Adam Hill must go

April 28, 2016

Jim Duenow


The election season is upon us and I fear disasters are in store for us. The worst will be the likely reelection of Adam Hill for the District 3 San Luis Obispo County supervisor seat.

The reason Hill’s reelection is likely is not that it is merited but rather that his campaign is awash with money. A cabal of real estate developers, who received favored treatment from Hill, has raised this money. Developers like Gary Grossman, John Belsher, Ryan Petetit and others are in Hill’s pocket and he in theirs.

Also, it has been observed that special interests like PG&E and Phillips 66 funnel money through the Democratic Central Committee only to Hill.

Another example is about money to Hill’s wife, Dee Torres Hill. After being let go from her job with CAPSLO for allegedly stealing gift cards meant for homeless people, she started her own alleged nonprofit corporation to aid the homeless. Her board of directors resigned en mass after seeing how she was running the “nonprofit.”

What she is really doing, is using her business to launder money to her husband, Adam Hill. Developers, such as Gary Grossman, suddenly decided to aid the poor by shoveling $40,000 to $50,000 to Dee Torres’ “nonprofit.”

No one has been able to see the books of the “nonprofit” to see where the money really goes and apparently the business has not reported its income to the IRS. Money laundering?

With all this money, Hill is likely to fool the voters and demolish his opponents with ads filled with blatant lies. He has already lied about his opponent Dan Carpenter’s record. He has made references to Carpenter’s daughter and called her a “troll.” The man has no shame.

Adam Hill has a reputation as a bully. He is worse than that, he’s a cruel, vindictive and vicious bully.

Take the example of Karen Velie who publishes CalCoastNews. Ms. Velie has written about the various peccadillos of Hill and his minions. Hill, in retaliation, has vilified Ms. Velie on his website. He has called her a drunk, a convicted felon, a resident of mental health hospitals, and other things too obscene to present here. All untrue.

Hill has personally confronted CalCoastNews advertisers and threatened them in various ways if they continued to advertise.

With Adam Hill, it is all about money and power. He is so obviously corrupt that one wonders where our law enforcement people are hiding. Hill probably has something on them, too.

We, the voters, are the only hope to solve this problem. Though unlikely, I hope wisdom prevails and Adam Hill is sent packing in the June election. Hope springs eternal!

Jim Duenow, a Democrat, has lived in San Luis Obispo County for 50 years. He is a civil trial lawyer, now semi-retired, who has served on multiple San Luis Obispo City commissions and committees.

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Unfortunately, Dan Carpenter looks as bad as Adam as he recently switched a vote due to pressure from his campaign contributors/supporters. Not much of a man of principle!

It actually showed that he had the integrity and courage to own up to a mistake and then take action.

Thank you, Jim. You are clearly a man of courage of conviction who wants his hometown back. Me too!


This online newspaper constantly denigrates Adam HiIl.

Yet Adam Hill is elected and re-elected by the voters.

So who’s not in touch with reality, Adam Hill or this newspaper?

Everyone is wondering if Hill will show up at tonight’s Chamber controlled forum (i.e., no debating allowed, only selected questions by those running the show). The only chance to get a real stab at Hill is when the candidates are allowed opening and (maybe) closing statements.

In any event, I’m praying that he gets the chance to collect unemployment next year!!

Remember the Hill fundraiser at Wooly’s?

It was sponsored by NTK (obvious typo). NKT has done a respectable job keeping his name from being too closely tied to Hill, but he’s in the game – make no mistake.

I wait to see if Mr. Hill can come down to The AG GB chamber tonight for the forum, he has yet to show his face in south county and in actuality DOES NOT represent us, because he will not come listen to us.

I too wonder where law enforcement is concerning Mrs and Mr Hill, but then we know the sheriff is going to look the other way unfortunately, but where is local law enforcement. I think it is time to start asking tough questions to our law enforcement such as What the hell are you doing about this?

I hear people say this is small town politics, no this is incestuous political relationship I have never seen before. It is like running a marathon and one person hands the baton to another to keep running the race.Yet in reality, it is not being handed off to new runners, just a few are running so it goes from runner 1 to runner 2 to runner 1 again and then runner 2 again.

If we want different results we must replace the runners because they are now running in a circle and really not advancing anyone but themselves.

Stop letting developers decide what is best for the majority of us, take back your control and vote Adam Hill out of office.

As it was recently stated by Bernie Sanders (Demo-socialist),” unfortunately the poor don’t vote.” I find it safe to say the Hill is focused on the wealthy voters and I read that he doesn’t like it when others try to capture their ear. Yes Hill plans to be re-elected, his opponents best strategy might be to stay clear as in a bull fight. This reminds me of the joke about the Mexican Restaurant near the arena: The dissatisfied custom complained about the smaller food portions on the plate, the waiter replied, “sometimes the bull wins.”

Debbie Peterson should just step aside and let Dan Carpenter take Adam out in the first round. She was not good for Grover Beach why would she be any better for a whole district? She thinks more of herself than most of the people in Grover think of her.

Adam has already gone after Dan so it is to late to stay clear. To stand clear just sends the message to the bully his tactics are acceptable.

Well, I don’t know about that, young lady. As a resident of Grover Beach, I think she was great for Grover Beach, and for all the South County. Care to take a stab at what you are talking about specifically when you say she wasn’t good for Grover Beach?

It takes courage to stand up to a bully like Adam Hill and I commend Jim for taking a stand and being counted as yet another Citizen who has had it with Hills Corruption.

But I’m more positive. Positive that the SLO District 3 voters have finally had enough of the Bully on the Board and are embarrassed by Hills public and private dealings.

Either of the two running to replace Hill would be an improvement and District 3 citizens would once again have someone looking out for them, rather than himself.

Dan Carpenter has the courage to stand up to the bully. We all must stand up to the bully. No place for this behavior in the classroom, in the workplace, or the dais of the Board of Supervisors! Vote Dan Carpenter on or before June 7

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