SLO police arrest teen for posting airsoft gun photos

March 2, 2016

ToygunsPolice arrested a San Luis Obispo High School student who posted photos on Facebook of himself holding airsoft guns while dressed in military attire. The teen is reportedly charged with making a criminal threat. [Tribune]

The SLO High student posted the photos on his personal Facebook account and shared them with a small group of friends, police Lt. Jeff Smith said. The student made no specific threat in the Facebook posts, but he made some references that were concerning, Smith said.

When questioned by police, the teen admitted he made a mistake but said the photos were playful banter with friends who understood he was joking.

A law enforcement officer saw the photos on Friday and notified SLO High’s school resource officer. The student was taken into custody toward the end of the school day on Friday. He was then taken to Juvenile Hall.

Smith said airsoft weapons can look realistic but are not threatening. Airsoft guns fire plastic pellets.

Officers also determined it was not unusual for a student to have military attire, Smith said.

The district attorney’s office will review the case and will reportedly determine whether the criminal threats charge is a misdemeanor or a felony.


I can’t wait to read about Mayor Marx’s “initiative” to ban all airsoft equipment and military regalia in the City of SLO. At least for those under 18. What a world we live in. At least it’s “safe.” Not.


Yeah, why should a young person learn now that there are consequences to their actions, as long as they get a government job in the future they will understand that there are NO consequences to their actions.


WTH! This was a private group on the internet. The teen was holding a legal toy for crying-out-loud.

What, our police don’t have anything better to do?

This is what a PC world gone nuts has done.


What the article does not mention (or they do not know) are the phrases that were posted with the pictures.

Freedom of speech ends when you make what can reasonably be deemed a threat, well that’s how the cops will have to play this out.

I know the student (and most of the kids in the group), and I do not think the police over-reacted; however, they should have stopped shy of juvi and dealt with the parents, etc.

I miss that in society. The old wink-and-nod from the dad, take the kid away, have him sit in the drunk tank or whatever, then return him home. No paperwork, no litigation, etc. Just a valuable life lesson. Oh well.


The article does say no specific threats were made…


This county is absurd, let’s spend $100k in prosecuting this child and not invest any money into resources for the schools for bulling…. it’s all about publicity and quotas not safety & service..


Hey, the teachers got their raises what more do you want them to do? If the whining taxpayers would just give us more money that would solve everything, until the next time we decide we need more money.


So, let’s see! Kids in Paso Middle School bully other kids, one commits suicide and another is removed by parents because of harassment and another student encouraging a student to kill herself and no one takes action but “it is just kids” but a another student playing with an air gun – which many adults and kids do everyday – and because he is in military attire sharing privately with his friends is arrested, then sent to Juvenile Hall.for making no threats, and under review by the district attorney’s office.

No double standards in this Country and yes, the world has gone mad!,


This is all about placating the anti-gun whackos. Even in this case where the “gun” wasn’t a gun but a toy. The SLOPD had better take caution. Overreacting in a manner such as this where it will negatively impact a young person’s life forever will not be taken lightly.

Law enforcement seems to think they have license to employ ever more overzealous and heavy-handed tactics under the guise of “public safety.” They don’t. It’s outrageous and the populous is becoming more aware all the time.


Soon to be followed by Mayor (Ban It Janet) outlawing air soft guns, Military gear and Selfies.


The City Council is a bigger threat arrest them too.


The anti-gun bigotry and hysteria needs to cease. No, it’s not OK to overreact. The SLOPD should be ashamed of itself, but I’m sure it’s not.

Rich in MB

The world has gone mad….arresting a teen for posting photos?

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