a county government official and should be made public beyond this on line community. This situation needs to be profiled under public scrutiny and not ignored.

You may be correct Rich, but I believe what he truly seeks is to be taken seriously.

He may get some attention, but most will never consider him to be much more than an annoying nuisance. As they say, he’s a legend in his own mind.

When Adam Hill goes away, what ever will he do with himself?

This version of Fire Adam Hill’s latest video was re-uploaded with a new thumbnail to fit FaceBook ad guidelines. Please share this version and Fire Adam Hill 2016!

Aaron Ochs is a perfect reflection of Adam Hill and Dee Torres Hill. True sleeze. Fire Adam Hill!

Aaron Ochs is just being politically incorrect. You Republicans should nominate him for something.

Politically incorrect, or, “toxic”?

Both. Just like the Donald.

No Aaron Ochs is being a hater….nothing to do with political incorrect, nice try, but we are not buying it.

It’s very politically incorrect to go after a revered figure like Congalton. Trump went after the Pope!

Not only does Adam Hill like and share Aaron Ochs’ lies, he posts them to his government FaceBook page, Team Adam Hill. Check it out. Oh, and Adam, everyone knows that Aaron is on your payroll. You are a black eye to San Luis Obispo County. Step down.

Team Adam Hill is a campaign page, not government. Adam has a right to post lies, as does Aaron. I support and encourage them both to further display their true colors and hate. Now, what are YOU going to do to ensure Adam is not reelected?

I am going to work to get Dan Carpenter elected Supervisor on June 7. Check out his website: Dan’s campaign kick-off rally last night was a grand success. Vote Dan Carpenter for Supervisor!

“Team Adam Hill

Government Official

This page is run by Team Adam Hill, with content contributions from all of the T.A.H. “likers”. To be part of Team Adam Hill is to encourage good communication & sharing ideas to improve SLO county. Get involved to keep SLO great.”

Kevin, but you may want to get your facts right before you correct anyone. This is his “Government Official” page, not a campaign page.

As a government official his “right” to slander, defame, and harass everyone is very questionable.

The rest of what you said is right on.

Fire Adam Hill!

Okay, I see where you’re coming from, but it’s a private page, not a publicly affiliated one. I’m glad to see he is publicly airing his hate and bullying for all to see.

Not to argue semantics with you Kevin; we are on the same side.

“…In his 460 report for the last six months of 2015, Hill reported $2,461.72 paid for Facebook advertising through his personal account as a “non-monetary expense.”



I am sure you are aware that a 460 report an FCCP form.

Paid for and operated by Team Adam Hill is about as much of a government FaceBook page as it gets!

Thank you for the conversation and keep up the great work Kevin.

How am I going to ensure Adam Hill is not reelected? Supporting the best, viable candidate-Dan Carpenter-the one that can BEAT the BULLY! I’m walking precincts, donating time and money to his campaign, I’ll phone constituents, I’ll VOTE, I’ll get others involved in his campaign, I will take people to the polls if they need a ride…you get it- I’ll do whatever it takes to get DAN elected!

Good grassroots stuff, this is how elections should be conducted–BY THE PEOPLE! Our elected officials shouldn’t be chosen by developers or big $$$, they are supposed to represent US.

What they are trying to do to Dave is sick, but lets be fair, it is SOP of the left to personally attack those that they disagree with, attack, discredit, repeat the same lie long enough in hopes that is becomes true. I disagree with Dave on many issues, but would never question his integrity or honestly in how he conducts his show. No matter how much I want to dislike him for being WAY to the left of me (a radical right wing tea party nut) I can’t….he’s just too much of a nice guy and I can hear that in the way he conducts his show every day.

As a community we need to stand up to the haters on the Right or Left and stand behind and support people like Dave and KVEC for giving Dave access to the airwaves.

” …it is SOP of the left to personally attack those that they disagree with, attack, discredit, repeat the same lie long enough in hopes that is becomes true.”

So many times over the years all I’ve ever heard is that “both parties do it” as if whatever party A did was equal to whatever party B does. Bullshit.

Let’s go way back to 2004; Senator John Kerry, a decorated Vietnam veteran ran as the Democratic nominee against President George W. Bush, a man who, through his family connections, avoided any dangerous service duty by serving in a “Champaign unit” of the Air National Guard in Texas. Well, serving is being overly generous since the man never qualified to be the pilot he was training to be, so he somehow got a transfer to Arkansas, but didn’t bother to show up for almost a year.

My recollection might be a bit off in specific details, but the main part of my bringing this up was the total demonizing that was unleashed on John Kerry, including the unfortunate referral to anyone who earned a Purple Heart as someone who got a medal for getting wounded while on duty. I remember it as a very ugly time in American politics, and I can still the fat face of one woman on the cover of Time or Newsweek with her “Purple Heart” band-aid on her face as a mockery of every service person that has ever served our country.

Yeah, both parties do it, but let’s not forget who does more often, with less consideration for the collateral damage they do.

We could cite plenty of cases on both sides. I don’t see any way to keep score and I disagree that any side is worse. People are people no matter how they vote. Let’s just drop the right vs left thing on this one.

Was your comment directed at me, responding to Rich in MB, or was it to Rich, who started down the road of “the left” does this horrible thing …?

I checked out the guy’s Facebook page. My initial reaction was that he posts a lot of stories, several each day, almost all somehow related to Ms. Velie and CalCoast.

What I didn’t see was any kind of revenue/advertising. The same 3 or 4 people comment on each story.

All of which makes me wonder if someone is paying Ochs to run this page. My guess is yes.